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Custom Neck Gaiters For Clubs

Custom Neck Gaiters For Clubs

We’ve spent a lot of these blog posts looking at companies that exemplify the kind of companies we work with.  Construction, fishing, hunting, and running are all categories we do business in.  What we haven’t done a lot of is showcase some of the smaller groups and clubs that we work with.  Every single person isn’t looking to order hundreds or thousands of items. We want to help those clients too!

We’ve been working with Mat-Su Ski Club for several years now.  As the name suggests, they’re a ski club that promotes Nordic Skiing in the Southern Mat-Su Valley, Alaska.  They’ve been hosting events for almost 40 years now, but they officially organized as a club back in 2008.  Since then they’ve grown to over 400 adult members and continue to host awesome events each and every year! If you live in the area or plan to travel there definitely check out their website here!

While they’re one of the bigger clubs that we work with, we’re just as happy to hear from smaller ones.  Both our custom neck gaiters and headbands have minimums as low as 24 units. That means we’re able to cater to clients with a much smaller membership.  High school fishing teams, yacht clubs, ski clubs, and everything in between. if you want a custom neck gaiter then we’re happy to help! 

If you’re in a local club and think custom neck gaiters or any of our other products would be a good fit then please don’t hesitate to reach out!  We would love to make some awesome designs using your club’s logo to give out to members or to promote events that you host.  You can shoot me an e-mail at, give me a call at 888-831-9344 extension 107, or fill out a form here.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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