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  • The waters of Bimini Bay inspired this relaxed and colorful design featuring deep blues and cool green colors.  Perfect for fishing or relaxing at the beach during those days when you get some time to head for adventure! Laboratory tested with a UPF 50+ rating. Hemmed upper and lower for superior fit and finish. Approx. […]

  • Normally we’d have something clever to say about what inspired this design – but in this case, we just loved the colors and lines!  The soft yellows and peaches against the fluorescent blues and purples on a black background make for a breathtaking display of color. Laboratory tested with a UPF 50+ rating. Hemmed upper […]

  • The islands inspired this new blue jungle themed camouflage print with all over palms and hibiscus flowers. The tropical feel lends itself for beachy and relaxing days, but it can also be worn anytime and during any activity.  We can practically smell the salty air from here! Laboratory tested with a UPF 50+ rating. Hemmed […]

  • The first flash of a brightly colored bull leaping in the air is always a rush! And with those unmistakable colors, the dolphin is a favorite catch for offshore anglers everywhere.  This face mask features this fish up close courtesy of Florida photographer Stephen Dougherty. Pair it with our Dolphin Reel Photo Snapback hat for even […]

  • One spot. Two spot. Three Spot. Four. The record for most spots found on a redfish is 500+! While we can’t guarantee this design will up your odds of catching that one in million – it’s sure to keep you protected while you try!  This design was created with a little help from our friend and […]

  • It’s here and ready for the flats, jetties and nearshore wrecks. Wear it as a face mask, neck gaiter or beanie to protect yourself from the harshest elements while on the flats chasing those linesiders. This design features real up-close photography of Snook skin by award-winning Florida-based photographer Jason Arnold.  If you’re looking for even more […]

  • Think of that exact second before a fish fin breaks through the surface. Or the way a dry fly glides atop the water. It’s that magical property of water that inspired this design. Featuring cool blues and cream colors, this design goes with anything at any time. It’s not just for fishing! Laboratory tested with a […]

  • The Silver King is arguably one of the most majestic fish on the planet and definitely deserved it’s own Solartek Max! Featuring real up-close photography of Tarpon skin by angler Art VanCamp, the Tarpon Max is made of supersoft, moisture-wicking performance fabric that has been sewn with clean hemmed edges. If this isn’t enough – pair […]

HOO-RAG sun protection face masks TESTIMONIALS

I really like my Hoo-rag. It makes me feel, well, kinda like I’m somebody. I get out there on the water, put on my rag, and tell the sun to shove it. “You can’t burn me!” as I shake my fist to the sky. Cord P.

One of our favorite ways to rock a rag while fishing is soak it, twist it, wear it. Keeps us cool and sunburn free. Team Woods/Blitch Fishing

Hoo-rags are the next generation of sun protection bandanas and they are always coming out with cool new designs to set you apart from the crowd on the water. Any time of year, a must have piece of gear is my Hoo-rag. Shane Clift co-author of ‘The Hobie Life’ blog

This was the answer I was looking for, in a clothing item to provide protection, comfort, and not be in my way. … Hoo-rag gave me full protection over my nose, lips, neck, ears and cheeks. I was out on the river for over six hours and when I was finished, no sun burn and no wind burn. Mike Gunder Kayak Fishing Ohio


One of the most popular ways to rock the rag and ideal for any type of weather. The Hoo-Rag is made of lightweight, breathable material that will protect your pretty mug from the sun, wind, cold and dust - making this style a favorite among hunters, anglers, snow bunnies, bikers and more! Check out the video above to see the proper way to rock the Face Mask.