Mystery Hoo-rag Bandana

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That’s right! Buy the $9.00 Mystery Hoo-rag and we will send you a random bandana that is retired, overstocked,  misprinted, or being closed out. If you’re lucky you may even get a hot seller!  Order 1 or 5! It doesn’t matter to us, we will send you random inventory and you will be stoked to save big time!

This is a perfect option for someone wanting to test our product before becoming a Hoo-rag collector! Are you brave enough to get a $9.00 Mystery Hoo today?

PLEASE NOTE: Mystery rags are non-refundable and requests for specific designs are not allowed. You get what we send!

Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
Approx. 20” x 9.5”. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

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107 reviews for Mystery Hoo-rag Bandana

  1. Jessica Verified owner

    They’re ok I suppose and they’ll suffice but I won’t order again. To be honest I’m really displeased with the quality of them and I am mindblown at how highly rated these things are. Again, not terrible and I’ll use them but I certainly wouldn’t say they’re 5-star.

    As far as the mystery hoorag, I get it, it’s a “mystery” but my order was fairly neutral….I got some rainbow looking mystery hoorag 😑. Yea not my thing. It’s pretty damn ugly to be honest. I realize I’m out of $9 and that’s ok but I’m honestly considering shipping it back as I don’t have much use for it.

  2. Tim Boswell Verified owner

    This hoorag lets me enjoy my daily lifestyles again being i have somewhat developed a allergy to sunlight, due to medications and chemo. The kickass designs rock.

  3. Oscar Tovar Verified owner

    Nice Product good choice

  4. Allen Hebert Verified owner

    Fish! Really! I played “Tug of war” with the neighbors dog with it! He loves it though!

  5. Margaretanne Martinez Verified owner

    Got maroon sugar skulls against black. Not into them. Gave it to my daughter. She loves it. She gives it 5 stars.

  6. ECUEAGLE Verified owner

    Great bandana, I was a little worried at first that I would get one I wouldn’t like, but thought I would just give it to a friend if that was the case. Instead I got an awesome redfish print on a blue head band that my wife immediately took ownership of. She rocked it all weekend on our backpacking trip to Wheeler Peak, NM. She had just spent $20 on some supposedly superior competitors rag and quickly realized her mistake.

  7. Kimi Marcus Verified owner

    Totally awesome! I was not expecting to be happy but i am so pleasantly surprised!!
    The mystery is exactly what i would have chosen! I am buying extras to keep in my Jeep for people that ride with me! I will never leave Home without my HOORAG!!
    Thank you

  8. Cameron Verified owner

    I love the material it is extremely comfortable and cool. Now I won’t come back from fishing all day with a burnt to a crisp neck lol!!

  9. Kevin Verified owner

    Love the hoo-rag! Will definitely be ordering more!

  10. Caleb Verified owner

    I dislike clowns with a burning seething passion…. LOL. With that said, I have a friend who loves the story “It” and I was able to give this away. Great material and great feel, too bad my first hoo had to go away. Great Product.

  11. Josh Verified owner

    Thought it was a fun promotion, so I took advantage. The original purchase was a gift. Needless to say, when the snake print came, we both wanted it. I had to order another fun print so I could get the snake print for myself. Very pleased with my roll of the dice.

  12. C Hennecy Verified owner

    i mean it’s cool and all, but a map of Ft. Pierce? Really?

    I guess that’s what I should expect when someone randomly picks one.
    It made my order large enough for free shipping anyway.

    I’ll probably wear the other 4 and give this one to someone that doesn’t have a Hoo Rag.

  13. Taylor Verville Verified owner

    Perfect touch to top off my dad’s christmas gift!

  14. Al Hooligan Verified owner

    A bit of a surprise, but a mystery nonetheless! Yellow bandana with green and red stripes, giving it a rasta-mon sorta vibe. I DIG IT!

  15. Al Verified owner

    Mystery hoo-rag keeps everyone and anyone from recognizing who I am… another mystery! It’s the digital cammo and looks and fits as nicely as all of the others

  16. MeMe Verified owner

    I love my mystery Hoorag thank you guys so much. I ever found a 12th way to wear it so my locks are still showing

  17. Karl Verified owner

    Cool, comfortable and showed up quick. Mystery hoo-rag was a fun addition to the order and the Snakebit was a great surprise.

  18. Eva Bieszk Verified owner

    Love it!
    And a perfect fit!

