South Florida Headband Package

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Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! The feeling of South Florida in a Headband. This package features designs reminiscent of Miami.  This package features Miami Nice, Wynwood, and Solidz Aqua (The Solidz Aqua Half Hoo can only be found in this package).

Half Hoo Headbands are perfect for all you Hooligans who like to rock the rag primarily as a headband, Alice rag, neck gaiter and/or ponytail holder.
NOTE: This product is half the size of a full Hoo-rag. Approx. 10” x 9.5”. Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber. One size fits most.
Machine wash cold. Line dry.

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7 reviews for South Florida Headband Package

  1. Stacey Verified owner

    Half hoo’s are my go to headbands as an RN at a busy level 1 trauma center. They stay put for my 12+ hour shifts and don’t give me a headache from wearing them. I get compliments every time I wear one!

  2. Lindsey

    I love the bright colors and the fact that Hoorag offers custom options too!

  3. Sandy Wilson Verified owner

    Very comfortable and I absolutely love them!

  4. Karen Resinski Verified owner

    I’m in total LOVE with this company and their products! The fabric is AMAZING and the colors are so VIBRANT! I have ordered 2 separate hoos and now my first trio package. I think I can say I’m ADDICTED and plan on ordering more today!

  5. Carol Wellman Verified owner

    I received these half hoos last week. They are wonderful. I am using them for headbands and man wonderful.

  6. Kerri Verified owner

    When I received this perfect trio in the mail, I squealed with delight! The colors are so rich and vibrant the sun went behind the clouds. All three go perfectly with my wardrobe – which consists of items that look like they were either purchased by a Buddhist (but don’t let that fool you) or some guy in an Army Surplus store. My mop which looks like Maui’s hair in the movie “Moana” except not as silky, looks absolutely fabulous whenever I need to pull it back. ALSO! (very important) they come in the original size Hoo-Rags so that I can buy a set for my Hoo-Rag wearing dog so we match on our outings! WIN WIN! We are Hooligans! Together we own at least 15-20 different Hoos! Thank you!

  7. jen Verified owner

    These half hoo’s are the perfect size! And I love the styles

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