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Custom Bandanas and Travel

Kody here again and it’s time to look at another one of our amazing clients.  We work with a lot of companies in the travel industry. That’s primarily because our custom bandanas and travel go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.  They aren’t just a memento, but more of a tool for the people visiting these exotic locales around the world.  Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some awesome clients that put together some amazing trips, but one of my favorites is Trek Travel.

Trek Travel isn’t your average travel agency.  They’re not just packaging together airfare and hotels.  Instead, they put together incredible cycling trips to locations around the world.  Wanna do a tour through Chile on a bike?  How about Japan?  Maybe Scotland is more your speed.  Regardless, Trek Travel has you covered! 

Trek Travel does a lot of work with us and that’s because our products are so versatile.  If they’re visiting a desert, they’re going to need sun protection, something they can use to keep dust or sand out of their lungs, and maybe, if it gets a little too hot, something they can soak in water and cool down.  Our custom bandanas can do ALL of those.  Or maybe they’re riding up a mountain and need something to add a little extra warmth.  That’s where our custom bandanas lined with fleece come in.  As I mentioned above these items are more tools than anything.  The fact that they serve as a memento for an amazing adventure after the fact is just a nice little bonus!

If you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime you can check out their website here or you can find them on Facebook and Instagram by searching Trek Travel.

If you’re a travel agency or tour guide yourself looking for an item that keeps your clients safe and reminds them of what an amazing time they had years down the road give me a shout!  You can call me at 888-831-9344 extension 107, e-mail me at, or fill out a form here

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