  19. Ed D Verified owner

    HOO-RAH on the mystery Hoo-Rag!

  20. Lorri Quas Verified owner

    I wanted a red hoorag and the mystery hoo was red. Thanks for reading my mind! P.S. Love the hoorags I picked too!!

  21. Jeff Verified owner

    I got my mystery hoo in a timely manner and love it !!

  22. Gus Onebear Batista Verified owner

    I was very pleased and impressed when I received my mystery Hoo. A double whammy, I got my perfectly awesome New Reel Fish Hats in Bass and a Skull Hoo… You can’t beat the discount and you can’t go wrong with many different Hoo rags.. I make it a point to get a Mystery Hoo with other purchases. Again, it’s a win – win situation. Love the Hoo’s!

  23. Ro Verified owner

    Great mystery grab. Got the skull. Only drawback is unhemned edges, still good quality!

  24. Wade Robet Verified owner

    You should do this! What a deal. They aren’t unloading the stuff that doesn’t sell, they are sending good stuff! The skeleton is spooky!

  25. Michele Verified owner

    Surprise it is. The print was the American flag, and since I travel a lot on dive trips outside of the US, I won’t be wearing this hoorag on my trips. Still a nice hoorag to have as a backup

  26. Juan Rodríguez Verified owner

    I got the skull face mystery Hoo. Not a bad deal for the price. I can’t ride without a hoo-rag on. I really can’t wear it every way they show on the website &/or packaging (I got a big dome piece), but they do the trick. I Will definitely buy one again!

  27. Billy Verified owner

    Surprise, yes it was a surprise. Not what I would have picked but still gonna use it. No more 9 dollar surprises for this guy. With that being said, I still like hoo-rag and it’s products.

  28. Marvin Romano Verified owner

    It was an American Flag styled Hoo-rag this time. While the unfinished, hem-less edges are a bummer, this design is usable on the top of the head, unlike the Skull Daddy I purchased alongside this one.

    Release more designs for your Solartek Max, Hoo-rag!

  29. Bob Verified owner

    This was a blind grab bag buy.
    Very pleased with the price, color and as always low cost fast dhippong.

  30. John Heiligenthal Verified owner

    Mystery Hoo-rag $9 you can’t beat that! I received the skull daddy and was very happy with the shipping and quality of everything! This is my 1st hoo-rag and I will be ordering more! I use it for hunting, fishing and YARD WORK! Great in all situations and easy to use!

  31. Andrew Verified owner

    I used it to keep the sun off of my neck while fishing the surf and it performed extremely well.

  32. The Dursch Verified owner

    MURICA……Enough said, thanks mystery hoo!!!

  33. Chris O Verified owner

    It’s a Hoo-rag and it was $9, that’s the positive. It’s the Skull Daddy so it will probably be re-gifted. It’s not something I would have purchased or wear for any of my activities. Would I do this again, maybe, but if I got another skull, that would be the end of mystery Hoo or me.

  34. B. Crosby Verified owner

    The mystery Hoo-rag was perfect for me. A feminine one–light blue and yellow paisley! I wore it most of the 12 hour fishing trip in the Atlantic. Face and lips did not sustain wind or sun damage where it covered. Very pleased and it was comfortable.

  35. Hoo-Raged Verified owner

    Antique American Flag for the mystery rag.
    Will be wearing it every fishing trip and can’t wait to go start the season.
    Specs, Reds and Flounders here I come.

  36. Gabriel madrid Verified owner

    Got the american flag mystery hoo doesn’t get better than that

  37. Jacob Verified owner

    Decided to add this on to the end of my order and received one of the skull hoos. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and I’ll definitely get a mystery hoo for my next order!

  38. Andres R. Verified owner

    Keep me fresh! , great product!

  39. Ashley

    I received an American flag hoorag. I am not too picky about the pattern because I mostly wear under my bike helmet and I had a little fun rolling the dice to see what I would receive. I honestly find the full hoorag a little tight for my ears (granted I wear mine folded like a head band so it’s a lot of fabric ) and I prefer the 1/2 size; but that’s just me. I like the company and I like the quality of these bands otherwise.

  40. M G L

    Ordered the Mystery Hoo-Rag as I was wondering about sizing — most one size fits all options don’t fit me, or not well.

    For me, it’s skin tight, even on the neck, I had been hoping it would be a little more loose; can’t complain at the price, it was a great way to try the product out, but it simply fits too tightly for me to justify spending the full retail on one.

