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We took the original Hoo-rag and added eight inches of warm polar fleece to create the Sub Zero Hoo-rag. With 10+ ways to wear, the Sub Zero cold weather face mask is the perfect headwear to keep you warm and dry cruising down the slopes, on ice fishing excursions and during long hikes in biting winds. The original polyester microfiber Hoo-rag with the added fleece will keep you protected from the sun and wind all season!

Sub Zeros can be worn just like a regular Hoo-rag as a face mask, neck gaiter, scarf, beanie, hat/helmet liner and more. Super soft and warm. Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber and soft microfiber fleece. Approx. 20” x 9.5” with additional 8” of fleece. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

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9 reviews for What the Hex Winter Fleece Face Mask

  1. Ryan Patrick Verified owner

    I love my hoorags, they keep me protected from the harsh elements while I’m out on the lake

  2. Frankie Solano Verified owner

    Saw my Boss at work wearing this, asked him WTH IS THAT?? He had to say it a few times but it finally came out, it’s a HOORAG! I purchased the shown here. The BEST purchase I’ve made. Very versatile with my hair style (top knot with sides shaved to the skin all around) Keeps my ears and sides of my head very warm. Also use it as a Beenie or the gater style. My son just ordered one for himself. Thank you!

  3. Nathan Verified owner

    My first Sub-Zero Hoo Rag, it’s going to be great for my winter runs in Michigan.

  4. Jason Gautier Verified owner

    Great great product, my boys love them!

  5. Randy Combs Verified owner

    Hoo-rag quality is great! I wear my Hoo-Rags year round so these Sub Zero ones are will be great for cold weather. Also I love the great service and fast shipping.

  6. Chad Verified owner

    Very comfortable! Awesome design and great for those cold days. I started to sweat when the sun came out so this is definitely made for winter weather. I’m from Michigan so one second its hot and the next its below zero. Happy with the other hoo-rags I’ve purchased as well.

  7. Hans Verified owner

    Perfect layer for those cold vermont days. Breathable enough to not be gasping for air (as opposed to a scarf or something) but solid enough to not let wind just fly threw there. The design is killer and the fabric itself is super comfortable. I find myself wearing it 24/7 even when im inside cause I like pretending im a turtle…
    P.S. Haven’t taken it to the mountain yet since I got it (boarder), but that’s cause we haven’t gotten nearly enough snow recently and its all icy-dicey. Can’t wait to try it out there though.

  8. Keri Verified owner

    Highly recommend this! The fleece at the neck keep you warm and comfortable with the patterned portion keeps your face protected from the elements. My 16 year-old borrowed it and plans on keeping it as it also looked “cool.” Must buy another!

  9. Dave Verified owner

    Single digit temps? No problem! This Hoo-Rag covered my neck and face 100%
    and felt comfortable as well.

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