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Check out the Salt Wave crew fishing aboard the Hellraiser2 with Cairns Black Marlin Charters. We saw photos and stills taken from this drone footage a few months ago and were beginning to wonder if we would ever get to see the actual footage. Hell, we even wondered if the video was even any good. It turns out, someone woke up and was feeling froggy and put their drone skills to work!


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Captain Jacki Shea showing us how she Rocks the Hoo

Many of you know Captain Jacki Shea from Instagram and Youtube. She was kind enough to put together a video that shows how she like to wear her Hoo-rag Bandanas on the water. This is a great video for the ladies and shows all the ways you can Rock our Original Hoo-rag and Half Hoo Headband! ENJOY!

We no longer feature the SolartekMAX model, but you can now get your favorites in our Extra Large size.

Our products are 100% polyester microfiber and rated for UPF30 (which blocks up to 97% of sun exposure).

Want to get the designs seen in the video? Follow these links!
Half Hoo “High Tide” Headband worn in the Bun demonstration.
Tarpon Reel Photo Bandana worn in the Face Mask / Neck Gaiter demonstration.

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Meet our Hooligans : Tag N’ Brag

The members of Hoo-rag’s Pro-Staff, or the “Hooligans” as we like to call them, are captains, hunters, snowboarders, anglers, hikers and all around outdoor enthusiasts. They help us to field test new product, follow trends in their industry and spread the good Hoo word. These men and women represent the best of the best and we’re proud to have them rockin’ the rag. We thought you all might like to get to know them a little better so we’ve decided to start a blog segment called “Meet our Hooligans” where we will periodically introduce you to another awesome member of our team. And for all of you who have inquired about becoming pro-staff, this is a great place to look and find out the kind of Hooligans we are looking for! Continue reading Meet our Hooligans : Tag N’ Brag