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The Importance of Layering Winter Clothes

…and How SubZeroMax By Hoo-rag Can Help

Knowing how to layer winter clothes will help you enjoy winter even more. And SubZeroMax by Hoo-rag is here to help you stay warm even when Jack Frost is slinging enough frozen weather to whack The Iceman Wim Hof! 

Since we can’t all wear shorts and flip-flops in January like Mr. Hof, we need to utilize layers with our winter clothes. Why? Because you can wear the heaviest coat on Earth and it won’t keep you warm if you are facing extreme elements. Layers utilize trapped air to keep you warm. One layer, regardless of the thickness, cannot keep you as warm because the warm air will quickly escape the one layer.

Another reason layers are recommended in wintertime is because each layer has its own function. Like The Iceman – his function is to make us feel bad about not being able to hold our breath for 9 minutes! The inner layer of winter clothes should function to keep moisture off your skin. Moisture-wicking material such as Hoo-rag’s polyester microfiber is best for this inner layer.

The middle layer is the main air trapper. This is the insulator that warms you up with the air trapped between the outer and inner layer next to your skin. Each layer is crucial to keeping your body temperature at a safe level.

The outer layer does this by keeping the elements out! Wind and precipitation should be blocked by your outer “shell,” because once the elements defeat that barrier then the inner two layers are at risk of getting wet and becoming cold fast!

Layer Details

Three layers are a good rule of thumb when it comes to winter wear. But you can use as many layers as you see fit. Many of our peeps use our fleece-lined bandanas as part of their cold defense when skiing or snowboarding. Our SubZeroMax Hoo-rags are just as versatile as our regular Hoos.

You can wear them as:

  • Face masks on the slopes
  • Neck gaiters to prevent frozen neck bones
  • Skull caps under helmets if you’re a serious shredder
  • Head wrap and balaclava masks keep your entire head warm
  • See all the ways to layer up with our fleece-lined bandanas here

One other thing to note on the outer layer is visibility. White is a bad color regardless of whether you’re hunting, snow tubing, or out for a snowy hike. You want your outer layer to be visible so you can be rescued easier. Anything can happen. “Like What” you may ask? Well, a rookie snowboarder could crash into you while you’re minding your own business – especially if you blend in with the powder!

Extremities of Winter Clothing

Don’t forget the little nooks and crannies of your body when it comes to wearing winter layers. Don’t be like the guy at the gym who focuses only on his torso. Awkward. You don’t wanna freeze your ears, legs, or fingers off focusing only on your upper body. 

You’ll want a quality pair of gloves to keep those digits from becoming popsicles you can’t move once the wind and snow turn ugly. A great pair of gloves not only keep your hands safe from frostbite, but they also allow you to use your fingers freely. Gloves you have to take off to unzip a jacket are not very handy.

Red nose nonsense. A frozen nose is no joke and icy ears are not funny either. These are crucial body parts – if you enjoy music and being able to smell fresh coffee on a cold morning. So be sure and wrap them up. Lucky for you our SubZeroMax fleece-lined Hoo-rag protects noses, necks, ears, and brains from Jack Frost. The microfiber polyester is moisture-wicking so neither sweat nor precipitation will get a chance to contact your skin.

And you’re going nowhere fast without your feet. Proper layers of footgear have saved many a toe over the centuries. Sweaty feet lead to misery once the cold air slips into your boots. So make sure you have socks made from material that won’t hold in the moisture. Cotton is notorious for getting soggy and that’s bad news in the wintertime. Wool is a great alternative for socks and waterproof boots are worth their weight in gold.

Winter Fun

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy winter as much as the warm seasons. All that’s needed is attention to detail. Always check the weather so you don’t end up the victim of a storm that sane people would ride out in front of a fire indoors. And utilize the best winter trick ever – layering for warmth.

The old saying is that you can always shed clothes if you wear too many layers. But you can’t put on winter clothes you didn’t bring with you. Makes sense to us. So grab your board, layer up, wrap that precious head in a SubZeroMax Hoo-rag and make friends with winter. The world out there is the same fun playground and doesn’t have to feel frigid if you use proper layers.

Customize for Winter Events

Our SubZeroMax is available to be customized and perfect for running, skiing, snowboarding or other winter events!  The soft inner fleece layer is black, and the outer polyester layer can be customized using your logo or event artwork.  For pricing and a timeline, contact our sales department at 888.831.9344 or submit a form here.

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