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The Importance of Layering Winter Clothes

…and How SubZeroMax By Hoo-rag Can Help

Knowing how to layer winter clothes will help you enjoy winter even more. And SubZeroMax by Hoo-rag is here to help you stay warm even when Jack Frost is slinging enough frozen weather to whack The Iceman Wim Hof! 

Since we can’t all wear shorts and flip-flops in January like Mr. Hof, we need to utilize layers with our winter clothes. Why? Because you can wear the heaviest coat on Earth and it won’t keep you warm if you are facing extreme elements. Layers utilize trapped air to keep you warm. One layer, regardless of the thickness, cannot keep you as warm because the warm air will quickly escape the one layer.

Another reason layers are recommended in wintertime is because each layer has its own function. Like The Iceman – his function is to make us feel bad about not being able to hold our breath for 9 minutes! The inner layer of winter clothes should function to keep moisture off your skin. Moisture-wicking material such as Hoo-rag’s polyester microfiber is best for this inner layer.

The middle layer is the main air trapper. This is the insulator that warms you up with the air trapped between the outer and inner layer next to your skin. Each layer is crucial to keeping your body temperature at a safe level.

The outer layer does this by keeping the elements out! Wind and precipitation should be blocked by your outer “shell,” because once the elements defeat that barrier then the inner two layers are at risk of getting wet and becoming cold fast!

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Gifts for Dynamic Dads on Father’s Day & Beyond

Gifts for dad should not stop with Father’s Day. You know it and we know it. We owe this guy a lot. Who else would have told us to stop acting like a jerk when we just thought we were being cool? What about those loans to bail us out of jams? And who better to threaten wayward boys who dared disrespect daughters near and far? Dad is the man!

If Father’s Day is staring your calendar down like a father looking at your shamefully dirty car, Hoo-rag is coming to your rescue. Getting disowned by your pops at any age is no fun. We can quickly ship super cool gifts like:

  • Arm sleeves for basketball dads.
  • Bandanas for motorcycle men.
  • Neck gaiters to cool the old guy off on the lake.
  • We’ve even got extra-large sizes for larger-than-life dads – big daddies if you will.

For those with deep pockets, our suggestion at this post’s end will hook you…

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Custom Designed Fitness Gear for Your Next Race

Custom designed fitness gear for your next big race shouldn’t be difficult to order. Hoo-rag believes in ease so we put custom design templates at your disposal. You may be in charge of a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or a go-cart race – we’ve seen it all. Regardless of the race type, we want to enable you to design your own bandana online simply with zero confusion.

Sure, some folks will keep wearing the one item they got printed 27 years ago in their first road race. But others like to keep it fresh by wearing apparel related to the current race and decade. 

  • “1983 Peachtree Road Race” shows your longevity if the tee hasn’t faded completely.
  • T-shirts are good for warm weather only – a custom bandana is rockable all 4 seasons.
  • Design your own headband online so you can hang with the cool running kids.
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9 Activities Made Better With A Neck Gaiter

We’re dropping the top 9 activities that are made more awesome with a neck gaiter. It’s frighteningly obvious you guys want to wear your Hoo-rag 24/7, even when fighting off wild animals. But let’s focus, people! Here are our top 9 activities:

Easy Running And Insane Runs

Going on a casual run without sun protection is bold but reckless. You can’t defeat the sun even if you’ve gone mad and entered a 50-mile trail race or OCR. An urban adventure that requires a tad of running can also be enhanced with a moisture-wicking neck gaiter. 

BTW – it doesn’t matter if these runs are in the cold or during the dog days of summer. A Hoo-rag is made to convert your comfort level in either extreme. Yes, the paisley design is cool but works in January too!

Ski Time – Snowboarding vs. Skiing

News flash. It gets cold on those winter slopes. We don’t expect you to know climate facts like that – that’s why we’re here. When it’s ski or snowboard time you’re all fired up, but get chilly when the adrenaline fades. Layers help but so does a neck gaiter to protect that Adam’s Apple from Jack Frost. 

Whether you love snowboarding or skiing more, just know that a Hoo-rag gaiter can be quickly slid up to cover your face. Handy for cold weather storm pop-ups involving a little too much falling ice.

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Let Your Head Breathe with a Custom Headband

A custom headband can do wonders for you ladies looking for breathing room for your head! Let’s face it, long hair can really raise the temperature on your brain when you hit the gym or go for a run. That can mean trouble for you… and your family who depend on your big brain to keep things running smoothly at home.

