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Our digital camo face mask bandana options have been upgraded!  We’ve added an urban, gritty element to them and changed up the colors.  Choose from an old favorite such as the blue digital camo, or opt for a new one like our orange digital camo.  Either way, it’s the same great product and we know you’ll love it.

  • Available as Original and Extra Large
    • Original Hoo-rag is approximately 19.5” long x 9.5” wide
    • Extra Large Hoo-rag is approximately 19″ long by 10.5″ wide
  • Wear it as a face mask, neck gaiter, headband, and more.
  • UPF30 sun protection rating
  • Breathable, soft, and cool against the skin. Dries quickly.
  • Made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry.

33 reviews for Hoo-rag Neck Gaiter | Digital Camo Variations

  1. Customer in Maryland Verified owner

    Versatile, well made, sharp-looking product. Use as face covering during Covid (can fold the Hoorag in half to double the protection). Great for outdoor work, running, sun protection.

  2. Frederic

    There were some issues with getting my order processed due to some technical glitches on the Hoo-Rag team’s end. However, throughout the entire process their team has been very helpful. I was so impressed by their level of care and support that before I had even received my original order of 5 Hoo-Rags (4 pack plus 1 more) I ordered a second 4 pack bundle for my wife. She too has loved hers. I highly recommend both the product itself as it is comfortable and of great quality, and the team that backs this product is of equal quality and care.

  3. Randy Verified owner

    Perfect, just what I needed. Very well made and prompt shipping. Will order again.

  4. Mike L

    Looks good, hopefully it will last…fits over face well…right now it’s too hot to wear it though .,…will it last? I dunno…so far so good

  5. G

    Well made. Looks good. Logo is discreet.

  6. gun.dom

    great for snow hunting

  7. Michael Verified owner

    Got my digital woodlands bandana today. Outstanding quality. Found out about Hoo Rag from watching Bubba Roundtree Outdoors on Youtube. Glad to send business to a company that sponsors excellent content. Will definately buy more in the future.

  8. Geo Verified owner

    Got the digi od and digi orange colors. love it for on my head or neck (16.5″). Otherwise it fits tighter than the Solartek Max Hoos. My wiskers stick out if I wear it as a faceshield which is not a problem with the Solartek or other tube bandanas I’ve owned. All and all a good product. Love them for working out and sun protection.

  9. Mike Verified owner

    I have used hoorags for doing any work around the house outside. I really like the material and feel of this hoorag and I really like colors. I will definitely be buying more.

  10. Mark Verified owner

    Great face cover for bowhunting. In warm weather, it breathes. In cold weather its surprisingly warm and doesn’t hold on to breath moisture and turn soggy like my other face mask.

  11. Tom Verified owner

    I like all my hoo-rags. I jog, Boat, Hike, and Hunt while using them. It is what it is, a lightweight fabric that does what its supposed to.

  12. John Bergen Verified owner

    I keep it in my fire gear for when I get stuck out in the sun and do not need my helmet. Don’t want to burn my head.

  13. Mike Verified owner

    Nice, fits well, very soft. Really ike the digital camo. Cant be at the price..

  14. Mike Verified owner

    Keeps us warm in the Wyoming winter!

  15. Letty Verified owner

    Love the print/design. They’re a little on the large side, i was hoping for a tighter fit. –my head my just be very small.
    Haven’t used it yet but excited to see how it holds against winter weather and wind while snowboarding

  16. Benjamin Schurmeier Verified owner

    I work construction and love my Hoo-rag. It keeps u warm and is still lightwieght enough to be breathable. I REALLY love the stickers and keychain sent with my order.

  17. Brayton Clark Verified owner

    Perfect to go with my black and white fishing jersey! Great in all weather!

  18. Gus Onebear Batista Verified owner

    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!! Camo patterns are NOT just for the guys! These digital camo Hoo’s are HOT! I bought one for my wife in “Pink Digital Camo” and it looks smoking sexy on her.
    if you want to mix it up and have a Hoo rag for every outings, the digital camo is one you must own to your Rockin’ Hoo-rag collection.

  19. Lee Maye Verified owner

    Love the new digital designs. Love the material and the versatility in wearing. I actually love all the new designs.

  20. Jessica Verified owner

    very nicely made, and very soft! lots of stretch, but stays secure. so far, we’ve only used them riding our sxs, and they worked great. it would be nice if a little more description or direction was given on the packaging…as to how you can wear it in multiple ways. it has pictures, and you can find info online…you can also just play around with it.

  21. Brian Hobgood Verified owner

    Love this new Hoo rag, softer than any competitor and the designs are flawless. Not to mention how things other is yet warm when wearing it and working outdoors in new hampshire

  22. Brian Hobgood Verified owner

    Love this new Hoo rag, softer than any competitor and the designs are flawless

  23. Adam Verified owner


  24. Francisj Verified owner

    Works great on ducks and geese. Haven’t tried it in the woods yet I’m sure I won’t be let down

  25. Damen

    I’ve been buying these for years in every style and design they have. I have them for everyday wear and for hunting. If the solartek came in more designs this would be a solid 5/5, but it’s 4.5/5.

  26. Dreesy Verified owner

    I want to start off by saying that I do not give 5’s on anything. That being said, my purchase has meet my expectations. I just have received it so we will find out how well it will hold up over time (hunting seasons). Out of the box it is exactly what I expected. Some very minor feedback, I made this purchase for a particular reason but knowing that it can do more, it would be nice to see how I can utilized it without having to jump on the google machine. Maybe adding directions to the packaging but either way the information is out there.

  27. That Guy Skimpy

    I love my blue digital Camo !!!!! Here is a link to my review video !!!


  28. Jose Verified owner

    Work really good helps a lot

  29. Frank Verified owner

    Works great!. Only regret is I didn’t have one sooner.

  30. Jackson Verified owner

    Great for the heat and cold. Looks great and works great.

  31. Robin Verified owner

    Love the new digital designs. Love the material and the versatility in wearing. Love all the new designs.

  32. Ashton

    These are the coolest the other website sells them for $20.00
    When I was hunting someone walked right under me

  33. Robert

    Really like the way it looked while turkey hunting.

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