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What is the UV Index and why is it important?

What does the UV Index mean anyway, and why is it so important to people in general? Most people know about sun protection through SPF sunscreens and UPF clothing products that are UV rated, and they realize they should use both. But do they understand the medical concerns that go along with exposure to the sun?

 It’s doubtful you’ll turn into Superman with extra sun exposure… most likely you’ll have to deal with super-villains like wrinkles and cataracts.

On that note, let’s get familiar with the UV Index and the type of UPF products that help you enjoy the outdoors without eye and skin damage.

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Tips for Keeping Children Protected in the Sun

Who doesn’t love the swimming in the pool or heading to the park during the summer, especially when you can spend time with your own kids? However, as fun as being outside may be, even the smallest sunburns can greatly increase your child’s risk of developing skin cancer later in life. With such a high-risk factor, it is crucial that you take sun protection very seriously. Follow these tips to protect your child from the sun and keep them safe during the warm season.

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A New Look at an Old Favorite – Dog Bandanas

At Hoo-rag, we have an extensive line of tubular bandanas that our customers love to wear when they are out in the wild enjoying life and the outdoors. But what about those outdoors folk who want to take man’s best friend with them on trips? Good news – dog bandanas as accessories have never been more popular!

Dogs, especially large and medium-sized breeds, look great in our cool-looking tubular bandanas. Since our dogs love to spend time with us hunting, fishing, exploring the wilderness, and running down the trail, it’s a stylish idea to accessorize. 

In fact, you both can even wear matching bandanas from our vast catalog. It’s tough to out-cute a Weiner dog but a Hoo will boost your chances.

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Tubular Bandanas for Chefs – The New and Better Trend

Many people make use of bandanas for different reasons. They can be worn stylishly to make a statement, but most people use them for sun protection or to keep sweat from dripping down in their eyes from their forehead. Perfect for hot spots like:

  • The beach
  • Kitchens
  • Or trapped in a rotisserie-style tanning bed

Most bandanas will do this job with ease, especially in the kitchen, but there’s a new tubular bandana for chefs that performs this task better than others. Hoo-rag has designed a tubular bandana option that wicks away sweat faster, is extremely breathable, wash-friendly, and comes in dynamic designs. 

Its versatility is perfect in an age of face masks too.

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Wishes for Warriors

Wishes for Warriors

In honor of Memorial Day, we put the #1 best-selling American Flag Bandana – the Old Glory Hoo-rag, on sale. For every one sold, we donated $1 to Wishes for Warriors.

Wishes for Warriors is a veteran-run, volunteer-operated, 100% non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to returning hope and passion back into the lives of our combat wounded heroes through therapeutic outdoor adventures. Their mission is to show these heroes that whether wounded of body or mind, they are still able to live out their passions – through the love of hunting, fishing, skydiving, or anything that makes them feel alive again!

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Goliath Grouper Caught on a Wrench

Goliath Grouper Caught on  A Wrench
Ryan Hein catches a 400lb Goliath Grouper on a wrench.

Ryan Hein of St. Pete, Florida decided to try out a lure he made from a number 11 wrench from his tool box. About 30 miles offshore, and on his first drop, his poll bent nearly in half with the weight of the fish. On the other end? A 400lb Goliath Grouper.

Could the key to big fish be in your toolbox?

And if our eyes don’t deceive us, it looks like Ryan is rocking the Snook Real Photo. What do you think?
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