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Showing all 16 results

Twisted Headbands for Women on the Go Outdoors

Being outdoors without a fresh twisted headband is like taking on the elements wearing a burlap sack! People will gossip, plus it’s not wise. Not when you can control sweat with a lightweight twist knot headband while using nature as your gym or running around the block. Who wants sweat dripping on your glasses or in your eyes? Our newest hair twister headband designs are perfect for any physical activity where your hair gets in your way and sweat is an issue. You can wear our black knot headband design and never worry about a headache because our top knot headbands are 95% microfiber polyester and 5% spandex for a perfect fit.

The great thing about these twisted headbands is temperature control. In the summer you’ll love the soft touch and cool feel. When winter arrives you’ll appreciate our Sedona Sunrise headband keeping your ears warm instead of wearing a hot stocking cap or earmuffs that have the look of a chopper pilot! And unlike other materials that get sweaty and stinky after a workout, hike, or 5k race, our knotted headbands don’t hold in odors, because of our antibacterial material. And they’re easy to wash and then line dry quickly.

Beat the heat, whip the sweat, and warm the ears with the best and most stylish patterns of any knotted headbands for women around. Our favorites are the Miami Nice style and American Flag headband but customers have their own style with some loving the Floral Twist Knot Headband and many going wild for the various solid color knotted Hoo-rags.

Custom Knotted Headbands for your Club and Events

We can think of hundreds of uses for custom knotted headbands, mainly because we’ve designed so many Hoo-rags for a multitude of clubs, teams, and events since 2012. Running clubs, 5ks / 10ks / marathons, and school teams. The list is endless and design options limitless because your logo and artwork make personalized headbands with knots on top so cool. Your event will be noticed with your people wearing matching designs and they’ll be comfortable with our lightweight knotted headbands for adults. A fundraiser goes smoother when people don’t get hot and sticky!

Hoo-rag headbands are breathable and cool naturally but also can be dipped in cold water for super humid days - looking at you, August. Our team is standing by waiting for you to upload your design idea for a custom twisted headband or hair twister headband. They are amazing artists and also take part in lots of outdoor activities and events just like you so they can tell you firsthand how they rock Hoo-rags to beat the heat, sweat, sun, and protect their ears in winter winds. Taking on the outdoors is fun, as long as you don’t get bothered by gnats, humidity, or mosquitoes either. With some head protection via the coolest knotted headband patterns and colors ever made, your event and team can handle any weather or pests. Get your logo / artwork to us right away on our custom headband design page!