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Showing all 14 results

Paisley Bandanas and Neck Gaiters Unlike Any Other!

Where would Peter pick a peck of perfect pink paisley bandanas? Both Peter and Paige would head to Hoo-rag just like you did in search of the largest variety of cool and colorful paisley neck gaiters. That age-old question of where can I buy paisley bandanas has been answered with our endless display of eye-popping designs that go great with any activity. From motorcycle rides, to working construction, to kiddos running through campgrounds. People love going outside in style with the freshest colors known to mankind (along with alien-kind) especially when the bandana paisley prints are out of this world!

Hoo-rag’s paisley bandanas are soft, sleek, and durable for even the rowdiest outdoor adventure seekers. We are talking rodeo clowning, river running, and even snowboarding stunt people! Customers have told us they enjoy the sun protection of our paisley neck gaiters (UPF30), being able to breathe easy via the lightweight polyester microfiber, and the impressive paisley bandana patterns. Families make out like bandits on our money-saving tubular bandana bundles too - wow, a 5-pack to attack the wilderness as a tribe!

No doubt, anyone can head to the woods, slopes, or lake looking like they bought a scarf on an Etsy clearance rack from Russia. But diving into the wild should happen with some serious style, sun / element protection, and versatility. Hoo-rag gives you all that with banging black paisley bandanas, rowdy red paisley bandanas or unbelievable blue paisley bandanas to suit your activity, mood, and style. You don’t need a piper to lure you to the great outdoors - all you need is to cool off with a moisture-wicking Hoo-rag paisley bandana that you can wear in 12 different ways. So get to picking and step outside with us!

Design Your Own Paisley Neck Gaiters / Bandanas!

What could be better than sleek stylish paisley face masks that keep body heat in and flying bugs off your face and neck? A fishing trip with Bill Dance and Dolly Parton? Yes, but let’s focus on reality, with you being part of the paisley design process with your tubular bandanas. That’s right, you can send us your logo, artwork, or idea that you want for your group or event so the people involved have awesome matching outdoor gear like our paisley neck gaiters.

Yes, Hoo-rags come in truckloads of unforgettable colors and paisley designs. When you add your creativity to the mix for an event or for your members to wear, the bandana paisley prints come to life with your unique ideas. Fun runs, running clubs, charity events, and school gatherings are perfect opportunities to grab matching gear for your peeps. Hoo-rag is here to help with the process - give us a call to talk to a real human about your personalized paisley gaiters.

Our team of creative artists love the outdoors as much as they love thrilling customers with bulk bandana orders. “Making 50 people look great is 100x better than making just one person look stylish,” they say. They're really bad at math, but they’re world-class artists! So bring on your paisley bandana and paisley gaiter custom orders. We can’t wait to wow you and yours - please click over to our custom order page!