Kryptek Neptune Face Mask Bandana

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A predator lurks just below the surface. He is a shadowy figure gliding silently through the depths or perhaps a hidden entity patiently waiting in vigil on the ocean floor. His advantage is stealth and his attacks are sudden. He is the ruler of his domain.

The Kryptek Neptune is a lightweight, breathable bandana that can we worn as a face mask, neck gaiter, balaclava, and more! Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
Approx. 19” x 9.5”. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

10 reviews for Kryptek Neptune Face Mask Bandana

  1. Geo Verified owner

    Such a great color I had to give it to my wife! Guess I’ll have to order another.

  2. RJT Verified owner

    I do a lot of fishing here in Hawaii and the older I get, my skin seems to get more sensitive to direct sunlight even with sunscreen on. It’s come to the point where the last couple of years I’ve started wearing those long sleeve fishing shirts, sun gloves, and floppy sun hats to protect me from the sun. However, my face was still getting killed by the sun. I finally decided to try a Hoo-rag to help save my face and it has worked really well. I actually bought other brands of sun face masks but found that Hoo-rag is the best out of all of them. The feel of the material is silky smooth and extremely breathable and light. I actually had doubts at first because I thought the material was too light to protect my face from direct sunlight but I was wrong. The Hoo-rag offers total protection from direct sunlight. In fact, I don’t really need to put any sun screen on my face anymore. As long as I have the Hoo-rag over my face, I’m totally protected from being totally fried by the sun. I have found that wearing it on my face also does not make me overheat as the material is extremely breathable. I have read that a lot of fisherman have problems with wearing sun face masks because if worn over your nose, it can produce warm air that will fog up you sun glasses. I wear those wrap around sun glasses and at first, I had the fogging problem. However, with a little repositioning of the mask around my nose, I no longer have the fogging problem. Basically, the Hoo-rag is a game changer for me. I worried that my sun sensitivity was going to end my love of fishing but because of this product, I’m pretty much still in the game. It’s a great product sold by a very reputable company. This Kryptec Neptune pattern is only one of the many patterns this company offers. Love that they also offer lots of promotional discounts too. 5 thumbs up for the Hoo-rag.

  3. HP Verified owner

    Bravo Zulu! Great UV protection. Cool on a hot day. Doesn’t scare fish when they surface.

  4. Paul Kanz Verified owner

    Never had one before and now I wonder how I lived without it. Great for protecting from the cool breeze when traveling from fishing spot to fishing spot.

  5. Mollie Verified owner

    I actually got this for my brother. He uses it for four wheeler riding and loves it. And I myself never wear anything but hoo-rag headbands. We love everything hoo-rag! 🙂

  6. Austin Spencer Verified owner

    bought this hoo-rag a
    recently and i love it. keeps the sun and dust off my face. i wear this one while fishind i caughy my very first flounder wearing it! holligan for life

  7. Tanner Verified owner

    Finally bit the bullet and picked one of these bad boys up and am very happy with it thus far, kept the sun off my neck and surprisingly didn’t make me hot in spite of the dark color combo. Solid product.

  8. Terry Verified owner

    I bought a different Hoorag for all my nieces, sister, nephews, brothers, and me and my significant other. What a treat to see them opening their gifts! They plan on using them for skiing, fishing, bicycling and cold weather warm ups! You have a great bandana!

  9. Stacy Verified owner

    My husband and love hoo-rags, we bought this one for our nephew for Christmas!

  10. RodneyReels Verified owner

    This is my 2nd Hoo-Rag but first time I purchased one. The first one I got as a free gift in a Mystery Tackle Box about a year ago.
    First and foremost, I live in Texas and it’s routinely in the 90s and 100s for 4-5 months of the year. The Hoo-Rag is excellent for sun protection and is shockingly cool in the hot weather. That’s why it gets the 5 stars.
    In addition, I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with all the designs Hoo-Rag incorporates into their products. There are other companies out there who make similar products but the reason I spent my money on a Hoo-Rag was because they simply offer more designs. And frankly, they are the best designs on the market. I bought the Kryptek Neptune primarily for kayak fishing but quickly realized it may be darker than I’d like while standing up during a bright bluebird day. For this reason I will probably get the Pontus or Yeti design. However, I am in love with the Neptune and it will certainly work for fishing. But it will also be great for cycling and other outdoor activities. I’ll probably end up keeping it with my Surplus EDC kit that goes with my in my truck and any hike, camp or bike ride. It would also work well in an urban escape/evade environment or a 72 hour survival situation.

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