Hoo-rag Neck Gaiter | Old Glory Flag

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Our #1 best-selling bandana is our Old Glory American Flag bandana and rightfully so – Old Glory in the house! We love the US of A and this Hoo is perfect for those that want to celebrate our country!

  • Available in several variations!
    • Original Hoo-rag is approximately 19.5” long x 9.5” wide. UPF30+
    • Extra Large Hoo-rag is approximately 19″ long by 10.5″ wide. UPF30+
    • SolartekMAX is approximately 19.5″ long by 9.5″ wide. UPF50+
  • Wear it as a neck gaiter, balaclava, headband, and more.
  • Breathable, soft, and cool against the skin. Dries quickly.
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry.
  • Check out the Headband, PolartekMax, SubZero, or Face Mask.


102 reviews for Hoo-rag Neck Gaiter | Old Glory Flag

  1. Bob Collinsworth Verified owner

    If you are a male who works with your hands at all, you will not be able to handle the neck gaiter at all. The product is not comfortable for someone with rough skin to even pick up or handle. The material used to make these is not comfortable to handle at all . . . nor will it keep you warm in winter winds. The art work subject matter is great (our flag) but the choice of material was made to maximize profit . . . not for the comfort of the customer!

  2. Customer in Maryland Verified owner

    Patriotic, durable, cool-looking product. Wear often as a face covering during Covid (you can fold the Hoorag over in half for double protection. Easier to take on & off vs. a cloth mask.) Easy to wash. Dries fast.

  3. Geo Verified owner

    Outstanding product. Seems a little lighter and looser than some of my older Hoorags, which is a good thing. Use them for yard work and what would have been considered odd last year, all day wear at work and shopping around town. Donning a face covering prior to entering a bank still feels weird though. At least I look cool doing it!

  4. Clay Neal Verified owner

    Not sure how it could be any better. As a matter of fact after ordering this to wear as a face mask at work I’ve since placed an order for 4 more for me and 3 for my Wife and daughter.
    Hey unless your an asshole you are wearing a mask in today’s world. Why not make a statement while you do.

  5. Michael Verified owner

    Beautiful product and well made.

  6. Stick Verified owner

    Great product. Even more awesome, during this pandemic, it shipped to me in three days. Kudos to the company for staying on top of business and servicing the customer. I’ve had it for about two weeks. Still waiting on bandannas that I order from another company at the same time, who stated they were in stock. Will buy from hoo rag again. Thanks

  7. Stick Verified owner

    Awesome product. Even more awesome, during this pandemic, it shipped to me in three days. Kudos to the company for staying on top of business and servicing the customer. I’ve had it for about two weeks. Still waiting on bandannas that I order from another company at the same time, who stated they were in stock. Will buy from hoo rag again. Thanks

  8. Dave Verified owner

    Looks great and a nice quality

  9. Barry Brown Verified owner

    I have not worn many sun-blocking items in my lifetime, but the older I get the more I see how important they are. I bought this American Flag bandana because it looks great, is very comfortable, and hopefully it will keep me from getting sunburned later on this Summer. Thanks for a great product – I can recommend it highly!

  10. Monkey Verified owner

    It fits and seems of decent quality. No idea how long they last . I use them to try and keep my long beard from looking like the Red Sea after Moses parted it

  11. Allen Hebert Verified owner

    This thing is awesome! Fits great and looks badass riding down the road!

  12. Julie Lorimer Verified owner

    Love the selection of Hoorags! My son runs outdoors and this is a great weight for him!

  13. Jolyne Verified owner

    Born Canadian but truly American at heart!! It was a no brainer that my first Hoorag would be Old Glory, I Love It!! It is not tight but not too loose, beautiful colors, excellent quality, washes well. Overall a great purchase even with the cost of shipping and the exchange rate. I will be buying more Hoorags, so many choices.

  14. JT Verified owner

    Satisfied with my hoo-rag!

