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Showing all 28 results

Hunting Camo Neck Gaiters and Camouflage Face Masks in a Ton of Patterns!

Our digital and realistic camo lineup features Mossy Oak, Kryptek, and Realtree. Our selection of hunting masks includes popular options such as Original Bottomland, Edge, and Highlander. Looking to be a nonconformist - then skip the brand names and choose from our large selection of digital camo bandanas. Not only do we offer a huge variety, but we offer them in two sizes - large and extra large. Big-headed folks deserve an array of camo patterns and designs just like people with micro-craniums! Whether you are big game hunting, playing paintball, or running through CQB drills, our hunting camo neck gaiter is a must-have for all tactical and practical shooters. Our digital and realistic camo lineup is on target protecting your face from the harsh elements of the field while helping you blend in with your surroundings. These high-quality hunting camo bandanas are durable, moisture-wicking, breathable, and wind resistant. Wear them as a balaclava, bandana, neck gaiter, face cover shield, and more!

Face Protection and Disguise for all of Your Hunting Adventures.

The thrills of hunting season last a lifetime especially when you have bragging rights on your buddies. Memories are made with friends and family who love the outdoors and epic hunts as much as you do. Hoo-rag is there for all your trophy take-downs, keeping you camouflaged and protected from wind and extreme temps with our breathable camo neck gaiters. These camouflage bandanas and camo gaiters are more popular than back straps on the grill. Everyone knows that a warm hunting face shield keeps you in the woods longer while keeping bugs out of your face, nose, and mouth! Gnats, flies, and mosquitoes won’t have you swatting them - heck, they may not even be able to see you. Our special UPF30 camo bandanas with elite UV protection also keep the sun from hindering your hunt. Even when you’re stalking another human - don’t be crazy, we’re talking paintball - our hunting balaclavas make you hard to see and take out. Dodging paintballs, testing out new weapons, or bagging game will also be less sweaty with Hoo-rag’s cool moisture-wicking technology. We have countless customers who use our bandanas in every outdoor scenario imaginable, especially when it involves improving your shooting or filling the freezer with wild game. Stay cool under fire and behind the scope with the most comfortable and durable camo neck gaiters you ever saw or didn’t see!

Need Custom Hunting Face Masks for Your Event or Club?

Hunting in packs works better as our forefathers were shown by ancient hunting dogs… wolves. There is nothing Hoo-rag loves more than a hunting or shooting club with personal logos and styles to put on display. Our camo neck gaiters can be personalized down to your awesome detailed instructions. Our custom bandanas are made with the same breathable material that’s lightweight, UPF30-rated, and moisture-wicking, but with the addition of your logo, motto, or event name. “Cavemen Bone Collectors, Sneaky Shooters’ Paintball Tournament, and Shooting Drill Sergeant” aren’t bad, but your bright ideas are even better when it comes to custom designs for your group’s camo face mask, hunting gaiter, or white camo headband. Our design process is easy and you can even give us a call for super-detailed bandana orders. For an extra fee, you can even get your logo on a Realtree or Kryptek background. You’ll find our team to be a bunch of friendly outdoor folks like yourself who know a thing or 243 about hunting, fishing, paintball, and shooting drills! There’s always a reason to get together with friends outdoors whether that involves a fundraiser, archery tourney, or a good ole hunting club full of storytellers. Make sure everyone has a matching design so your group’s presence gets noticed. You don’t want people to mistake you all for a bunch of vegan hedge fund managers in town for some Impossible Burgers. When Hoo-rag adds your custom artwork to your camo bandana, folks will know what you’re all about! Visit our custom design page to fill out a request for more information and pricing.