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Choose from our best-selling flag options and turn it into a SubZero!  SubZero Hoo-rags have 8 inches of soft polar fleece sewn to the bottom. Get the added warmth to the element protection already provided.  This helps you get through a chilly fall and frosty winter season.  Just select from the listed products and we’ll upgrade it for you.  Please add 1-2 days of preparation time to this order as we are making and sewing it just for you!

Product Specs: Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber and soft microfiber fleece. Approx. 19” x 9.5” with additional 8” of fleece. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.


7 reviews for Select Your SubZero – Flag Face Masks

  1. D Wesley Hales Verified owner

    This would be five-star if there weren’t all the flags. Some of us would like to see at least some made without all the flags.

    The concept is very well executed as a garment, but again, all the fflags!

    Not really wanting skulls, either. Me, I favor nice, quiet earth colors, or if you simply must, camo.

    The reply to another review on the same theme suggests there are other options. If so, perhaps the web site could make these other options much easier to find?

  2. Peter

    One star for all the flags. 5 stars for the actual thing itself. (I’m happy to change my rating when the other options arrive.)

    Question: Can we get these without all the pseudo-patria crap on them… in a simple black or grey or a quiet green, or if you simply MUST “design,” a nice camo?

    (If you have to wear it on your sleeve (or your head), do you really believe it?)

    • Veronica H

      Hi there and thanks for the feedback! We do offer another “Select Your Own” option where you can choose from 10 of our Skull Face Masks, and we also offer some alternate options on our Sub Zero page. Those options include camos, paisleys, and tactical options. You certainly are not restricted to these particular flags. Let us know if you have any other suggestions and we’ll make sure to let the design team know!

  3. Ilan

    My favorite

  4. Michael O Verified owner

    I love how insulating, yet comfortable the SubZeto product is. It is less bulky, but more functional and as effective as other alternatives. Would absolutely consider purchasing more of these!

  5. Suzanne Verified owner

    Bought one for my fiancé. He works outside and it is perfect!

  6. Elizabeth Robinson

    Bought 3 recently and LOVE them!!

  7. Jeff Campo Verified owner

    Extra added feature to a already great item! Super fast shipping!!! I have several others, this is my first “sub zero” hoo rag….outstanding!

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