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Yo Mama is So…

Hoo-rag Mother's Day Sale

Your Mama is So…

Is your mom super rad? Well then you’re probably racking your brain trying to figure out what to get her for Mother’s Day. We got you covered. Check out our brand new Hoo-rag product – the Half Hoo Headband and make sure your mom has got it goin’ on this Mother’s Day. Read more about our awesome new HALF HOOS below! 

Plus we’ve put all our Hoo Beanies for a limited time only! Valid while supplies last.

Place your order by 4/23 with free shipping to make sure you get it in time for Mom’s Day.

Half Hoo

Introducing the Half Hoo!

We took our original Hoo-rag and downsized it! This new short and sweet Half Hoo is perfect for all you Hooligans who like to rock the rag primarily as a headband, alice rag, neck gaiter and/or pony tail holder.

The Half Hoo Headband is made of the same material as our original Hoo. The only difference is that it’s half the size! The Half Hoo is approximately 9.5″ x 9.5″.

We came up with this concept after one of our employees started cutting the regular Hoos in half to wear them more comfortably as headbands for her yoga class. Half Hoo Headbands are perfect for running, yoga, lifting – anytime you’re going to sweat! The Half Hoo stays in place and won’t slip or slide around as you get your groove on and it’s moisture- wicking material is sure to keep your pretty mug sweat-free!

We’re introducing the Half Hoo at a special price so you can pick up a few for your Mom just in time for Mother’s Day. Half Hoos are on sale for $7.99 (full retail price is $9.99) for limited time only. Get your Mom rockin’ the rag!

Hoo Beanie Sale

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