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Dolphin Communication Project’s Custom Bandanas

Hey guys – this is Chris writing again about another one of my favorite clients and their custom bandana design!

Kathleen had reached out to us regarding getting some awesome Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) custom bandanas done for the 20-year anniversary of DCP. They used them in the field to keep themselves cool and to keep the sun off their faces while out in the sun in Florida, the Bahamas, and Honduras! Around the time they ordered the pandemic hit and our custom bandanas were also used in the field as facemasks for their team. We’ve since done a bunch more work with Dolphin Communication Project to make them more Original Hoo-Rags and some of our Half-Hoo headbands as well.

The Dolphin Communication Project conducts observational research on dolphin behavior and much more. They offer opportunities to engage in dolphin science with ecotours, volunteer experiences, online educational content and they also collaborate with other research projects with senior researchers at various universities and institutions. It is very cool that they’re fostering an appreciation for dolphins to increase conservation efforts and bring together individuals to expand their knowledge of dolphin science. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and if you visit you can even become apart of their Adopt-A-Dolphin program!

If you’re ever in need of some custom bandanas or headbands feel free to hit me up and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.  I can be reached at or give a call at 888.831.9344 extension 109. You can also fill out our custom Hoo-Rags form at

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