Thin Blue Line Winter Fleece Face Mask

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We took the Thin Blue Line Hoo-rag and added eight inches of fleece to create the Sub Zero Hoo-rag. With 10+ ways to wear, the Thin Blue Line cold weather face mask is the perfect headwear to keep you warm and dry cruising down the slopes, on ice fishing excursions and during long hikes in biting winds. The original polyester microfiber Hoo-rag with the added fleece will keep you protected from the sun and wind all season!

Sub Zeros can be worn just like a regular Hoo-rag as a face mask, neck gaiter, scarf, beanie, hat/helmet liner and more. Super soft and warm. Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber and soft microfiber fleece. Approx. 20” x 9.5” with additional 8” of fleece. One size fits

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13 reviews for Thin Blue Line Winter Fleece Face Mask

  1. maildbe Verified owner

    I wear the subzero as a balaclava so the polar fleece is tucked into my collar and the rest of the hoo is stretched over my head and half my face. They kept me warm on my daily winter rides in Chicago so I bought three more this year. It’s fun to change up the designs. The beanie fold makes a good winter cap so I wear the hoorag when I am not on my bike too.

  2. stacey anderson

    GREAT! Purchased for my son and he absolutely loves the sub zero, going to be great for those cold day rides…..

  3. Danielle Verified owner

    I love my thin blue line sub zero hoo rag! This is my first one but I will be getting more for sure! I love that it keeps my face warm even though the material is so thin! Being so thin it allows me to breath when I go running in the cold. Awesome stuff! Thank you!

  4. Dyan Diven Verified owner

    AWESOME product! Since the weather here has become cold, I used it and it REALLY kept me warm! LOVE it! Don’t hesitate, BUY one! You will not regret it!

  5. Randy Combs Verified owner

    Hoo-rag quality is great! I wear my Hoo-Rags year round so these Sub Zero ones are will be great for cold weather. Also I love the great service and fast shipping.

  6. Kyle Schilling Verified owner

    Absolutely amazing! Everyone seems to love it and it shows my active support for the men in blue. It is also warm and can be used in many different situations.

  7. Cyncere Verified owner

    I love my Hoo-Rag, my colleagues have asked me where they can get one from. I’ll be purchasing others once hunting season comes back around. Additionally, the customer service here is excellent!!!

  8. Bill Verified owner

    Great product. Looks awesome, feels awesome and does a great job of keeping my head warm.

  9. Nate M Verified owner

    Great product! Keeps my face, neck, head warm like no other winter accessory ive ever purchased plus it looks bad a$$

  10. Jozette Verified owner

    Absolutely love all your products. Bought this style, and another subzero, for my boys for Christmas. They are just as described. Perfect for outdoor, low temp, activities. In fact, my step son wears his on duty as a police officer during our bitterly cold winters.

  11. Alicia Verified owner

    Easy to breathe through and warm on the neck, hard combo to find. Love it

  12. Joe z Verified owner

    I love this thing. Had it on with my half helmet out on my motorcycle and worked great. Temp was in the 40s and worked very well. Great product! Will definitely be getting one for the warmer weather.

  13. Ben Colley Verified owner

    I absolutely love this Hoorag!!!!! Not only does it keep my head warm as I usually wear it as a toboggan but it shows my support for the blue family!!! I’ve gotten numerous compliments on the look as well.

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