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3 Easy Ways To Stand Out On The Slopes

Winter is here! We’re sure we aren’t the only ones looking forward to hitting the slopes during time off. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports take skill, passion, and time. But with so many people looking forward to those same snowy slopes, how can we stand out?

Here, we describe three ways to stand out from the crowd when you’re caught in the winter holiday crowd: ability, attire, and attitude.


Everyone can tell when there’s a professional on the slopes. They’re fast, they’re confident, and they’re able to do all sorts of tricks! Ability is one way to make yourself known amongst all the snowboarders and skiers. 

Of course, it isn’t always easy to be the best. Most professionals have put a lot of time, energy, and even money into learning and conditioning themselves to do well. While some athletic ability comes naturally, no one gets good without falling down a few times. 

Most great athletes are also surrounded by a support system that encourages them to stick with what they’re doing and always improve themselves.

On the flip side, the really poor ability can also make you stand out. If you’re tumbling down a mountainside while others slide gracefully by, you’re certainly standing apart from the crowd. We don’t recommend standing out in this way, though ⁠— not having enough mastery of a skill or your equipment can be dangerous to both yourself and others.


You can also stick out on the slopes visually based on what you wear.

Are you out for longer than everyone else because of your warm, waterproof clothes? Do you look like a brightly⁠-colored blur as you fly by? 

Clothes can make or break your visibility, and in sports that require a lot of layers for warmth, you have a ton of opportunities to dress uniquely to stand apart from the crowd. Whether you’re staying warm in a balaclava or looking cool in a fleece facemask, you can search for custom or unique gear that shows off your personality and keeps you comfortable. This kind of attire could also help you stand out in photos, meet new friends, and feel more confident as you’re showered with compliments for your good planning or good taste. Your other gear can also help you stand out: not just what you’re wearing, but what you’re using.


While what you can do and what you can wear can help you stand out on the slopes, you can also stand out by how you make others feel. 

Cheesy or not, everybody loves encouragement and compliments. And no one likes someone who puts others down. If you stay kind and cheerful with those around you, you’ll be remembered for your positive attitude within the snow sports community.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable complimenting strangers. But your attitude can also be noteworthy for nonverbal acts. Do you help up the beginner when they wipe out? Smile at the lift operators? Move to one end of the table in the lodge when there aren’t enough seats to go around? Run after someone to return the mitten they left behind?

All of these simple acts of service contribute to the snow sports community being one that looks out for its members and encourages participation. And if you lead the charge, you’ll stand out as a bright point in many people’s days.

Standing Out And Stepping Up

The slopes can be crowded when everyone is excited about snow and sports, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. Your athletic skill (or lack thereof), the clothes you wear, and how you treat others can all mark you as a unique member of the skiing or snowboarding community.

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