    I may order another that is heavily discounted but I would prefer them to be larger (and I realize I’m in the minority).

  41. J. Bergelin Verified owner

    First time I’ve ordered. Purchased 2 mystery hoos & received free Santa hoo. Very happy with them.

  42. Brad Lewis Verified owner

    Second time I’ve ordered the mystery hoo. I usually add it on to my order of another that I really want. Can’t go wrong for nine bucks. I use my hoos mostly for fishing but have recently started using for cold weather. They are surprisingly warm. Great product. Will be back again.

  43. L. Hernandez Verified owner

    I was prepared to get a really weird, off the wall Hoo-Rag, but was very pleased with the one I received. I purchased this surprise as a stocking stuffer. 😉

  44. Mike Verified owner

    Great company. 2nd time I went with the MYSTERY HOO. This time I ordered two and got 4, all were great. Thank you.

  45. Jill Linn Verified owner

    I’m in LOVE!!! I have a big forehead and a lot of hair and this is the ONLY product that has stayed on my head without moving ALL day. I have tried several different headbands is all sizes and this is the only one that worked. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, I’m sold!

  46. Lura Verified owner

    LOVE MY HOO-RAG. Bright colors, plan on buying a coupe more and give for christmas gifts. Perfect for your favorite fisherman.

  47. Margarito Grimaldo Verified owner

    Bought two of the mystery hoo rags and I loved them. They’re absolutely comfortable and their quality is amazing. I’ll be buying more.

  48. Sherry S Verified owner

    Loved it!

  49. Yolanda D Hudson Verified owner

    I like it and the color was pretty. I needed something and this works well. Thanks

  50. Eric G Verified owner

    Have gotten these kinds of products from a different company, but a friend convinced me to try Hoo-Rag out. I love the quality, and was surprised with getting two pretty good random ones. I’d say it’s a good deal.

  51. mike hanson Verified owner

    Way too small…for my head…

  52. Angel Hernandez Verified owner

    Quick delivery of product. Works ok and fits at size. The material itself is a little rough, itchy feeling if not used to wearing. It does do what its meant to which is to protect from sun burn.

  53. Thomas Tyson

    Got my mystery hoo – rag. Got a cheep o d green tube that I would not let my dog be seen in.

    • Customer Service Verified owner

      It looks like the Mystery Hoo Gods were not at your favor that day! Although you did not like the pattern you received we hope you liked the product itself.

      – Erika

  54. Leigh

    I love it!! I got black with skulls! Perfect on the motorcycle!

  55. Jason Isaacs Verified owner

    Received a dark grey Hoo within a couple of days. Wear it on the Harley when I ride to work in the morning or at night to keep road grime and bugs out of my face!

  56. Mike Burch Verified owner

    Got my mystery hoo-rag in just 3 days…and I absolutely love it! The fact that it’s camo is even better, now those hogs and deer will have a tougher time seeing me! My wife thinks is so cool that she’s ordering a mystery as well…hope she gets a manly one so I can have it 😉

  57. Robert Snyder Verified owner

    Arrived in just a few days . Nice quality, comfortable, what more could you ask for!

  58. Brett Beltrami Verified owner

    Very cool. Nothing better than looking and feeling good ,
    Except a surprise!

  59. Robert Bean Verified owner

    I was a bit nervous about the mystery hoo at first, but I love the one I got! Just go for it! That’s the hooligan way.

  60. Danny Valdez Verified owner

    Got a mystery Hoo, was just thinking about get the Old Glory, but took my chances with the Mystery Hoo and I got Old Glory, what are the chances of getting the one you wanted anyways, Love it , thank you guys, appreciate it, keep up the great work guys.

  61. Jerry Verified owner

    ordered 4 mystery hoo-rags……all are very good quality….didn’t care for 2 of the colors but that’s the chance you take when ordering the mystery rags…….overall very satisfied with my purchace.

  62. Avery Verified owner

    After receiving my first one and loving it, I ordered another mystery and got the Bass Real Foto and I love it also. As always super fast ordering and delivery.

  63. Avery Verified owner

    Got the Mystery Hoo and love the design I got. I received the Full Throttle (White), which doesn’t appear to be available anymore so I am very happy.

  64. Robin Verified owner


  65. Tracy Cherf Verified owner

    Mystery Hoo’s are a fun buy, so far been happy with all of them that I have gotten. and I have to say this company has wonderful customer Service. I had an issue with an order and it was taken care of ASAP so happy I have this company to buy wonderful products from.

