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#MyDadsRad Winners

#MyDadsRad Contest

Grand Prize Winner

Entry with the most votes wins the prize package pictured, including a Yeti Roadie 20 and GoPro HERO3.

#MyDadsRad Winner

‘My dad is totally rad for a lot of reasons. He’s my stepdad! At the age of 19 he took in 3 kids who were not biologically his and fathered them as his own; as well as his daughter! And an awesome grandfather to 4 grand kids. He worked blood sweat and tears to provide for his family and still does. We are all grown up and on our own but he is still there any time we need him. My dad is Chief of his police department, and also a member of the local SWAT team. He puts his life on the line daily and without question. He is active in his community; he attends the township meetings. He has also volunteered his time at local schools and Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops to educate them on what it’s like to be an officer. As well as volunteered to be Santa Clause for the local daycare centers. He has volunteered his time at a local gun club to educate women on how to use firearms. The list goes on! He is a man who is there when you need him! My dad is not a huge fan of having his picture taken so it was hard to find. ‘

Congratulations to Monique T. and her Rad Dad for taking home the Grand Prize!

Runner-Up Winners

10 winners randomly selected to win a $25 store credit to

Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted! If you are one of our winners – you will receive an email tomorrow (Monday 6/20/16) with information about claiming your prize.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Wishes for Warriors

Wishes for Warriors

In honor of Memorial Day, we have put the #1 best selling America Flag Bandana – the Old Glory Hoo-rag, on sale for only $10.95 all weekend. For every one sold, we will be donating $1 to Wishes for Warriors.

Wishes for Warriors is a veteran run, volunteer operated 100% non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to returning hope and passion back into the lives of our combat wounded heroes through therapeutic outdoor adventures. Their mission is to show these heroes that whether wounded of body or mind, they are still able to live out their passions – through the love of hunting, fishing, skydiving or anything that makes them feel alive again!

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Best Fishing Memes

We’ve put together a few our favorite fishing memes. We all know there’s a ton of fishing related memes out there – but in our opinion these are the best of the best!

Have a good one we missed? Send it in to or tag us in your social media post!

FUnny Fishing Meme







best friends

fishing alarm

fishing gear

talk to the tone

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Goliath Grouper Caught on a Wrench

Goliath Grouper Caught on  A Wrench
Ryan Hein catches a 400lb Goliath Grouper on a wrench.

Ryan Hein of St. Pete, Florida decided to try out a lure he made from a number 11 wrench from his tool box. About 30 miles offshore, and on his first drop, his poll bent nearly in half with the weight of the fish. On the other end? A 400lb Goliath Grouper. Could the key to big fish be in your toolbox?

Wrench Catches Goliath Grouper

Have you ever rigged up an unconventional lure that brought you success?

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Meet our Hooligans : Tag N’ Brag

The members of Hoo-rag’s Pro-Staff, or the “Hooligans” as we like to call them, are captains, hunters, snowboarders, anglers, hikers and all around outdoor enthusiasts. They help us to field test new product, follow trends in their industry and spread the good Hoo word. These men and women represent the best of the best and we’re proud to have them rockin’ the rag. We thought you all might like to get to know them a little better so we’ve decided to start a blog segment called “Meet our Hooligans” where we will periodically introduce you to another awesome member of our team. And for all of you who have inquired about becoming pro-staff, this is a great place to look and find out the kind of Hooligans we are looking for!

Our first Hooligan is a two for one dynamo team: Tag N’ Brag. If you guys follow them on Instagram @teamtagnbrag you already know this team, consisting of brothers Dean and David Giarrizzo, started off as a notebook of ideas and has grown into a network where hunters and fishermen could connect and share their experiences.

Q&A with Tag N’ Brag

What’s your favorite weapon?

David: My Elite Synergy. It’s a bow. I call her bae. I would be ok hunting with her the rest of my life.

What’s your favorite animal to harvest?

David: Whitetail deer.

Dean: Whitetail with a bow for sure.

What’s your favorite wild game recipe?

David: Cutlets. Have you had chicken cutlets? We make venison the same way. Cut the back straps in slices about 1/2 inch thick. Tenderize them with a mallet so they become almost paper thing. Soak this egg and fresh parsley. Then dip them in italian bread crumbs mixed with a little Parmesan cheese. Flash fry them until golden brown on each side. Squeeze a little lemon over the top with a drizzle of Parmesan cheese. Damn, that’s good stuff!

