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This Skull Daddy Face Mask is just for you. Put it to work on the road, in the ring, or while you are trick or treating. It is fun enough to rock in a laid-back atmosphere but still has that aggressive look to make you look way cooler on your motorcycle than you actually are.

  • Available as Original and Extra Large
    • Original Hoo-rag is approximately 19.5” long x 9.5” wide
    • Extra Large Hoo-rag is approximately 19″ long by 10.5″ wide
  • Wear it as a face mask, neck gaiter, headband, and more.
  • UPF30 sun protection rating
  • Breathable, soft, and cool against the skin. Dries quickly.
  • Made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry.

66 reviews for Hoo-rag Neck Gaiter | Skull Daddy

  1. William C T Verified owner

    Easy to look around the site

  2. Danny Vo Verified owner

    Works for me.

  3. Allen Hebert Verified owner

    This thing is awesome! Fits great and looks badass riding down the road!

  4. hugo Verified owner

    It’s a great mask. Ordered to sweden and and only took about 15 days to arrive. There was a unknown fee that was an aditional 13 dollars i had to pay when to actually get it when it arrived to sweden that neither me or the site knew about. But otherwise i am very satisfied

  5. Michael Cooper Verified owner

    I ordered this, it fits me perfectly, and I wear it everyday!

  6. Douglas Stewart

    Fits me perfectly, feels good and looks mean when I ride my bike.

  7. Remy Verified owner

    My 13 yo nephew specifically wanted this hoo rag . He loves it. I do admit the fabric was a lot thinner than I expected, but it does what it’s supposed to do.

  8. Topher chris Verified owner

    For the price I thought the material would be a bit thicker, I was somewhat surprised at how thin it was upon opening. Overall I like it for the design and it does keep my face warm, So no complaints on functionality.

  9. Scott Gaffney Verified owner

    Came in the mail on a day that it snowed. Perfect timing. Wore it out to shovel my driveway. Worked perfectly at protecting my face from the wind. And keeping it warm.

  10. Bill Stine Verified owner

    Had an associate purchase this item. He is extremely pleased with the quality and versatility of this product. He could not believe the total price of each item! Very satisfied customer!

  11. Evelyn Verified owner

    Great buy! I love it. Will definitely be buying more!

  12. Enzedgasman Verified owner

    Great product, just the right weight of fabric. Comfortable to wear and looks good too

  13. Thomas Horrocks Verified owner

    My favorite Hoo I have, and I have a lot. Amazing quality and design! I love wearing this while I ride. It keeps the sun and bugs off my face, while remaining comfortable, and it doesn’t irritate my beard.

  14. DOCTORX Verified owner

    bought this for a female friend. she loves it. shipping was fast and furious.

  15. Christina H. Verified owner

    I love the design – It fits well, a little tricky to get it lined up right on my face (yes, I’m particular like that lol), but the product itself absolutely works.

  16. Danielle Verified owner

    Wore this for a 5k, Got a lot of compliments.

  17. Ryan Black Verified owner

    Absolute great product! Customer service is fantastic!!
    Thanks for being a great company!

  18. Aguirre Jaime Verified owner

    I’m very happy with this product, absolutely love the quality!

  19. Andres R. Verified owner

    Keep me fresh! , great product!

  20. Chris Verified owner

    Just a gun, badass way to rip in the boat!

  21. Brandon Drop Verified owner

    Awesome hoo-rag and a true classic. Love using it for fishing, snowboarding, and riding. Much higher quality than other brands I have ordered in the past too!

  22. Brandon Drop Verified owner

    Awesome hoo-rag and a true classic. Love using it for fishing, snowboarding, and riding. Much higher quality than other ones I have ordered in the past too!

  23. Alison Rioux Verified owner

    This just complete my RAIDER look perfectly! ?

    Nothing but quality and a very fast shipping (Canada).

    Thank you, Hoo-rag! xo

  24. Kaela Verified owner

    I love it!!! AWESOME PRODUCT and FAST SHIPPING!!! Definitely will be back for more. Thank you.

  25. MadiTris271 Verified owner

    My husband loves it. It was a Christmas gift he asked for to use on his bike.

  26. Erin C Verified owner

    First time ordering and I am very pleased! Shipped very fast and even got some cool Hoorag stickers 🙂

  27. James Hays Verified owner

    Great product and a fine American company. My order was filled & delivered in about 5,6 days. I will be doing more business in the future.

  28. Brenda K Andrews Verified owner

    A very user-friendly web site. It came quickly. I’m anxious to see how it is received as a Christmas gift.

  29. Jonathan Verified owner

    Great product and fast shipping! Thanks HooRag!

  30. Matt Verified owner

    Looks awesome-fast shipping. More to come.

  31. brian slimmon Verified owner

    For a skull design its killer,fits well and comfortable.Fast shipping and a good price.Thxs for a good product.

  32. Nick Verified owner

    Works great, looks great. Fast shipping great price.

  33. Josh Verified owner

    it a good product just need a smaller head then i got

  34. Joel Verified owner

    Excellent product I’m highly recommend it.

  35. Austin Diduck Verified owner

    Awesome Product eith an awesome design for a great price

  36. Mike Verified owner

    Great product at a great price.I love it!

