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SixSpeed’s Custom Bandanas

Hey guys – this is Chris writing again about another one of my favorite clients and their custom bandana design!

Ben from SixSpeed reached out to us regarding getting some awesome BF Goodrich custom bandanas done for a 9-day off-road racing and rock-climbing event called King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA. With all the dust being kicked up and the brutal sun in the desert, it was important that people have something to cover their necks and faces to stay safe. SixSpeed needed their custom bandanas rushed out to the desert, and Hoo-rag was able to answer the call!

SixSpeed is an extensive marketing company that works with companies you may have heard of like Red Bull, Ford, Target, Michelin, and much more! To check out SixSpeed they can be found at, and check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo for some awesome pictures and videos of the events they and the companies they market for attend!

If you’re ever in need of some custom bandanas feel free to hit me up and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of. I can be reached at or give a call at 888.831.9344 extension 109.

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