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Showing all 20 results

Women's Neck Gaiters and Bandanas for Every Adventure

Hopefully your next adventure is right around the bend so be sure to take along the right gear which includes a women’s neck gaiter. It may not protect you from a mountain lion (not sure what will!) but our women's head bandanas will keep you cooler and block out UV rays. Hoo-rags are made with UPF30 sun protection and are as cool as the other side of the pillow. They protect your ears, neck, and face from the elements that can damage skin or just be annoying - like the wind!

Lots of female runners also love our ladies’ bandanas as headbands because they keep those earbuds and Airpods in place. And for really humid days or extreme exercise sessions, you can dip your gaiter in cold water for even more heat relief. A bandana that helps warm you up in winter and cools you off in summer is great but even better when you look at all the colors and patterns Hoo-rag has waiting for you. We may have to bring in an intern just to name them all - with lovely paisley patterns, patriotic designs, ocean-themed patterns, and many more.

Our popular solid colors include orange, teal, blue, gray, silver, gold, safety pink, etc. (24 total colors available). With so many different looks, our modern women’s hair bandanas will go great with your outfits and workout apparel. Look good, feel good, adventure good, knowing you have an attractive women’s neck gaiter that fits your style and provides comfort even when the weather is pretty uncomfortable. And no matter where you roam, don’t feed those mountain lions no matter how curious they appear!

Interested in Custom Bandanas for Women?

Where in the world could you use a discount on bulk orders of custom bandanas for women? Anywhere that awesome ladies show up for events like a 5k, 10k, or marathon. Not to mention clubs and teams. It’s cool to match the other team members or competitors at events, right? It gives people a sense of connection plus a keepsake for years to come. If you’re like most people you have an avalanche of t-shirts in your closet already. So why not change things up with personalized women’s bandanas this year for a fresh look and a functional piece of sports apparel? Your people will appreciate a Hoo-rag they can use long after the event is over because it’ll come in handy on regular runs, at the gym, and to block dust as a face mask for women.

That’s not all, your club/event/team will get a free promotion every time someone wears it outside of the event. T-shirts are yesterday’s news and don’t stand out since there are like 80 billion available on Etsy alone - wild guess! But stylish women’s bandanas get noticed because they are not “common.” Getting your group or event logo onto a Hoo-rag is quick and easy. Just go to our custom bandanas page and fill out the form. Our friendly designers are glad to chat with you about any questions to ensure you get exactly what you want. Get your custom bandana started today!<.p>