  15. Bryan Braddy Verified owner

    Love this! I was looking for an American flag bandanna but this is so much better. Fit is great, elastic has enough stretch to wear comfortably as a headband without giving me a headache.

  16. cj Verified owner

    Perfect for fishing and yard work and mountain biking; well, for anything you can think of actually… Haven’t gotten sun burnt once since wearing these, breathes very well, and I cannot believe how it keeps you warm in cold weather, but also stays cool in hot weather; AMAZING.

  17. HDOrange Verified owner

    Tried it out on the bike, perfect fit, not to tight and the airflow is perfect! Great product. Purchasing 2 more today!

  18. Thomas Verified owner

    Use it when riding the motorcycle. I tend to burn easy in the sun. This lets me ride all day without worry. Stylish too…

  19. Chris

    One of my best rags . Awesome quality and super stretchy.
    Got 10 hoorags,love me,but nothing better than patriotism
    Use it during workout and skiing
    Hoos for life???

  20. Trey Verified owner

    This is my favorite Hoo-rag that I own. The picture doesn’t do it justice! Nothing like breathing in freedom through freedom!!

  21. Jason Verified owner

    This Hoo-rag is one of my favorites. My oldest son keeps borrowing it, so I may need to get another.

  22. Eric MIndy Verified owner

    1st review but far from my 1st hoo rag. We own 7 now! I love these lil guys, my fiancé and I wear one every time we snowboard! And there always with me throughout hunting season as well. To many occasions to list for all the uses of these! Great product, great price!!!

  23. Gravel Verified owner

    Great product! Really helps when it’s cold and windy.

  24. Jeremy Mayle Verified owner

    I can’t say enough good things about the company and their products. It’s nice to have a headband without the dreaded knot in the back like a standard bandana. This flag design is one of the best I’ve seen. I love the vintage color selection. These things have tons of uses. I use mine for hunting, hiking, beach trips, even working in the yard. I’m happy to support this awesome company.

  25. James Verified owner

    I love my hoorag specially this one I believe this was my third one I’ve ordered of the same pattern. Weather I’m cutting wood , riding my quad or up in my tree stand hunting my hoorag’ are always with me catching my sweat or keeping me warm !!!

  26. Richard Esteban Martinez Hughes Verified owner

    This is a very nice hoo. I feel extremely patriotic while wearing it to rallies and meetings with the Democratic Socialists of America. Patriotism isn’t just for the right, after all!

  27. Laura Verified owner

    The photo does not do it justice. This is beautiful and functional. I love it.

  28. Tom Verified owner

    No better product or way to show your Patriotism.
    Let Freedom Ring while rocking the Hoo!!!

  29. Jesse Verified owner

    I love it , great for work and play

  30. Marcus

    I am a welder at Electric Boat, where we build submarines for the U.S. Navy. I take a lot of pride in what I do. It may seem like just a minor token but, wearing this flag while I work reminds me of what I’m doing and, who I am doing it for. And that means a lot to me. Plus this bad Larry Hoo-Rag has kept the sweat out of my eyes and made sure my neck and face don’t get burned when I’m in a tight spot! MERICA!!

  31. Bobby Verified owner

    It’s fantastic! Smelt like freedom when I opened it! ‘Merica!

  32. Rock Verified owner

    Awesome to use during work outs!

  33. David Bowling Verified owner

    Bought mine about a month ago. I ride my motorcycle all the time and I love it. It’s been 95 degrees outside and people ask if I’m hot and I reply no. It actually keeps me cool. I don’t like all the wind in my face so I rock the Hoo often.

  34. Native Texan Verified owner

    My favorite HooRag so far.
    Love this product and will be back to purchase more rags in the near future.

  35. Scott Litten Verified owner

    My first Hoo-Rag, looks/works great on the bike. Gonna get a couple more.

  36. Theresa Campbell

    Beautiful! My husband really loves this!