For example, if you overheat your mind during a hot yoga session, who’s gonna remember to get the dog groomed and kids picked up from music lessons? The hubby? Funny – you better prepare for the kids to come home flea-dipped and the poodle playing the piano. 

Even if you’re not running a household, you still have to keep your cool. Design your own headband and you’ll never quit your marathon training early. Hey, some hardcore ladies have been sidelined due to smothering their head with extreme heat wearing only a cap. All a heavy cap does is hold heat in and causes you to run into low-hanging branches! A lightweight custom headband keeps the sweat out of your eyes, defends against UV rays, and adds style to your stride.

Before anyone gets offended, we are not against sweat! Sweating can prevent colds and infections. A good sweat boosts your energy level and preps you for stressful situations like:

  • Parent / teacher conferences.
  • Traffic jams.
  • A child trying out their salon skills on their sister.
  • College exams.

But we are highly against sweat derailing a solid workout. How can you pick a proper playlist mid-run when your eyes are full of sweat? You might end up clicking a John Legend or Adele album which could cause you to mope all the way home at a 42-min / mile pace. Believe it or not, you can handle head sweat with a fashionable custom headband that’s breathable while showing off your personality.

We print your personalized headbands right here in the USA. We’ll even help you craft a cool design for your running group, birthday party, or yoga crew. Our designers are eager to help you (for free). One, in particular, loves working with ladies on custom head scarfs, mainly to skip out on her spin class. We won’t mention any names.

Over the years we’ve had some amazing Half-hoo headbands created once groups learned they could make your own headbands online. Ladies get super-creative when it comes to fitness apparel. We’ve seen hilarious jogger mottos, logos that rocked, and fundraising designs that inspired us all.  

Now you have no excuse to hang onto that wool NASA cap that’s bound to cause a miniature coconut tree accident eventually. That itchy Reebok headband from 2012 can go to Goodwill the garbage bin. Show the world your team’s personalized style and keep sweat in its place with a custom headband that can be transformed into a facemask, ponytail holder, and more.

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5 Reasons To Put Your Logo on Face Mask Coverings

A custom bandana or custom neck gaiter for your organization or event is a no-brainer. Why? Well, prop your feet up then check out 5 reasons your logo should get a chance to shine on a personalized gaiter. We might toss in a bonus reason at the end…

  1. Promotional t-shirts are so 1995. Unless you’re wearing a Nirvana t-shirt, no one will remember what kind of shirt you had on at a 5K race. The last t-shirt that garnered real attention had to be the yellow smiley face one made by Forrest Gump. And all it was good for was wiping mud off his grill. A freshly designed Hoo-rag would have protected Forrest from the mud in the first place. Would it have saved Bubba? We can only speculate.
  2. Save their skin. You can be a hero to your employees, team, or running group by protecting them from UV rays. Sure, it’s funny when Uncle Junebug looks like a lobster after falling asleep on the boat in July. But the sun causes real damage – wrinkles are just the tip of the iceberg. Your logo on a custom neck gaiter can prevent that problem with 30-UPF protection. The Uncle Junebugs of the world need all the face help they can get so one day they may luck up and trick someone into marrying them.
  3. Affordability. A custom neck gaiter order won’t put a hurting on your budget like other promotional items – hoodies, sweatshirts, or caps. We’ve seen hoodies that cost as much as a Labradoodle – and not nearly as soft. And sweatshirts can be as costly as a set of used snow skis. Ironically, you can only use both items part of the year. Caps are one-dimensional, while our comfortable custom gaiter masks can convert into a headband, beanie, pirate rag, etc.
  4. Our free design help is available. Not everyone is an artist. It’s OK to let Bob in accounting down easy about his limited design skills. Your logo or company name deserves a true artist to make your design pop on a personalized face mask. If you need to console Bob, we can hook him up with one of our friendly customer service peeps for therapy.
  5. Adaptation. Would we be shocked to see t-shirts, stickers, and promotional pens go extinct in the next couple years? No! These items are still customizable, but their freshness has faded and their uses are limited. Shirts are 99 cents a bag at Goodwill. Stickers have a messy reputation for causing 8 out of 13 backing up accidents due to extreme usage on back glasses. But an SPF neck gaiter adapts to the elements and is here to stay.

Those are 5 solid reasons to put your logo or design on a lightweight custom neck gaiter. But we promised a bonus reason. Here you go… 

“The point of marketing is to stand out… not fit in.” At least that’s what the great Don Draper once said while fishing with his custom pirate neck gaiter on.☺ A Hoo-rag stands out. That’s the point of giving your people a custom piece of apparel, right? So folks notice.