  37. CY Verified owner

    My very first Hoorag and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to wear it to the next home game (TB Bucs fan)! Shipped fast and I highly recommended! #SKULLDADDY

  38. Steve Aggas Verified owner

    Awesome rag, very comfortable. Not only a cool addition to my Oakland Raider gear I wore to the game this Sunday, it protected my neck from sun. Great product.Thanks guys.

  39. Renee Wilber Verified owner

    So cool. Got it for my husband. He loves it.

  40. Kevin Verified owner

    Badass!!! ????

  41. Mark Verified owner

    One of the all time great Hoo’s and went into my urban to-go bag. So many positions it can be worn in. A great add to my vast inventory of Hoo Rags!

  42. Shannon Verified owner

    I have been looking for this exact thing and it is perfect. My husband loves it because he looks like a badass on his bike. Haven’t washed it yet but feel all will be great! Thank you!

  43. Kerry B Verified owner

    Keeps the sweat off of my face better than any product I’ve used and very versatile. Love it!

  44. John Fuquay Verified owner

    Works great well worth the money

  45. colten Verified owner

    super rad mask. stays on your face and is a head turner everywhere you go

  46. Nathan Verified owner

    Great quality and fits well on any size person.

  47. Levi (Sk1tZo JuGGaLo) Verified owner

    These things r dope af + only took like a week to arrive in Australia. Thanks Hoo-rag u guys rock.
    P.s. will def b buyin more for my friends. MMFWCL Whoop Whoop…

  48. Josh

    Thanks to the Skull Daddy hoorag I now have graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals. I operate more tactically than ever before, and have over 300 confirmed kills. Forget motorcycles and football games, I wore this on the Bin Laden Raid. Ever since I bought this mask I’ve been able to smell sound and talk to bald eagles. Every day this mask (made in the USA) fills me with freedom and justice, unlike the terrorists I kill. Who I fill with fear and lead. God bless Hoorag, and God Bless America.

  49. Austin Verified owner

    All I can say is buy a Hoorag if you have not already. I use my skull daddy when I ride my motorcycle, and use it as a beanie under my hard hat at work. It not only looks great but it is functional as well. Thank you Hoorag!

  50. Andreas Verified owner

    Love it! And The shipment to sweden was very quick

  51. Tyler Verified owner

    This product is great. Very durable, great material used, and stylish. Not only am I very satisfied with the product, but also the company and their customer service. Thanks a lot Hoo-Rag!

  52. Nick

    great hoo, but i learned the hard way that you should not ever put in the dryer.

  53. Tyler Verified owner

    It’s badass! I work in the chemical plants and helps big time on not breathing some stuff in and well it looks badass

  54. Nicholas Verified owner

    Great product

  55. John Ace Ramos

    I want to buy one, I live in Canada. I want to use it for football how long will it take to get to me??

    • Customer Service Verified owner

      Any international shipping can take from 6-30 days depending on location and customs. The best we can tell Canadian customers is that it should be sooner than later since you are closer to the US. Hope this helps!

  56. Biglu Verified owner

    Skull Daddy Hoorag is the Best design yet. Protects me From Bugs, Rocks and Wind While On my bike. Thats my 3rd Hoorag and I will be buying More in the near future.

  57. Hooch Verified owner

    The product was exactly what was expected. Works great for the shock factor! There was an issue with receiving my order but it was quickly resolved with great communication from the customer service folks!

  58. Tou Verified owner

    Loved the skull daddy…that thing just looks sick. Very breathable, and comfortable….I’ll be using this for Halloween this year with my kids.

  59. Todd p Verified owner

    Great rag for dune riding!

  60. Evan Verified owner

    These rags are great. I have this one and the sugar daddy hoo and they look are perfect for riding on the motorcycle. Keeps bugs out of your face and it doesn’t make your face sweat but it keeps you warm on the colder nights. Awesome product. Definitely recommend!

  61. Tony Verified owner

    This hoorag design is sweet and the product works really well. I wear it to ride my motorcycle and it has not let me down yet. Works great to keep my neck, face and ears warm in the cold months and keeps me from eating bugs and whatever cagers are throwing out there windows.

  62. Steve Verified owner

    Exactly as advertised, which is nice to see. All expectations were met if not exceeded. Will definitely order again.

  63. Mack Verified owner

    Number 6 in the collection. Love the products

  64. Caleb Verified owner

    I love it! The material is super cool and breathable (like all my Hoorags) and the design is sick. It may possibly be a good luck charm, too: the first time I used it on a fishing trip, we got our limit of salmon AND we got to watch Orca Whales feed on salmon right in front of us for the first time. Needless to say, I’ll be bringing this on all of my trips from now on!

  65. Tim O. Verified owner

    Great product! Love my skull daddy design! Very breathable, protects my neck, ears, face, and more from the sun. Easy to wear.

  66. Tom

    Fades out after a few washes.

    • Customer Service Verified owner

      Hi Tom,

      We’re sorry to hear about that. We do recommend that any Hoo-rag owner wash the product in cool water and hang to dry – anything else may result in damage to the product. We appreciate the feedback and if you have any other concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page or by calling us. 🙂

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