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Showing all 13 results

Kryptek Gaiters and Face Masks in Every Pattern!

Hoo-rag makes you nearly invisible with a big ole array of Kryptek neck gaiters. We feature camo designs like the Inferno and Raid that have tons of environments in mind for concealment whether you wear your hunting neck gaiters in piney woods or clear-cut fields. The Mandrake is super popular with bowhunters who have to deal with heat and bugs. And our Wraith Krypteck gaiter, formerly known as the Kryptek Yeti, is a hot seller that keeps body heat in on January trips to hunting camp. What about Huk Kryptek gaiters? Fishermen know fish get spooked when you are visible so sneak up on bass, trout, or redfish with our Pontus fishing neck gaiter.

Being unseen in the tree stand or paintball area is what it’s all about. Same thing if you and your trusty lab are fetching ducks all day long. Stay on the down-low with supreme Kryptek camo. All of our cool and effective patterns are shape-shifters if you know what we mean. No clue? It means you can wear Kryptek Hoo-rags as beanies, face masks, headbands, and camo neck gaiters. There are 12+ ways to wear them actually, so now you have camo gear as adaptable as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles!

Kryptek Gaiters Provide Face Protection for all Your Outdoor Adventures

Outdoorsmen can be rugged but you don’t have to be a caveman when it comes to neck gaiters. Stay cooler with modern materials made of breathable microfiber polyester that wicks away sweat as you hike up that ridge avoiding snakes, bobcats, and cell phone interruptions. You don’t have to operate like Survivor Man, wearing itchy leaves taped together to make a bandana. This is real life, people! Hoo-rag will keep you hidden and hold your body heat in with stealth designs that give you an advantage all season long. Bag, tag, and Hoo-rag while keeping wind from chapping your face and wind noise out of your ears with our selection beyond average Huk Kryptek gaiters.

Need a Custom Neck Gaiter for an Event or Team?

Our design team is the best around and we print right here in the USA so you can get high-quality custom bandanas fast. Our artists are outdoor types like you and ready to help with your artwork uploads and questions. You’ll be glad you decided to get personalized Kryptek bandanas for your promotion, event, or team members. Because your style will get shown off plus you’ll be protected from the elements with our UPF30 gaiters that wick away sweat in a flash.

Nothing looks better than a Kryptek neck gaiter that has your design printed on it. Or you can order a different style bandana with your custom print on it if you’re not looking to sneak up on animals, humans, or beings near Area 51. Go get started on uploading your Kryptek gaiter design at our custom design page and have fun with it!