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Custom Designed Fitness Gear for Your Next Race

Custom designed fitness gear for your next big race shouldn’t be difficult to order. Hoo-rag believes in ease so we put custom design templates at your disposal. You may be in charge of a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or a go-cart race – we’ve seen it all. Regardless of the race type, we want to enable you to design your own bandana online simply with zero confusion.

Sure, some folks will keep wearing the one item they got printed 27 years ago in their first road race. But others like to keep it fresh by wearing apparel related to the current race and decade. 

  • “1983 Peachtree Road Race” shows your longevity if the tee hasn’t faded completely.
  • T-shirts are good for warm weather only – a custom bandana is rockable all 4 seasons.
  • Design your own headband online so you can hang with the cool running kids.

Team Time

The cool thing about personalized Hoo-rags is you can order a small amount for a running club or group of friends entering a race together. When you design your own bandana online you and your tribe can spot the enemy runners and sabotage them easier. Kidding, don’t do that, unless they look like a hedge fund manager maybe.

And guess what… your crew can switch the style up too. Wear your banging Hoo-rag as a:

  • Doo-rag.
  • Headband.
  • Neck gaiter.
  • Face mask
  • Ponytail holder and more.
  • Here’s a video showing how to convert each style.

Our bandanas are a great way to defend against UV harm which is nothing to play with.

What Are You Up To?

Whatever you’re up to – racing, competing in OCR, or a trivia night in canoes – it doesn’t matter. You can design your own headband or bandana online and style up the gang. We’ve got your back, neck, face, head, and ears covered at Hoo-rag. 

Wild, wacky, and fun events get us fired up even when we’re not on location. It’s cool to watch events unfold all over the country. Fortunately, we’ve been honored to be connected to many over the years.

  • Jersey Girl Triathlon.
  • Red Bull blowouts.
  • Mud runs.
  • Cancer-fighting events.
  • Birthday bonanzas or family reunions.

As you can see, no matter the fun you plan to make, our multi-functional, lightweight and breathable bandanas will be your new perfect race day or game day accessory.

Has the Need to Know More Intensified?

It’s common knowledge that keeping cool in the summer means a breathable neck gaiter is along for the run. But did you know it is also used to warm your neck in cold conditions? Our 100% microfiber polyester is the key to breathability in this lightweight fitness gear.  

But it doesn’t stop there.  

  • Many runners pull up the neck gaiter when traffic fumes or pollen reach nasty levels.
  • Got a cross country riding event? Wear this as a face mask to avoid eating bugs.
  • Our product is a technical fiber and can be added as a winter layer to trap heat or protect your face during any fall and winter events.

Available in Three Sizes and Several Color Options

Being comfortable is a must when you want to go for a good run.  You don’t want your headband or face mask slipping and sliding around your face.  Hoo-rag has you covered with three different sizes.  

Most find our original Hoo a perfect fit. But larger heads need an XL (extra-large / big & tall) for their headband. And kiddos find kids sizes just right like Goldilocks (who never won a single race – short, medium, or long). Some adults have even found the smaller size a better fit for their heads!

In addition to size options, your runners can stand out with various colors too. Design your own Hoo online with:

  • Colors such as black, gray, blue, pink, etc.
  • Patterns like camo or paisley.
  • Backgrounds with American Flag or tie-dye.

Let’s Get Started!

Just visit our design page to see how easy it is to create your bandana design in minutes.

  • Choose from one of our supplied backgrounds and layouts
  • Choose your size (Original, XL or Kids)
  • Upload your logo (ai, eps or png please)
  • Let us know if you want to see the proof
  • Select your production time
  • Then order just 6 or all the way up to 5,000 Hoo-rags.

Don’t want the full size product? No worries.  Our Half-Hoo headbands were an accidental creation that have become a bestseller here.  They are perfect ponytail holders and better than cotton which can leave your hair soaked. 
If you don’t like what you see or want more in depth design, just reach out to our sales team.  When you work with our team we design up to three concepts for you to choose from. Call us today or drop us a note here.

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