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Hoo-rag was the sponsor of the USA Bassin Hoo-rag Division on Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana this past summer. Johnny Morris and Jeremy Hagen unloaded the final punch with a 5 fish limit weighing in at 13.75 lbs. to seal the deal and take the win for tournament #5 of the division.

We supplied USA BASSIN with a red, white, and blue fishing bandana we call Old Glory. We hope everyone is still enjoying them! Congrats to USA BASSIN on another successful season. Tournaments like these inspire kids of all ages to get out on the water. Some folks end up getting hooked on the sport. That’s reel trouble for honey-do lists as you’ll see below.

Fishing Takes Commitment

For those who caught fishing fever from watching pros like Johnny Morris and Jeremy Hagen, you can’t get to their level overnight. It takes a deep dive to learn about tricky fish like largemouth bass. These fish will take you to school and make you question your manhood.

Patience is a must. You have to be willing to avoid all yard work for entire weekends so you can test the waters at various lakes and rivers. Mowing won’t land you a wall-hanger. But throwing a buzzbait until your rotator cuff collapses will. The learning is in the doing. 
Just be careful fishing in the summer heat. Sun protection is key. Hoo-rag knows how to assist anglers as we developed UPF 30 UV protection in our neck gaiters, bandanas, and face masks. Losing a big one is worse than eating a salad with a hairbrush – even worse with a sunburn!

Casual Anglers

Our USA Bassin Bandana Sponsorship may have also inspired a different type of fisherman or fisherwoman. The kind with no aspirations to win a tournament or get sponsored by Happy Hookers Bait Shop. The casual angler just enjoys wasting time on the water. Unwinding and probably avoiding heart trouble as a result. 

There are two things we know about fishermen – their heart health is amazing due to low stress and – they lie. But here are some true stress facts:

  1. Stress is often dubbed as a silent killer. 
  2. Hair loss is attributed to stress.
  3. In kids, developmental growth can be impaired because of chronic stress.

Fishing is healthy, fun, plus you can feed your family with this mad skill. One could argue that casual fishing pays off just as well as being Kevin VanDam.

The Tradition

You do have to be aware of fishing traditions whether you are serious about the sport or just want to avoid decluttering the garage. A fresh cap comes in handy for sun protection. So does a cool Hoo in the shape-shifting form of a neck gaiter, face mask, or headband. All of which are possible forms with our UPF 30 gear. Go for the pirate rag too if you feel the need.

Tales of bad luck can keep you from getting skunked too. Never carry a banana on a boat. No idea, just don’t. Pretty sure this includes Banana Boat Sunscreen – we’ve got an alternative. Try to avoid banging things around on the boat too. Fish can get spooked easily. Now, you can play music because it may lure the trophy bass in. Rod Stewart and Johnny Gill are solid choices.

Fish Food

The best part of fishing is that you learn to feed yourself for a lifetime. But what are the tastiest fish? Some say trout. Others enjoy salmon. Even catfish has a fan club with all-you-can-eat buffets scattered about the country. One survey showed the best-tasting fish to be…

  1. Whitesaddle goatfish
  2. Mahi-mahi
  3. Salmon
  4. Walleye

Cleaning the fish is part of the job though. A face mask will help ease you into the process. You don’t want to look squeamish to the other folks coming in from a hard day slinging rubber worms and such. And a wise angler keeps an extra Hoo-rag bandana around for clean hands.

The benefits of fishing are impossible to ignore. Even if you’re not very good at it, you can enjoy the scenery and bonding time with the kids and buddies. If you can’t find anyone to go with you, hit us up, we’re always looking to skip out on work.

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