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Showing all 48 results

Solid Color Neck Gaiters Make Great Accessories!

We all need them. Sometimes we’re wearing a fun printed button up shirt, or a flowery skirt, and all we need is a solid color accessory. Our neck gaiters can be worn as face masks, alice rags, headbands, ponytail holders and more! They also come in over 24 colors – plenty to choose from when you have a print you need to match. Whether you’re wearing black, navy blue, cherry red or tangerine orange, the Hoo-rag Solid Color collection has something for you.

High Quality Solid Colored Neck Gaiters

We make our solid color bandanas to block dust and pollen while being super-breathable. Our 100% polyester microfiber makes every Hoo-rag light, quick to dry, and adjustable to shape in any way you like. There are 12+ ways to wear our bandanas such as - a face covering, headband, balaclava, etc. Choosing how you want to wear your Hoo depends on your environment and activity. Hot conditions mean you need the moisture-wicking power for your head, while cold conditions call for switching to the neck gaiter style to keep heat in. No shade around on a fishing trip? Then the balaclava look or the doo-rag is great for preventing sun damage!

Design Your Own Solid Color Neck Gaiters / Bandanas!

You already know how great our products are – but did you know you can customize them? We can take any solid color you’re looking for, add a bit of texture to ensure a great print, and overlay it with your company logo, event artwork or personal text to create a unique design just for you. Personalized neck gaiters make great company gifts and are a unique way to promote your organization. We’ve printed over 2 million custom neck gaiters for companies such as Netflix, Google, T-Mobile, etc. So jump on your design and get started on our custom design page!