Is this for real? Am I being punk’d? Could this really be this great and so inexpensive? This is the best thing I have ever spent less than $20 on! I love this half a Hoo Rag! I run, rollerblade (yes, we still do that), go to an endless number of baseball games and go to hot yoga and this is the only thing that holds my insanely wild, naturally curly, long hair in place. And not only does it do what I need it to, it’s so stylish and cute. YogaMom

I love this Hoo! I’m always using it as a headband. It is so much more comfortable than a regular old elastic headband. The material keeps you cool and wicks away the sweat instead of locking it in. It’s soft and light, but does a great job blocking out the sun whether you’re playing on the beach or out on the boat fishing for the big one. Lou

The perfect head band! The width makes it perfect to hide and contain all of my baby hairs meaning that I don’t need to use hairspray. It has the correct thickness and tension mix so it does not bunch, say or slide even when doing hard workouts. I wear it to the gym, running, out on errands and under my bike helmet. The material is soft but durable. The pattern is darling! Will purchase more in the future. Eric


To Rock the Rag as a Headband you probably don’t need an explanation. This is one headband that stays in place and won’t slip or slide around as you get your groove on. The moisture-wicking material is specifically designed to keep you sweat-free with just enough stretch to fit comfortably on almost everyone! This style is perfect for keeping hair and sweat out of your face. Need to see it just because? Watch the video.