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Yo Mama is So…

Hoo-rag Mother's Day Sale

Your Mama is So…Rad

Racking your brain trying to figure out what to get her for Mother’s Day? We got you covered – literally. Check out our Hoo-rag product – the Half Hoo Headband and make sure your mom has got it goin’ on this Mother’s Day. Read more about our awesome new headbands below! 

Introducing the Half Hoo!

We took our original Hoo-rag and downsized it! This new short and sweet Half Hoo is perfect for all you Hooligans who like to rock the rag primarily as a headband, alice rag, neck gaiter and/or pony tail holder.

The Half Hoo Headband is made of the same material as our original Hoo. The only difference is that it’s half the size! The Half Hoo is approximately 9.5″ x 9.5″.

We came up with this concept after one of our employees started cutting the regular Hoos in half to wear them more comfortably as headbands for her yoga class. Half Hoo Headbands are perfect for running, yoga, lifting – anytime you’re going to sweat! The Half Hoo stays in place and won’t slip or slide around as you get your groove on and it’s moisture- wicking material is sure to keep your pretty mug sweat-free!

Mom can wear them 4+ ways and during a variety of activities, plus they are headache-free, like all our comfortable Hoo-rags. She’ll be thrilled it’s something she’ll want to use, and not something that reminds her she’s a mom. Vacuum cleaners are likely to be tossed out through a window

Surprise Mom With Gifts

The perfect time to get your mama a gift is when she least expects it. If you’re the type that forgets her birthday, now’s your chance to make up for it. Just be sure she doesn’t go into shock when you finally prove to be a decent kid. 

So look on your calendar and pick out a day nowhere near a holiday. Not even National Curling Iron Day. How about flower art she can hang on the wall? And guess what, this type of flower never withers. Make yourself a note so there’s no chance of you forgetting this forever fresh gift. Because you know how you are – mama tried, so we can’t blame her!

If the lady who made your life possible isn’t into flowery art, cool. She may be the type who likes to sling a rod and reel. Moms are the best fishermen since studies show living right produces good luck. That’s not smart-bass joking or crappie science either. Just a fact.

The perfect gift for mom to stay cool and comfortable on a fishing or boating trip is a lady’s Hoo-rag bandana. This no-slip lightweight Hoo-rag is headache-free, unlike tight ball caps that hurt worse than childbirth. Not only will your mom be outfishing the fellas, she’ll avoid sunburn on her face, neck, and head. Because these colorful bandanas can be worn in various ways – alice rag, neck gaiter, or ponytail holder.

Mama May Need Rest

No question that moms work too hard. Heck, it probably took yours 14 hours just to push you out into the world. Way to go buddy! What those weary moms need is a break. And a good way to relax is with some entertainment.

  1. Pick her up some books – you do know her favorite author, right? She’s your mom!
  2. Ok, you don’t know. So send her a digital gift card for online books.
  3. If she has a poster of Kevin Costner in her room – let her crush on Yellowstone (DVDs or streaming).

Wait! Don’t dare suggest your mother is in need of rest if she’s the type that refers to the Energizer Bunny as a slacker. If she runs a half marathon to get warmed up for a hike, you better think harder. 

This type of go-getting girl may want a trip to an ATV park for an all-day ride with her family. Or sign her up for a couple of road races because they can get expensive. If she’s headed to the beach in the near future, why not set her up with paddleboard or surfing lessons?

These types of outdoor adventures can be a little dusty and get a lady sun-scorched. Some no-slip apparel with hardcore ultraviolet factor protection (UFP) is a must. This comfortable sports headband will keep sweat out of mama’s eyes, filter out dust, and block those UV rays. Yes, you’re not the only thing that causes wrinkles on that sweet lady. UV rays do real damage to the skin.

Simplify Mom Time

You don’t need to make gift-giving so complex that you give up and don’t get mom anything! That’s a good way to get orphanized, erased from a will, and get a look so dirty you need concentrated bleach.

Think about what she likes to do and give her a gift that makes it more fun or easier to enjoy. If she wants to spice up her running or walking game, we’ve got the spice! Check these no slip compression leg sleeves out. Her body will recover faster after a long day on the trail or after racking up yet another 5K medal with ultra-comfortable compression leg sleeves.

Now that we think about it, add this gift to your checklist. Why not join your miracle-working mother on a walk this week? Maybe sign up with her on the next charity run. You can’t do any better than that. Unless you can afford a new BMW – then pick her one of those up too.

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