  37. Josey Verified owner

    This was the 5th HooRag that I have purchased and as always, they have a super great product with fast delivery times. Perfect as a gift for yourself or someone special

  38. Christian B. Verified owner

    Love it. I weld at work so I wear it to protect my kneck. Works great. Soak it with some water and keeps me cool in these hot days.

  39. Axel Verified owner

    Awesome wish I bought more than one. It’s comfortable breathable and just American badassery

  40. Brandon Van Matre Verified owner

    Love it! Works perfect for the gym, fishing, yard work… I wear it with everything because red white and blue matches with all ????

  41. Mark Tritschler Verified owner

    Bad ass! I use it for when I cut the grass or when I’m riding the Harley. Cuts the wind very well and protects my bald head from the sun. I will buy more.

  42. Alec Nielsen

    RIP old glory. Lost her out on the river. Just ordered “thin blue line” & Oregon flag hat. Absolutely Love my HooRags!! Always take them fishing and hunting I think I have about 4 or 5 now. #rocktherag

  43. Ethan Verified owner

    Sure comes in handy when your anywhere outside in Mississippi, looks good and feels great!

  44. Derek Verified owner

    1st hoorag I purchased like it a lot will be getting more soon

  45. Johnny Verified owner

    Shits awesome. Super high quality material and legit printing processes. Will be ordering more for hunting season.

  46. Jordan cintra Verified owner

    Bought this hoorag for memorial day. This is my third one and I love it.

  47. Kevin Verified owner

    Very versatile and easy to use. I have only had mine for a short period of time but so far I love it.

  48. Walt Verified owner

    Rags are of high quality and well made. I love the breathable fabric and cool designs too! I use it for outside work and when I am out on the water fishing. Very pleased with my first time order.

  49. ed Verified owner

    Good item for mild to moderate weather

  50. Brad Verified owner

    Love my new hoorag. Took it out for the first time on Sunday and it worked perfect for me

  51. Steve

    Just got this in the mail a few days ago and have been waiting to use it, well I went for a bike ride yesterday and wore it as a headband, worked great! I think I’m really going to enjoy using these!! Cant wait to take it fishing!

  52. Alex Verified owner

    Looks amazing and great for hiking.

  53. Zman Verified owner

    Love my new “Old Glory” hoo! Can’t wait for warmer weather here to wear it out on the motorcycle!!

  54. Erika Verified owner

    My husband loves his he wears it all the time!

  55. Mj Verified owner

    Man I love this dang thing ! Feels great, looks great and fits great . What a way to be patriotic on a daily basis !

  56. Olivia

    Absolutely love this hoo! Kept me cool and sunburnt free in the summer, and warm now when I’m out on the water. I’m so impressed, I have now ordered a pack of them!

  57. Kat Spalding

    Bought this for my 14 year old son and he loves it! Great price and free shipping!? Yes, please! 🙂

  58. Wayne Verified owner

    This is my third Hoo. It looks great works just as well

  59. Curry

    It’s pretty awesome. I love going on a run with my old glory. Motivates me to actually run longer

  60. Justin H Verified owner

    This is my second order of hoorags. My first was December 2014. Used my first old glory for skiing and loved it. Ordered a bunch more for face protection from sun and sand at Worlds Toughest Mudder 2015. Excited to put them to good use.

  61. Morris Verified owner

    Fantastic Hoo Rag very pleased. Perfect for keeping the sun off the neck biking!!! A+++

  62. MaryAnne Verified owner

    Finally one that stays on my head and twists and forms into all required options and is gorgeous as well!

  63. Baker Verified owner

    As soon as i saw this i felt the spirit of uncle sam telling me to wear this glorious hoo as i cried budlight from my eyes. As soon as i opened up the package and put on the hoo-rag i grew a full beard instanly and rode a giant eagle spitting out bombs at isis with dual machine guns in my hands.

  64. ADAM Verified owner

    im in the U.S. Coast Guard and convinced a ton of people I’m stationed with to buy hoo-rags! for fishing, snowboarding, shooting at the range, or just to look badass!