What’s your dream hunt?

Dean: I would have to say putting a stalk on a giant Muley with my bow.

What’s the funniest thing that has even happened to you on a hunt?

Dean: I’m normally not one for taking care of my “business” in the woods. But sometimes nature calls and nature calls NOW. So anytime you have to cut off your under britches with your hunting knife because the TP just ain’t available, usually makes for a good laugh.

What kind of camo gear do you wear?

David and Dean: Badlands

What’s your essential hunting gear?

David: I am all about the skivvies. Whether it is warm or cold outside, your comfort level in the woods starts with your skivvies. So, what I am saying is…Get you some good skivvies.

Dean: 1. Binoculars. If you don’t have them you feel like you are completely out of the game. 2. My range finder. I HAVE to know my exact distances. 3. Nose Jammer. I need every advantage when it comes to scent control. I really think Nose Jammer works and no they do not sponsor us. (laughs)

What’s your favorite Hoo-rag?

David: People will probably laugh at me a little bit when I say this but I am a huge fan of the Purple People Reaper. I wear it a lot when I am sitting in the blind where my background is black and when I put that thing on I feel fierce, like I want to growl at someone. It is a weird feeling. Sometimes I think I scare myself a little when I put it on. As a hunter, you need that confidence though you know? Like you are a lion about to tackle a gazelle! Rawrrr!

Dean: I love rockin’ the Old Glory Hoo. It is definitely one of my favorites outside of hunting. We do a lot of ground blind or red neck blind hunting, so in that case I love The Gunslinger. The face on it has impressive stash. I’m all about it.

What’s your hunting goal for 2016?

David: To promote the sport of hunting and connect as many people  as possible. i know that seem slike a “Miss America” answer… I feel like I have been given a voice (even though it is on a smaller scale now, it is growing) within the outdoor industry. I want to use that voice to promote the sport and share the values that hunting has brought me with others.

Dean: I was to harvest a 4+ year old buck. I don’t care what it scores. I just want that 4+ year old with my bow.


We’ve got full faith that both David and Dean will reach those goals this year!

Check out Team Tag N’ Brag and watch them in action at


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Customs Client Spotlight: Hike For K9 Heroes


Hike For K9 Heroes is a fundraiser for Warrior Dog Foundation taking place on September 8th. Abby, a 7 year old East German Czech shepherd, will be hiking across the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She and her family will hike various mountains and camp on their way to Mount Washington.

Warrior Dog Foundation is dedicated to serving the Special Operations community, families, and Special Operation Forces (SOF) working K-9 military dogs. The K-9s employed with these forces are the top of the line in the working-dog world. They are expected to work in the most difficult of environments and face conditions that most human beings can’t survive. This is the atmosphere in which these elite warriors operate. The K-9 units are vital in ensuring the success of every mission and operate in all conditions.

Mount Washington is notorious for it’s inclement weather, due to three weather fronts meeting. It is often hiked by mountaineers training for Mount Everest and it’s Abby’s main objective! During Abby’s hike, the Hike For K9 Heroes website will be updated daily with pictures and the progress they’re making, and will also feature Abby’s activity level. Check it out here!

Interested in creating custom Hoo-rags for your event or team? Contact us at 888-831-9344 or submit an inquiry here.

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Customs Client Spotlight: Bike for Life

bike for life

Bike For Life was first started by Dave Mickley, who embarked on a 300 mile-bike trek to Washington D.C in 2009. Fast forward to 2015, the event has grown into a successful fundraising effort for the American Red Cross with 9 riders.

“First and foremost it’s about helping other people and about helping fulfill the mission of the American Red Cross, which is to help people in times of disaster, and that’s really the most important thing.” said Mickley.

What started as an idea for a bucket list, has since raised around $150,000 for the Red Cross in the last 7 years, with $35,000 so far this year alone. This year’s excursion began on August 3rd in West Newton, PA and ended in Washington D.C on the 7th. And each of the rider’s was rockin’ a custom Bike For Life Hoo!


Interested in creating custom Hoo-rags for your event or team? Contact us at 888-831-9344 or submit an inquiry here.