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Showing all 7 results

Realtree Bandanas for Hunters in All Climates

Some guys are lucky and can hunt from their back porch so they could hunt in pajamas and not worry about Realtree bandanas in that climate. They are just 10 feet away from climate control in their homes! But the rest of us have to venture out into the rain, cold, and humid weather on our hunts. We need the right apparel to keep warm in winter and cool in warmer weather so Realtree edge neck gaiters are part of any meat-eater’s wardrobe. Gotta keep the extremities protected - head, ears, nose, etc. Also, camo bandanas need to be lightweight and breathable - Hoo-rag has that covered and with Realtree hunting masks you know you’re basically invisible to wild game.

If a gobbler or whitetail can spot you in a Realtree Timber face mask or various other patterns then those animals have grown bionic eyes! It’s a no-brainer that covering your face in soft microfiber material will keep chilly temps from making the hunt even harder. But with camouflage Hoos, you’ll also stay cooler in hot weather since our UPF30 bandanas protect you from UV rays and our gaiters are cool to the touch. And on those sweaty days, you can wear the Realtree Edge face mask as a headband to keep sweat out of your eyes and off your glasses.

Hoo-rags are more versatile than a big-brained Labrador since you can also wear them as beanies, face masks, neck gaiters, and more. All without the aggravation of tying them in knots because our modern bandanas are tubular. Just slip them on for a perfect fit no matter how you choose to wear them or where your hunting grounds are. Realtree camo bandanas will hang tough with you no matter what climate you find yourself tracking down your choice of wild game.<.p>

Custom Realtree Face Masks for Hunting Clubs

99.8% of hunting clubs can benefit from custom Realtree face masks. Those other .02% who get left out all have just one club member due to their anti-jerky rules. So you sensible guys out there could use a bulk order of personalized bandanas for your hunting club. Hoo-rag has been customizing bandanas and facemasks since 2012, making sure clubs have high-quality neck gaiters that sport their unique logo, motto, or design. You can show off your club colors while keeping your head and neck protected from the elements. What elements? Gnats, biting flies, mosquitoes, bitter wind, sweat-inducing humidity, and dropping temps. You know, anything Mother Nature can do to try to run you back indoors.

Our custom face masks are available in all the awesome Realtree patterns and are made tough so you can use them year after year whether stalking turkeys, mule deer, or quail. Heck, wear them fishing if you’re worried about bass spotting you with no camo in the boat. All our custom Max 5 face masks are perfect for any hunting club looking for personalized prints on Realtree face masks because all your members can use a face mask that’s lightweight, breathable, and keeps them hidden in true Realtree style. Check out our custom design page to send us your club’s unique design - because you don’t want to be mistaken for those anti-jerky clubs!