  65. Alex Verified owner

    I purchased the Old Glory and I can’t stop wearing it. I wear it working out, as a face mask to cut the wind during bad weather and as a beanie. It’s extremely comfortable and I love how easy it is to fold and throw in a pocket so I always have it. Great purchase. Now I just have to buy more designs.

  66. Daniel Verified owner

    Bought two of these! Great product, fast shipping, and awesome customer service.

  67. Terrence Orraca Verified owner

    Excellent product, extremely comfortable. Ill certainly be purchasing more.

  68. Lou Verified owner

    Snatched up one of these for the July 4th special, the first of several hoo rags that I’ve bought. I love showing off my love for ‘Merica with the cool patriotic design. These things are great for a variety of outdoor activities.

  69. RodneyReels Verified owner

    I bought this for my dad as a gift. He has an old one that desperately needs replacing and I couldn’t think of a better design for him than Old Glory!
    The Hoo-Rag is shockingly cool in 90-100 degree weather and offers plenty of sun protection. A 5-star product.
    I give this particular Hoo-Rag 4 stars, however, because of one drawback on the design. It’s meant to give the look of a worn and tattered flag. Which is definitely a cool idea but the discoloration of the white stripes is a bit too yellow for my taste. Otherwise, no complaints from my dad!

  70. Ashley Verified owner

    Awesome scheme. #merica
    Love the product no matter the color or scheme. We don’t leave the dock without them.
    Coming In Hot Fishing Team

  71. Ms. Pam Verified owner

    Bought two, one for my 13 year old son (Old Glory) and one for his friend (Firefighter). They both loved them and wore them many times throughout the summer, camping, canoeing and anytime they could find an excuse to wear them. They were very proud to have started a new trend with their buddies.

  72. Cboliver Verified owner

    I bought it for my son, who is on the school’s bass fishing team, to use at tournaments. He absolutely loves it!!

  73. JT Verified owner

    I have several Hoo-Rags and they are all awesome! I use them for yard work and working out. I suggest not to dry them in the dryer. Air dry them and they will last longer.

  74. Brent Houlihan Verified owner

    Love my old Glory Hoo-Rag this is the 4rth Hoo I have purchased shipping is extremely fast and free. This company has become my go too for all the hottest patterns. Custom Hoo’s available upon request.

  75. Mike Furmanski Jr Verified owner

    Great product, I use it golfing and under my hard hat at work.

  76. Kevin Jones Verified owner

    As most of the other reviews state, the Old Glory Hoo is extremely comfortable and down right amazing to wear. Much like 3 wolf moon t-shirts on Amazon, this Hoo packs a power that in undeniable. When I first put the Old Glory Hoo on, my impulse to yell “America” was uncontrollable. I ran around for 2.5 hours yelling “America” or singing the Star Spangle Banner. I eventually ran into a recruiter from the Armed Forces who scooped me up and enlisted me on the spot. Because of the Old Glory Hoo, my patriotism has quadrupled in size and continues to grow daily! Thans Hoo-Rag

  77. G.V. Verified owner

    wear the ole glory when riding my shadow phantom and it definitely turns heads! great product, keeps the wind off my neck!

  78. William Stanley Verified owner

    Do I really need to tell any American that runs or wears a Hoo-rag that this is the ultimate product?
    Will be sporting at Marine Corps Again this year!!!!
    Also bought s bunch for some fellow runners!

  79. Aaron Verified owner

    This is a awesome hoo rag that is perfect for going fishing or puting it on your dog you will for sure get people looking at you and or asking you where you got it this is one of my favorite ones..

  80. Bill Smith Verified owner

    Love my Ol Glory Hoo. it is my second Hoo and I know I will be purchasing many more. If you don’t have one, GET ONE!

  81. Rick Verified owner

    Fast shipping and awesome product!

  82. Daniel

    Got this rag with the Labor day pack. They are all sweet I can’t wait to order more!

