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Custom Neck Gaiters For Running Events

Kody, your resident bandana master is here again with another one of our featured clients.  This time we’re going to be looking at one of our favorite running events in Marathon, Florida.

I’ve been working with Maggie who helps put on the 7 Mile Bridge Run here in Florida for several years now.  The event has been going on for 41 years now (Making it my elder and thus deserving my respect)  and is, as the name implies, a run across the 7 Mile Bridge that connects Marathon and Little Duck Key.  I’ve known some people who get uncomfortable going across normal bridges so I imagine this is nightmare fuel for some, but looking at the pictures it’s absolutely beautiful.

I can’t think of a better location for an event like this.  They ordered custom neck gaiters for their running event to use as finishing prizes and the design came out great!  It can be difficult to put together a design with different sponsor logos and still have a cohesive look, but Maggie and our designers did a great job.  Did I mention it’s for a great cause too?  Over the years they’ve donated over $500,000 to local schools and youth groups.

The event is only a few weeks away so if you want to get a free custom neck gaiter all you’ve got to do is sign up and run 7 miles across a beautiful, scenic bridge.  No problem, right?  If you’re interested you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or even their website on Google by searching for Seven Mile Bridge Run.

If you’re interested in getting some custom neck gaiters or headbands for your own marathon or event you can hit me up at or call me at 1.888.831.9344 ext 107 or fill out a form here.  I’ll make sure you get an awesome custom neck gaiter for your running event. We’ll make sure that your makes your sponsors happy and something your runners will want to continue to wear anytime they’re out for a run.
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