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Hoo-rags and the Cool Kids

We should consider hiring some kids to help design our face masks and bandanas. After all, who do you trust to pick out cool clothes? Dad, who paid good money for that regrettable Nickelback hoodie. Or your child who has been setting fashion trends since pre-school?

It’s a no-brainer right! If not for youngsters, the whole world would be one boring line of cookie-cutter suits and uniforms. Left to us adults, we’d still be listening to Elvis while doing the jitterbug too. Please, no hate-mail from you Elvis fans.

Then Came Full Face Bandanas

The pandemic threw a monkey wrench in… well, everything. Not to mention kid fashion. Moms throughout the land had trouble getting little Johnnys and Jennys to slip on a full face bandana or other face cover. The Dollar Tree was no place to shop for 4th-graders looking to impress the ladies or stay out of Mean Girls’ insult range.

Kids want to look cool and that’s a trend that will never end. Luckily Hoo-rag had a jump on face cover bandana styles. Since 2012, we’ve heard from lots of moms about designs that would make kiddos eager to wear face masks for outdoor activities, sun protection, and fighting off frozen faces.

Adding a splash of cool to any apparel makes it easy to convince young folks to give it a try. No need for trickery – save that for getting chores accomplished. Just ask a certain Hoo-rag team member about that – looking at you Kayla!

Don’t Annoy the Child

Let’s say you succeed in getting a stubborn child (youngest one, right?) to wear a full face bandana because someone cool designed it. Even then you have to deal with a rowdy child saying the face cover is uncomfortable… aka “I hate this thing.” That won’t work, but don’t worry.

Hoo-rag’s focus has always been on comfort. Making cool face and head apparel is in our DNA. But we know that wouldn’t matter without comfort. No one would wear a full face bandana if:

  • It’s too tight.
  • Gets all sweaty.
  • Makes it difficult to breathe.

A child gaiter mask must be light, comfortable, breathable, and wick away moisture. Those little whipper-snappers move around a lot. And you can’t have your toddler being the stinky kid!

Kids at Heart

Luckily for us, we have designers who are creative kids at heart. They craft amazing designs, making it easy to get kids on board with our children’s bandana mask line-up. The team has created over 20 different fun designs and color options. Not sure when those guys sleep.

Wondering about sizing? Our kids full face bandanas are about 17.5” long x 8.5” wide. Yes, they are made for boys and girls – and provide 30+ UPF protection from Mama Nature.

Now, brace yourself. Your child will attempt to wear their fresh Hoo-rag in several different manners. Mainly a face mask, but prepare for conversions to a neck gaiter, beanie, do-rag, and the dreaded pirate rag. No need to try and stop them. Our bandanas are better because they are meant to modify for all those uses and more.

Plus, you know how kids are. If you stand in their way, it’ll only encourage them to invent 23 more ways to wear their new face bandana. As a side-note, do encourage the hubby to burn that hoodie.

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Dangerous Big Head Myths

This is serious folks. Lots of grown men are getting left out of outdoor adventure. The reason? Their giant domes are getting in the way! Can a face mask fix that issue? We’ll get to that, but first let’s look at why these particular guys are missing out on the fun:

  • Friends fear fishing injuries will occur when casting anywhere near a globe-sized head.
  • Skiing groups can’t risk an avalanche by taking Big Head Ted on the slopes.
  • And some of the guys can’t afford the 8 tubes of sunscreen it takes to protect their super-sized skull. And the other risk, we’ll get there…

While the situation does sound pretty dire, there’s hope for these fellas with colossal craniums. At Hoo-rag, we are making sure no one gets left out of outdoor activities – regardless of head size.

XL Sun Protection

Need proof? The sunscreen problem is over now that we have extra-large full-face bandanas. These XL Hoo-rags are made from the same awesome material as our originals but are approximately 19” long x 10.5” wide. Available in over 25 designs, they’re rated to 30 UPF (similar to SPF but for apparel).

So no more excuses gentlemen – hit the lake and cover up a bit. Your head will be grateful for the lightweight sun shield. Trust us, your future self doesn’t want to deal with sun damage from your youth.

Slope Safe

What kind of skittish friends do you have if they are terrified of your heavyweight head causing an avalanche? Maybe they’ve watched one too many foreign films detailing ski disasters. While we are not mountain stability experts, we just make insanely cool face masks, we feel the slopes are safe for big heads.

That doesn’t mean trying out tricks you saw on X Games your first time out there, Ted. Ease into it – just in case. You don’t want any trouble. We know you’ll get blamed for any mishap on a mountainside. If something does go wrong you can disguise yourself with your extra-large full-face bandana.