  83. Rene O Verified owner

    Just as expected! great product!

  84. William Stanley Verified owner

    Another classic, Show your pride while Rocking the Hoo-

  85. Dallas Fancher Verified owner

    awesome product.
    I use all my hoorags all the time out side, mowing, swimming, grilling, 4 wheeling, fishing.

  86. Zane Harrison Verified owner

    Great product. I wear it to keep the sun off my neck while on a tractor. I have two of them and wear both of them all the time. I’ve never had a problem with them at all other than they get hot when you wear them as a face mask but that’s not really a big deal.

  87. Les Walton Verified owner

    Great product!! I wear it mostly beanie style when cutting meat in cold room and bandanna when sweating mowing the yard!

  88. Rocky Dunnam Verified owner

    If you don’t have at least ONE Hoo…what are you waiting for?

    These things are awesome. I have several, and I typically wear them as a headband when I’m going to be sweaty (hiking, working out, mowing the lawn, etc.). I also wear them as a mask when I’m skiing/snowboarding to avoid both sun and wind damage to my money-maker (that’s my face)!

    I’m still not sure why they haven’t made a custom Hoo for Chefs…but I’d wear mine in my kitchen too as a hair restraint…(and no…I’m not a paid spokesman for HooRag).

    Keep up the good work y’all.

    • Customer Service Verified owner

      Hi there! We currently have three chef designs – the “Stay Hungry”, “Hoo-tensil” and “Hot Hoo”. If you have any ideas for other chef designs, feel free to send us some suggestions and we’ll add them to our idea list!

  89. Kenny Verified owner

    This is my 10th one and I love them. I use them for work, riding my motorcycle and just normal house work. Amazing product. I will be buying more in the near future

  90. Jorge M Verified owner

    Thsee things are awesome when fishing, working out, our just keeping the sweat out of you eyes while doing yard work.

  91. Jake Verified owner

    I have several Hoo-Rags but this is one of my favorites. I wear it playing softball, working out, and running. I even wore it for our 4th of July BBQ. Keep the great designs coming!

  92. Robert Verified owner

    I bought Hoo-rags for my son in law, my grandson (1 year old), and myself. We spend a lot of time on the water with the entire family. It blocks the sun and keeps you kool at the same time.
    My grandson hates to wear a childs hat on his head but loves his Hoo-rag. Every time we are out on our boat everyone wants to take a picture of him with his American flag Hoo-rag. He absolutely loves it.

  93. Patrick Verified owner

    Big fan of the hoorag and especially Ol Glory! It’s great sun protection and a great addition to the wardrobe. I feel proud to be an American!

  94. Tedd Verified owner

    What a nice way to show how proud you are of your country. My wife and I rider motorcycles and the “Hoorag” has been a great asset to have when the weather turns on you. Pull it up over your face to hold back the cold, the rain and the heat. Soak it, put it on your head when it’s hot. Buy one………………

  95. Cameron Verified owner

    This is the 2nd hoorag I’ve purchased, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Very pleased with the product

  96. Kent Verified owner

    As soon as I put this on my mullet grew longer and my biceps grew bigger. I have the power to strike down communism with a single screech of my bald eagle, I rode the patriot train all night as Lynyrd Skynrd played in the background. Great Hoo, 5/5.

  97. B reef Verified owner

    Ol glory! Great product does what it’s suppose to do! Will buy again thankyou!!

  98. Denver

    I won it from hoo rag on instagram and have been rockin the rag since

  99. SNQ Verified owner

    This Hoorag is a great way to show off your patriotism. It’s wearable any time of the year, and appropriate for almost any situation. Why are you still reading this? Buy one!

  100. Old Dog Verified owner

    Works great for those of us who sweat. I wear it pirate style.

  101. Gator Verified owner

    Works great as a sun scarf for all the water sports I am involved in.
    Also get lots of compliments on the patriotic print.

  102. Fabiano Verified owner

    This was a gift for my father in law. Former Marine. He love it!!

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