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Cooling Chicago’s Challenged Campaign

Sanja Photography

Illinois’ SanJa Photography contacted us with an amazing idea they had to help and bring awareness to their local homeless community. The team of volunteers got together and took to the vast streets of the city in the dead heat of July. They handed out Hoo-rags that would help keep cool those that may not always have the luxury of air conditioning. SanJa Photography was on hand to capture the day’s events and show the world that one man’s idea can put a smile on a city’s face. Continue reading Cooling Chicago’s Challenged Campaign

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Hoo-rag was the sponsor of the USA Bassin Hoo-rag Division on Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana this past summer. Johnny Morris and Jeremy Hagen unloaded the final punch with a 5 fish limit weighing in at 13.75 lbs. to seal the deal and take the win for tournament #5 of the division.

We supplied USA BASSIN with a red, white, and blue fishing bandana we call Old Glory. We hope everyone is still enjoying them! Congrats to USA BASSIN on another successful season. Tournaments like these inspire kids of all ages to get out on the water. Some folks end up getting hooked on the sport. That’s reel trouble for honey-do lists as you’ll see below.