Fishing Face Mask

First off, the reports of emergency room visits by giant-headed fishermen have been greatly exaggerated. Rumors probably started by that average-headed Kevin VanDam. Now, if you’ve got a reckless fishing buddy slinging buzzbaits like a maniac, a treble hook to the face is possible. But most fishing tandems watch out for each other. Well, 86% of them – that’s not bad!
To ease your mind about asking your bucket-headed buddy along for some bass fishing, just make sure he’s highly visible. We have plenty of extra-large face gaiters that stand out so you don’t set a hook on a pal’s record-setting forehead.

Wrap Up

Have we done the big-headed population a great service with this article? Clearly.

Men all over the country will be headed, no pun intended, out for adventure with their crew. No stigma about herculean heads holding them back. It does our hearts good to know we did our part to get more fellas off the couch, hitting some lakes and trails, or just camping out with his people.
Oh, we can’t leave without mentioning that other risk. Many Big Head Teds have nearly been choked out with traditional gaiters and bandanas made for gen pop craniums. That problem has been eradicated too with our loose-fitting gaiter. You’ll finally feel modern comfort once you slide an extra-large Hoo-rag face mask on that gorgeous gigantic head of yours.


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Why You Need Hoo-Rags Face Masks If You Work in Food Service

As it became apparent that cases of COVID-19 were continuing to spread, states began taking drastic measures.  Quarantines were put in place throughout the country. Shops and restaurants were forced to close their doors or only offer pick up and take out services.  Now that restrictions are being lifted, businesses are trying to recover. Face masks are an important part of getting past the pandemic.

Face Masks are Key

People are eager to get back to some sort of normalcy in their daily lives. For many, that means a chance to finally go back to their favorite restaurants. While some restaurants were able to offer take-out, a meal always seems to taste better when you can dine in. Foodservice professionals are eager to get back to work, especially those whose income comes mostly from tips. The question on everyone’s mind, however, is what safety precautions do we need to take? The keys to preventing the spread of COVID-19 are thought to be sanitation, social distancing, and wearing face masks.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a press release urging Americans to wear masks for the prevention of COVID-19. The article refers to scientific studies that have proven that wearing a cloth mask can reduce the transmission of the virus. The research also shows that American adults are becoming more receptive to wearing masks in public.

FDA Guidelines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published guidelines for people in food-related industries.

  • Cloth face masks slow the spread of the virus and provide protection from unknowingly spreading the disease for people who are asymptomatic
  • Launder face masks after each use
  • Masks must cover the nose and below the chin and should fit snuggly but comfortably around the face
  • Masks should allow for breathing without restriction

Hoo-rag Bandanas as Face Masks

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable alternative to the face masks that loop behind the ears, Hoo-rags has a variety of seamless bandanas. Our bandanas can be worn as face masks for those in the foodservice industry.  We have a number of bulk options, mystery packs, and build-your-own packs. 

One of the advantages of choosing Hoo-rag bandanas are their versatility.  When you aren’t in close contact with customers, you can easily slip your mask down to your neck.  With your mask around your neck, it’s out of the way, yet it’s easy and quick to pull it back up for proper coverage instead of having to keep a mask in your pocket or apron.  The bandana style mask also avoids the issue of irritation around the ears that can be caused by other styles of masks.  

Pick a Mask You Like

While there are some people who still disagree that wearing masks is a necessity, many of those employed in restaurants and bars may not have a choice.  Restaurant owners and managers need to recover from the lost sales of the past few months. To do that, they have to ensure the public that precautionary measures are being taken. It’s not easily apparent if a restaurant has been properly sanitized.  However, one of the first things customers do notice is if the employees are wearing masks.  

Whether you are wearing a mask because you choose to or because you have to, it’s important to pick a mask that you will enjoy wearing.  Hoo-rags are so comfortable, you’ll want to continue wearing yours as a face and hair covering even after we no longer have to worry about COVID-19 and wearing masks in public.  Our bandanas are extremely versatile can also be worn as a stylish headband, beanie, or ponytail holder.

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How to Get Your Kids to Wear Masks in School to Prevent COVID-19

School Closings

Earlier this year, as it became apparent that COVID-19 was not going away, schools around the country began closing as states implemented quarantine restrictions. At first, many thought they’d be able to re-open their doors within weeks. However, the virus continued to spread, and children finished out the school year at home. While it may have been fun to have the extra family time, many parents are eager to get their kids back to school this fall. Children need the social interaction that schools provide, and they need the structure of a classroom setting. But getting back to normal shouldn’t come at the risk of your child’s health, which is why face masks are so important.

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