  66. Jason Billingsley Verified owner

    Got a great American Flag mystery Hoo, love it! Thanks for the great service, I just ordered more.

  67. Nik Roos Verified owner

    Loved it! Got a hoo-toon mask and its awesome! Puts a smile on everyone’s face including mine

  68. diana Verified owner

    Loved the mystery hoorag, my boyfriend was so excited what we had gotten. Great price and quality

  69. Tami Verified owner

    Just the whole surprise aspect of these is the best! I love a good shocker, got a fun one this time! Thanks for the surprises!

  70. K_Wood Verified owner

    Love the mystery hoos. It’s always exciting to see what will arrive.

  71. Robert Verified owner

    Got the mystery rag….will be a gift….

  72. Dave Verified owner

    I got a pretty cool one , a clown . Keeps my in law away as she hates clowns , she didn’t like me because I act like a clown . Now it proves it , SCORE !

  73. Mark Verified owner

    I bought it as a gift for my brother and he loved the surprise hoorag.

  74. Roger Pratt Verified owner

    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!! Wish I had it 3 weeks ago when I burned my ears and nose fishing. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

  75. steve brady

    i really like mine would have preferred camo but facemask cool too Hoorag is excactly how its desribed and works great i really like the way the fabric is blended been wearing dewrags most of my adult life,and their rough and stiff,the Hoorag on the other hand because of its unique blend is soft and absorbent i am now making a permanent switch,ill be back for more

  76. Kerry Verified owner

    Loved it! So much fun to get a surprise!

  77. Andrew Nixon

    I like the products quality. I was a little sad with how feminine my random was but that’s how it goes with getting the random one lol. Definitely want another one or two in the future

  78. Kyle Hudson Verified owner

    So far on my first gamble I have struck gold! Being a cop I find it Ironic I wound up with the black and grey American Flag. I think I’ll keep trying my luck here.

  79. Lee Verified owner

    I have ordered about 6 of the mystery rags so far and everyone has been great!!!! I’m obsessed with them. I wear them pretty much all the time.They came in perfect fashion and have been washed a few times as well. Still in perfect condition. And since I have ordered so many you would think I have recieved duplicates but not a one so far. I have even given 2 as gifts as well. I plan on cotinuing my obsession with these amazing rags!

  80. Shawn Verified owner

    Awesome prices and awesome products! Can’t beat the deal of the mystery hoo. If you don’t care about whats on it then it’s the way to go!

  81. Dustin Verified owner

    Perfect if you don’t care what the design is and just want an extra one around to throw in your car or backpack. If you don’t like the design, you can always turn it inside out or just use it as a headband instead.

  82. Kristy

    It’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen but hey, that’s what I get for leaving it to the mystery hoo-gods. I mean…still 5 stars for the product. I’m just saying. It’s real ugly.

    • Customer Service

      We are glad that the product got 5 stars. We apologize that you are not happy with the design you received. It looks like the gods did not favor you that day. 🙂 We hope that you can find something in our other designs that fits you better.

  83. Herbart Verified owner

    I got the mystery hoorag, and I have to say thank you for not sending something girly. It has a skeleton face on black , which is cool. I used it on a mountain biking trip to NC. It did it’s job well, and I’m still using it as a headband underneath my helmet. Unfortunately, after a couple of washes, the colors started to fade. The price was good, but I wished I would have paid the extra money, and just gotten a solid lighter color, so the fading wouldn’t be so noticeable.

  84. Mike M. Verified owner

    I ordered two of the mystery Hoos and both were awesome designs and they work great. I love them for the windy days out on the water in spring and now fall. It really comes in handy when you don’t want your lips getting chapped or the awkward sunburn on one side of your face from fishing a shoreline all day. Nice and light, great product.

  85. Jacob Verified owner

    I am Hoo-rag crazy! Ordering a couple of these is for the people who love surprises. I got three awesome Hoo’s, and I’d highly recommend this to anyone feeling spontaneous. Worth it!!

  86. Michael Krischak Verified owner

    Really love it so does my daughter I can’t get it away it looks great on her too.

  87. Nigrelli Verified owner

    Use my Hoorag for hiking dusty trails as a mask and during hot yoga as a sweat band. Looks cool and works as advertised. I would recommend.

