Headed For Adventure


  • Bliss. One word to describe that feeling when you get just the right accessory or piece of clothing to complete the look you’re going for.  And for those into the boho chic look, this design is for you! Grab this today and show us how this bohemian design inspired you! Half Hoos are perfect for […]

  • Intricate, abstract patterns made from the colors of sea glass, the Mar Bella is a lovely, Moroccan inspired design with strong Mediterranian vibes. Wear the Mar Bella Half Hoo Headband whenever you crave the waves. Half Hoos are perfect for all you Hooligans who like to rock the rag primarily as a headband, Alice rag, neck […]

  • Black and paisley go together like Bonnie and Clyde. If you’re thinking about robbing a bank or harassing some train passengers, pick up one of these! NOTE: Hoo-rag does not approve of robbing banks, harassing train passengers or any other illegal shenanigans. DUH. Half Hoos are perfect for all you Hooligans who like to rock […]

  • Our new Racy Lacey Half Hoo Headband boasts intricate swirls and patterns indicative of lace on a black background. This bold, yet feminine design is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Half Hoos are perfect for all you Hooligans who like to rock the rag primarily as a headband, Alice rag, neck gaiter and/or pony tail […]

  • This design reminds us of the beautiful colors you see on the water at sunset.  Golden shimmers on waves of blue with pinks and oranges lighting up the sky.  We’re certain that this headband will become of our your favorites, and will make a great accessory to anything you wear.  Us? We’re thinking denim and a […]

  • The Wynwood Art District in South Florida is a place where walls and buildings have become a canvas for the most talented street artists. Full of bright colors and symmetrical lines like many of the murals there, the Wynwood Half Hoo Headband is one you’ll want to add to your own collection. Half Hoos are perfect for all you Hooligans […]

  • Just as incredible as our full size Digital Camos – just half the size!  Half Hoo Headbands are great for running, hiking, yoga or any other type of fitness activity you enjoy.  Available now in several color options such as blue, orange and even mahi! Half Hoos are perfect for all you Hooligans who like […]

  • Picture this – it’s the perfect summer day, you’ve got a cool glass of lemonade and the breeze blowing thru your hair. But while you may think that windblown hair takes you to supermodel status – that is rarely the case. Tame your wild mane with the Summer Hummer Half Hoo. Half Hoos are perfect […]


I keep a Hoo in my car and purse and have used it as an emergency pony tail holder more than once! Much easier on your hair than a rubber band but still keeps it all in place. Erika F.

My hair is really thick and curly and traditional hair ties always end up either too tight or too loose. I used my Hoo-rag one day when there was nothing else on hand and now I’m hooked! It’s my new go-to pony tail tie! Ashley M.

I’ll use it like an elastic and throw my hair up during a quick yoga session when I don’t want the kinks in my hair from an elastic band. Hoo-rag is definitely the most versatile piece of fabric I own. Heidi W.

I love my Hoo-rag! Cute and very versatile! Great as a headband and ponytail holder without slipping or falling. Crystal


Anyone with long hair knows how annoying it can be when you want to pull your hair back but can’t find one of your hundreds of hair ties for the life of you (where do those things go!?). To Rock the Rag as a Pony Tail Holder … well do we really need to explain? In case we do – start of by bunching your Hoo together and then wrap it around your pony! Watch the video to see it in action.