The Walker Face Mask Bandana

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The Walker is here! All of you Zombie enthusiasts will love this new design. It features rotting flesh, nasty teeth, and eye-popping features. This face mask is ready to go and is quickly becoming one of our most popular designs. Get yours today and make sure to check out our other Skull Daddy face masks!

You can wear Hoo-rags as face masks, neck gaiters, headwraps, scarves, beanies, hat liners, helmet liners, and more.

The Hoo-rag has a UPF30 sun protection rating made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.

Approx. 19” x 8.5”.
One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

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22 reviews for The Walker Face Mask Bandana

  1. steve VESSO Verified owner

    Just got the walker today and loving it. Keep coming up with more designs.

  2. Bob

    It is so cumfy and so cool I got the walker

  3. Heather Verified owner

    My son loves it! Great material. Amazing graphics.

  4. Marty Verified owner

    This is a great product and looks amazing! The colors are cool and fits nicely. Can’t wait to wear it on the slopes!

  5. Jennifer Verified owner

    I bought one for my brother last year…my niece begged for a walker-Hoo this year! Thanks Hoorag!

  6. Alexander Archibald Verified owner

    Love the rag. I’ve been using it for about a week now, Looks and feels great, 10/10

  7. Kevin Lynam Verified owner

    Outstanding colors. Perfect Hoo-rag quality. Rocks

  8. David Santiago Verified owner

    Love it !!!!

  9. Ronnie Jr Verified owner

    Awesome Hoo!! Love the crazy looks I get while on my bike!!

  10. Ronnie Jr Verified owner

    Awesome Hoo!! Love he crazy lots I get while on my bike!!

  11. rit Verified owner

    good stuff

  12. Kayla Heikkinen Verified owner

    I get the best look when I wear it around campus. But its wonderful.

  13. Hector Duran Verified owner

    unique product, super rad an the designs are awesome !!!

  14. Chris Verified owner

    Looks and feels great. Quality product.

  15. Jon Verified owner

    Great product, I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed.

  16. theresa Verified owner

    Love this product got the zombie hoo rag recently just for halloween, i have three and plan to get more.

  17. Eddie Verified owner

    Absolutely love wearing this hoo rag when I’m cruising on my motorcycle! Great fun!!

  18. Ryan Verified owner

    wore this to a concert festival and people loved it. Who doesn’t love zombies!

  19. Aaron Verified owner

    Oh man.. oh man.. Another great hoo rag not only can you wear this when you go fishing,hunting,or just scaring some kids but you can wear it when you mountain bike ride when it’s cold coming down the hill I love seeing people faces smiling and laughing when they see me flying by them it always puts a smile on my face

  20. Jimmy Verified owner

    This hoorag is great for saltwater fishing in the hot summer months. But it also has a dual purpose during Halloween time, and is great to scare the kiddos with!

  21. Jimmy Verified owner

    This hoorag is not only good for fishing in the hot summer months but great for scaring all the little kids at Halloween!

  22. Megs Verified owner

    Get funny looks when I wear this one! Always hilarious!! ??

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