  88. Jay Verified owner

    A great product. Took a chance in getting it. It was worth it, the price and quality.

  89. Jason A Verified owner

    When placing my order, I was concerned that I would receive Hoo-Rags that were for a dog, or one that I would have to give away if I didn’t like it. I was pleasantly surprised upon receipt that the Hoo-Rags delivered were similiar to others that I had ordered, and one was an attractive solid cover. For the price, I would definately take the chance on ordering these again. I’m very happy with the versatility of this product, and the protection from the elements is a plus. Shipping was fast and free, and you can’t beat that.

  90. Coltor Verified owner

    Wasn’t my favorite patter but hey, what can I say for the price? Worth the money and as others have stated, great for gifts. Just a great product overall.

  91. Blake Verified owner

    The three I ordered I ordered I was very pleased with and will be getting a few more very soon.

  92. Kaitlyn deardorff

    Love the mystery ones. I’m going to keep doing this till I got all of them. They are great for everything!

  93. Kym Adams Verified owner

    Got the Hoo-rag fir a gift to my son. Let just say he love it! Hasn’t taken it off yet! I will be purchasing more for sure! Another plus, super fast shipping! Thank you!

  94. The Raiderman Verified owner

    What a great product. I like all the ones I bought, and the mystery one is a great buy, and will make a good gift. Thanks guys and gals!


  95. David from La Crosse Wi

    Seemed a little spendy for what it was, however having used it it is well worth the price.
    My lake home has those little nasty gnats like crazy some times I spray this thing with bug juice and slide it up my face like a bandit.
    I could care less what it looks like so the mystery deal works for me.
    My bass boat has a “go to box” pliers, line cutters, towel, the usual, one of these is always in that box.
    Kinda balked at the price but now if I lost them I would have to replace.

  96. Brian Verified owner

    I was like Myster Hoo, what a concept !!! I loved the product color and as always hoo-rags are well made. I do feel lucky and will purchase another Mystery Hoo in the future. Great for fishing, hiking and biking.
    Rock the Rag!

  97. B reef Verified owner

    Great if you think about needing two and love surprises ! Very satisfied! Thankyou!

  98. Ashley Verified owner

    I took a chance on the mystery hoorag, and I was so happy with it. Works great when I am fishing, or just to keep the hair out of my face. I love it, definitely will buy more in the future.

  99. Ek Capt JJ Verified owner

    Surprise Mystery Hoo! Best deal going!
    Rock the Rag!

  100. 3K3 Verified owner

    I enjoy it and so far, I have been getting some good ones that I really like. For sure, this is a good way to get a Hoo-rag, when you can’t choose which one to get.
    And just like it said, it is a mystery one; so what ever one you get…it’ll be a mystery until it arrives at your doorstep and you open the package to see what’s inside.

  101. William Verified owner

    Awesome products good quality, comfortable, and let’s you stay cool. 10/10 would wear

  102. Eric Verified owner

    Do you feel lucky is the question. Yes I did. Not only one time but two times. Pleased with the randomly selected products I have received. Work great for walking the dogs in the winter to keep face warm and dry.

  103. 757_fish Verified owner

    Take a chance. This is a killer opportunity to score a quality Hoorag for a killer price. I was quite pleased with the mystery Hoorag I got. Don’t be afraid to gamble!


  104. Tracy Verified owner

    I love Hoo-rags! I just took a gamble because the price was right. Patterns were not to my liking but I keep them on hand for gifts. This makes the Mystery Hoo totally worth it (I will be buying more).

  105. Modesto Verified owner

    You can’t get a better deal for what you pay. If you don’t have any preferences on patterns this is the one for you. Myself and my daughter love our hoorags.

  106. Robert Verified owner

    very low quality product, it came to me with both ends frayed. Extremely thin material too, would not buy again.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Robert,

      The ends are left unsewn to allow the product to stretch and twist. If they were hemmed or sewn, you would not be able to wear it 8+ ways. We keep the material thin on purpose to allow it to ‘breathe’ easier and to wick away sweat. With that being said, should you not like the product you can return it within 30 days for a refund. Please contact us via our Contact page and we’ll get you the return information. Thanks for the feedback!

  107. Banjo Verified owner

    If you really need a couple of Hoo-Rags the price is pretty hard to beat. Out of the four mystery Hoo’s I got a decent variety and some pretty cool looking ones. Definitely worth a bit of gambling if you’re not particular about patterns.

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