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Showing all 18 results

High-Quality, Breathable Kids Neck Gaiters & Bandanas

Our bandana store is slap full of dazzling designs for kids who love getting back to nature. You won’t have to convince them to wear our stylish kids neck gaiters because they’ll be giddy over shark themes and freshwater fishing patterns that prevent sunburn on the water. Boys and girls will love being outside with the family more because they’re comfortable and not hammered by the elements. A children’s bandana that protects children from the neck to the top of their head is your secret weapon as a parent. And, yes, you must accept their style - your cool-factor is waning and theirs is peaking!

Youngsters glued to the couch don’t need UV protection - they need fresh air and sunlight! Research shows sunlight improves mood and provides a healthy dose of vitamin-D. Studies also show too much sun can be deadly over time with skin cancer risks. So there is a balance, and with the best outdoor clothing for kids made with UPF materials, your child has the perfect sun protection.

As for other elements that make outdoor adventures challenging, a kids neck gaiter is a great defense for those too. Wind can make camping or fishing miserable, especially in extreme temperatures. Bugs are known to tote toddlers off in some mosquito-filled regions! These two terrible elements can be erased with a 100% polyester microfiber bandana though. No buzzing pests will get near the kiddos’ ears again and wind chills will lessen with their Hoo-rags’ ability to hold body heat in. These versatile kid neck gaiters provide creative face protection!

Need a Custom Order for School or Club Events?

Kid bandanas are great for one child so they are fantastic for a herd of youngsters. These herds tend to roam near schools, clubs, and teams - unruly habitats indeed!. Lucky for you, Hoo-rag designs amazing custom kids neck gaiters for these large groups and offers discounts on bulk orders. Having a hand in the design process is great when you’re needing UPF 30+ headbands, beanies, or our breathable neck gaiters. Simply upload your design then we start creating them. And for more complex logos and prints, our designers are happy to discuss details for your custom kids bandana idea - which is no doubt ingenious!

The cool thing about Hoo-rags is that they can be utilized in most any kid activity. Whether you need bandanas for girls or bandanas for boys, they can use them as headbands for running cross-country, or sweat-wicking wristbands when playing soccer. Research shows sweat occurs in 117% of youth sports! Other kiddos go with the beanie style for football helmets to prevent their hair from resembling a madman. Regardless of how your group of kids use their custom bandanas, the entire team will look awesome (“be fire” in kid-speak).

Look good, feel good, play good - we’d love to take credit for that quote! We will take credit for the awesome kids bandanas that make it happen though.