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Coral Restoration Foundation Custom Hoo-rags

It’s Tuesday, guys. That means it’s time for another featured client with your resident Bandana Master. This one is an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve been working with Coral Restoration Foundation on custom Hoo-rags almost since I started here.

Being based in Florida we treasure the ocean here at Hoo-rag. Whether that’s a day at the beach sunbathing or an afternoon out on the boat trying to snag a giant Snook, the ocean is just part of the lifestyle here. That is why preserving it is such a big issue. If you take the beach out of Florida, there’s not a whole lot left to visit unless you’re REALLY into theme parks.

That’s where Coral Restoration Foundation comes in. They’ve been actively working to preserve Florida’s coral reefs since 2007. That involves quite a bit from expensive studies to actually growing coral reefs and transporting them to areas where they can thrive. All of this costs money which, at least partially, is generated by selling Coral Restoration Foundation custom Hoo-rags and similar merchandise on their website.

If you want to learn more about Coral Restoration Foundation and what they do you can check out their website here. Have a look around their website and check out their Reef Saving Swag store to help preserve our beautiful oceans and get some awesome custom Hoo-rags too. Or consider donating your time and helping them out if that’s an option. They have an entire section about that on their page. They might even give you a free Hoo-rag for doing so!

Love the Coral Restoration Foundation custom Hoo-rag and want to get some of your own? You can hit me up at, give me a call at 1.888.831.9344 extension 107, or fill out a form here. We offer hefty discounts for 501-c-3s and we’ll make sure you get something you’re happy to give out to both your donors and volunteers.

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