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Gifts for Dynamic Dads on Father’s Day & Beyond

Gifts for dad should not stop with Father’s Day. You know it and we know it. We owe this guy a lot. Who else would have told us to stop acting like a jerk when we just thought we were being cool? What about those loans to bail us out of jams? And who better to threaten wayward boys who dared disrespect daughters near and far? Dad is the man!

If Father’s Day is staring your calendar down like a father looking at your shamefully dirty car, Hoo-rag is coming to your rescue. Getting disowned by your pops at any age is no fun. We can quickly ship super cool gifts like:

  • Arm sleeves for basketball dads.
  • Bandanas for motorcycle men.
  • Neck gaiters to cool the old guy off on the lake.
  • We’ve even got extra-large sizes for larger-than-life dads – big daddies if you will.

For those with deep pockets, our suggestion at this post’s end will hook you…

365-Day Daddios

Studies show there are zero days when giving your father a gift is unacceptable. We checked. Don’t worry if it’s:

  • National Keto Day
  • Bean Day
  • National Bubble Bath Day
  • eDay – we don’t even know what that means, but it’s real!

So don’t hesitate to spend some money on the best man of your wedding and life in general. Older guys may say they have all they need, but the thought counts even to tough guys like the dads in your life. Who BTW, can include an uncle, family friend, grandpa, etc. Any man who took time to see you got proper raising.

Random gifts we like to toss at our dads include:

  • Breakfast gift cards for any place with real biscuits.
  • Fishing tackle that works or just looks shiny.
  • Face masks for men with allergies.
  • UPF 30 bandanas with UV protection because dads don’t go to doctors – even skin docs.
  • Gym membership where he can sport his American Ink Arm Sleeve.

Getting Specific

Women are better gift pickers than us guys. So fellas, you need to set 5 minutes aside to consider what would make your father’s life a little better. What’s he into nowadays? What’s his favorite TV show? Any complaints you actually listened to can remember?

There’s your launching pad for the best gift for the guy who may have forgotten your birthday, your middle name, and has no idea what you do for a living – but has changed your tire in a rainstorm. If he’s going through a midlife crisis, sign him up for a dance class or martial arts membership.

Say the guy loves every movie with Clint Eastwood. The internet is full of Eastwood artwork, posters, maybe even that muscle car… the DeLorean from Back To The Future III. Do you hear complaints about how Directv is taking off all his good channels? Get him Netflix or another service. (But make sure a relative lives nearer to him than you. So you don’t get caught up in his technology issues).

Active Dads

Nothing better than a dad who is able to enjoy physical activities. Bodies break down and leave many guys unable to find this joy. If your dad enjoys running then hook him up with a Hoo-rag bandana that can be used as a moisture-wicking headband. They are perfect in summer and winter for extreme temperatures, because the 100% microfiber polyester can insulate the face, neck, and ears with its versatility. 

Kayaking or yak fishing is another terrific way to stay fit. But the sun does damage to our skin – even a tough as nails super dad. Protect the man with UPF 30 Hoo-rags that can prevent sunburns and skin damage from UV rays. This quick video shows him how to wear these lightweight bandanas in 12 different ways. No tech involved so you won’t have to instruct him 16 times.

Lazy Days

Why is your pop always tired? Raising you was no cakewalk in case you were too busy dinging up your car and failing science classes to notice. What gifts will help him with relaxing now that you’ve finally moved out?

  • Lightweight hammock to be used at home or camping.
  • A modern pillow not made of asbestos from 1943.
  • Breathable neck gaiter to keep cool while he fishes naps on his pontoon.
  • A new mattress because you don’t want him injured in his sleep.

Trust us, your father will be in a better mood on Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Festivus once he starts getting more comfortable rest. And you’re the right youngin to give those gifts to him.

Hoo-rag Sized Dads

Dads are not hard to size up with our Hoo-rag selection. We go from Original to extra-large (XL Big & Tall) to kid sizes. Any size is modifiable too with 12+ ways to wear it including face mask, pirate rag, sahara, headband, doo-rag, etc.

Buying dad apparel that makes life cooler during heat waves and toasty in snowball weather is easy when sizing isn’t complicated. We take pride in crafting breathable comfortable apparel that we wear ourselves and yes, would buy for our dads on Father’s Day or National Recliner Day.

Make A Dad Day Of It

Is it not a rad world we live in? If you answered no, check out Mars for a week. It just has no life to it. So get out and take dad with you on a trip that entails some nature time. Ride together up in those hills. Or climb a few. Get on the lake with him before the sun sets on us all. Time is precious and so is dad – give him the gift of your time. It’ll touch you both.

Oh, that deep-pocket gift we mentioned… buy the man a new bass boat with one of those submarine-sinking radar fish finders on it. Probably not a tax write-off but we make cool bandanas and rarely study tax law, so Hoo knows.

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