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Great Dermatology Promotional Items

7 Great Dermatology Promotional Items That Increase New Patient Registrations

The quest for new patients seems like a never-ending battle. For some dermatology clinics, they might have more patients than they can handle because they don’t have too much competition.

For other clinics, it might be a constant struggle to find and persuade someone to become a patient.

Often, clinics will use promotions.

Give discounts on services.

Offer a free session.

All good strategies. However, the challenge is often in the follow-up. How do you stay top of mind when most people are being bombarded by advertising 24 (sometimes 25… ) hours of the day? How do you break through their highly-developed mental barrier for ignoring most advertising?

People Forget Unless You Stay In Front Of Them

Sending out a promotional flyer in the mail can get you some leads. If you’ve got a great campaign, you’re sure to make some money off of this promotion. 

However, because we live in such a hectic world, chances are most people won’t remember you based on a single promotion.

Online ads (especially on social media channels) often get glazed over because people are searching for something specific and don’t want to be distracted by advertisements.

“Junk Mail” often finds its way into the trash because the average adult receives 5-10 pieces of junk mail per day! Most Americans sort their mail over the trash can…

It’s no wonder many clinics struggle to consistently find new patients.

If you can provide them with a value upfront, chances are they will start to trust you and be willing to swipe their credit card at your clinic.

One of the keys to great marketing is remaining in front of your prospects. They see your ads every day, or they read helpful articles from you every week. The problem is that it can become quite expensive…

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Promotional products for the healthcare industry have become a cost-effective way to stay in front of potential patients.

Top 7 Promotional Items For Dermatology Clinics That Won’t Be Thrown In The Trash

Let’s face it, people like receiving free stuff.

However, in order for a clinic to receive value from giving away free stuff… people need to remember you as the clinic that gave them that valuable item.

In order to create a profitable dermatology clinic promotional giveaway… the item needs to be used and relevant enough that your potential patients will remember you when they use it.

For dermatology clinics, we’ve compiled a list of 7 great health-related promotional items that potential patients will find useful and remember who gave it to them.

1) Acne Skincare Starter Pack

A whopping 60 million Americans suffer from acne, 20 percent of whom are adults. It’s no wonder that the acne drug market size was valued at USD 4.1 billion in 2017 and growing. People don’t want to walk around with zits on their faces!

Why not give people suffering from acne a skincare starter pack? Not only does this open up doors for future product purchases, but it also opens up for potential services provided by your clinic.

2) Mini Samples Of Skincare Products You Recommend (And Sell)

Similar to the acne starter kit, giving away free samples gives you a chance to educate (providing free value) your potential patients on the value of quality skincare products.

Often, over the counter products contain very low levels of active ingredients, and the quality of these products and knowledge-level of those selling them is less than ideal.

You can position yourself as an expert in solving their skin challenges.

3) Branded Carrying Bag

Giving your potential patients a useful carrying bag for their skincare supplies can make their lives a lot easier.

Often, people try to stuff all of their supplies into an old carrying bag… or they simply use a plastic bag.

When you provide them with a great carrying bag (with your logo on it), you keep yourself front and center whenever they reach for their skincare products.

4) Promotional Hot and Cold Pack

Few things in this world beat the feeling of a cold pack placed onto sunburnt skin.

Or relieving pain because of a particularly nasty skin disorder.

Just like with the carrying bag above, you can place your logo on each pack. When people reach for these comforting packs, they will naturally look at your logo when their pain lessens.

5) Branded Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

As you well know, some skin problems are caused by people constantly touching their face. Rubbing their dirty hands all over their nose and adding more fuel to their acne fire…

By giving them a simple hand sanitizer bottle (with your clinics’ name on it), you not only help them remember your clinic… you also support them in breaking bad habits that contribute to a skin disorder they’d love to get rid of.

6) Personalized Sun Safe Kit

The sun can be our best friend… and our worst enemy. I don’t have to tell you the value of protecting skin from UV rays, but a lot of people forget to put on sunscreen.

Giving them a branded UV protection kit brings them one step closer to becoming a patient of yours.

7) Flexible, Comfortable, Branded Bandanas To Protect Against UV Rays

Sunscreen is great for temporarily protecting the skin… but nothing beats blocking UV rays completely.

Of course, most people don’t want to hide in the shade all day. They want to feel the warmth of the sun on their faces. They want to walk around and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Why not give them that option while also protecting their skin with a customized bandana?

Hoo-Rags’ high-quality bandanas block UV rays from penetrating through to the skin while still making it easy to breathe through.

Comfortable For Your Patients And Easy To Customize For Your Clinic

Customizing your own bandana is as easy as filling out a short form. You can either select from our current designs (and add your logo to each rag) or discuss with us any designs you have in mind.

Once you’ve decided on which route you want to go, our manufacturing and design team will get to work on providing your clinic with your own branded bandanas.

Bandanas that work for many occasions. These are not just used for keeping your hair in place (or preventing the sun rays from bouncing off of bald people and blinding everyone around them)…

… they can be used to protect the back of people’s neck. 

Or placed over their face if sun rays are bouncing off of water (or bald heads…).

Flexible, comfortable, and highly useful.

The best part? People will remember you and each bandana purchased won’t break the bank.

Want To Chat With Us On Whether Our Hoo-Rags Will Be A Great Promotional Item For Your Dermatology Clinic?

We always enjoy talking to people interested in creating their own branded bandanas.

I’m sure you have questions and we’d be delighted to answer them all.

Click here to contact us!

The Hoo-Rag Team 

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