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Showing all 12 results

High-Quality Mossy Oak Bandanas for Serious Hunters

Some things go naturally with hunting - like waterproof boots, a good dog, and a Mossy Oak bandana to fight off mosquitos, flies, and dips in the temps. Hunters that take their sport seriously can’t trust just any ole brand to keep them camouflaged when they’re in the woods as much as on the job. That’s why deer, duck, and elk hunters trust Mossy Oak, because the quality can’t be beat.

At Hoo-rag we believe in providing high-quality Bottomland face masks and gaiters, knowing sportsmen especially expect it on Mossy Oak bandanas. We know it’s crucial to keep you guys hidden on the dove fields and tree stands with a wide variety of camo patterns. We know you also expect us to make sure the bandanas and neck gaiters last year after year. We are outdoor folks too and know how rough we are on apparel ourselves. So we make it a point to provide rugged Mossy Oak Obsession masks to rugged hunters.

All of our versatile bandanas are lightweight and wick away moisture which is helpful because hunting can be sweaty and a few unlucky guys seem to get rained on a bunch! Not only that, you don’t want to stink up the forest so we use antibacterial material in our Mossy Oak winter camo to keep things fresh. Plus, Hoo-rags dry quickly after you finally take a break from stalking monster bucks and toss them in the wash. Our Mossy Oak bandanas also come with a bonus warm-up option when you choose one with added fleece for the neck area. If you’ve been hunting for that extra bit of element protection while hunting in warm bug-infested weather or cold hard winter time, you just found it.

Need a Custom Order for School or Club Events?

If you’re in a hunting club it’s always cool to rep your crew with a logo on hats and shirts, but don’t forget about custom face masks. A cap is nice to keep the sun out of your eyes but a camo Hoo-rag neck gaiter with UPF 30+ protection blocks those wrinkle-causing UV rays. Avoiding sun damage should help you land on the cover of GQ or Field & Stream! And we know t-shirts are the norm for lots of hunting / fishing clubs or events. But how many shirts can one closet hold before the inevitable happens… you become a hunting hoarder. Why not change things up and get a unique face mask that’s effective fighting the elements and helps you show off your club’s unique style? Who can see a custom hunting t-shirt under all those winter clothes anyway?

We’ve printed custom camo face masks for flocks of customers over the years and they are always on target. They look cool and are great for keeping your neck and ears from getting cold while hunting. Plus, hunters can use these polyester microfiber face masks at home to keep dust out of their face and nose when working on those chores they avoided during hunting season. Hey, head over to our custom face mask page and send us your logo or design idea.