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Showing all 20 results

Show your Support with Flag Bandanas and Neck Gaiters!

We love that unabashed American patriots like wrapping themselves in flag bandanas like the Old Glory. Seeing American Flag neck gaiters out in the wild is more common than ever as people show that American pride will never go out of style. Flag face masks are seen from sea to shining sea on fishing boats as they catch the big one while not catching a sunburn since our products are UV-defeating apparel (UPF30). You’ve probably seen large American flag bandanas on convoys of motorcycles too - flags waving in the wind, beards not far behind. And with outdoor activities like hiking, running, floating on a river, or hunting, Hoo-rags are part of the adventure. It’s tough to beat the timeless red, white, and blue bandanas. But you all love variety as much as skiing on your favorite lake, so we give you epic options with our USA Flag bandanas. Not to mention our popular American Ink Flag bandana and our Skull Flag combos! And don’t forget the Thin Blue Line bandana that shows support for law enforcement who do a difficult thankless job that is necessary for a society free from chaos. BTW, if you see a hero running into a burning building, she might be rocking a Thin Red Line bandana which supports modern dragon slayers aka firefighters.

High Quality Multi-Functional American Flag Neck Gaiters

America is still the greatest land on Earth. Or any other planet if somebody wants to argue about it! And Hoo-rag designs the best bandanas for hardcore Earthlings known as patriots. There are some dusty towns in the USA so we make American Flag bandanas that block dust and pollen while being super-breathable. Our 100% polyester microfiber makes every Hoo-rag light, quick to dry, and adjustable to shape in any way you like. There are 12+ ways to wear our American Flag bandanas such as - a flag face shield, headband, balaclava, etc. Choosing how you want to wear your Hoo depends on your environment and activity. Hot conditions mean you need the moisture-wicking power for your head, while cold conditions call for switching to the neck gaiter style to keep heat in. No shade around on a fishing trip? Then the balaclava look or the doo-rag is great for preventing sun damage on that Mount Rushmore you call a head!

Design Your Own American Flag Neck Gaiters / Bandanas!

Yes, it’s hard to beat our American Flag neck gaiters. But did you know you can get in on the creative process when you order custom bandanas? Yep, freeeeedom! to design our high-quality Hoo-rags by easily uploading your logo. Or your one-of-a-kind artwork you dreamed up while listening to Born in The USA. However you came up with your club’s design or event’s fresh artwork, we will print it on any Hoo gaiter you like including our battalion of flag bandanas. Personalized patriot bandanas make great company gifts and are a unique way to promote your organization. We’ve printed over 2 million custom neck gaiters for companies such as the Texas Rangers, Netflix, Costa, etc. So jump on your design and get started on our custom design page!