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Custom Bandanas and Non-Profits

Snowdrop's Custom Bandana

It’s that time again – your resident bandana master, Kody, is back with another one of our featured clients.  This time we’ll be taking a look at the Snowdrop Foundation and how they have used our products like custom bandanas to promote their non-profits.

We’ve been working with Snowdrop Foundation for almost 8 years now and it’s always great to hear from them.  They order custom bandanas from us almost every year.  They use them as giveaways for a variety of different events they host throughout the year as well as giving them out to the volunteers. The great thing about this particular product is it’s unique so it doesn’t end up at the bottom of a drawer with half a dozen others like it that never get worn. They serve a purpose so people tend to hold onto them and break them out when they’re exercising, doing yard work, or really anything else that works up a sweat.

They really do some AMAZING work at the Snowdrop Foundation too.  All of the money they raise goes towards scholarships for children surviving cancer.  As someone who watched a close friend’s daughter battle leukemia when she had barely started kindergarten, this hits me right in the feels.  Plus, giving back just feels good and if you get a custom bandana while doing it that’s just icing on the cake, right? 

Feel free to check out their website at You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook by looking for Snowdrop Foundation.

If you’re interested in getting some custom bandanas for non-profits (or headbands), you can hit me up at, give me a call at 1.888.831.9344 extension 107, or fill out a form here.  We offer hefty discounts for 501-c-3s and we’ll make sure you get something you’re happy to give out to both your donors and volunteers.

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