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The Beautiful Disaster Half Hoo is a little sweet and a little sassy- just like you! A mix of sugar skulls and colorful flowers make this the best headband to rock with jeans and tee or your favorite fitness gear.  Our unisex design is perfect for any Hooligan who likes to rock the rag primarily as a headband, alice rag, neck gaiter, and/or ponytail holder.

  • Ideal headband or helmet liner to wear while riding!
  • Keeps hair away from your face. No slip and headache free!
  • Breathable, soft, and cool against the skin. Dries quickly.
  • This product is half the size of a full Hoo-rag. Approximately 9.5” x 9.5”.
  • Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating.
  • 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
  • One size fits most.
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry.
  • Also available in our full-size Original Hoo-rag and Face Mask.
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28 reviews for Half-Hoo | Beautiful Disaster

  1. Sonja

    I bought the full one many years ago, I wore it as a beenie to doc last week, OMGOSH a nurse I think stopped dead in her tracks and asked me all about it wrote down the website had to touch it, she thought it was beautiful which it is so colorful I might buy the half one

  2. Suzy Lilly Verified owner

    This is such a fun design! These are lightweight, stretchy and so comfortable. Will definitely be buying more designs!

  3. Christy Verified owner

    I love the design. It is awesome. I bought the 5 pack and all the designs were as advertised. It was nice and tight, which is perfect for a headband but a little snug for a face mask, but it did work as a face mask when needed. It is smaller than others I have owned, which is why I did one less star, but overall I like it and will have to fight off my kids to keep it. 🙂

  4. Kelly Verified owner

    Pretty design and high quality fabric. As a headband, it’s stays in place very well. I also use this as a face covering, the length is sufficient and it doesn’t feel too hot outdoors. I ordered 4 more half Hoos the week after I got this one, super happy with this product!

  5. kristi Verified owner

    cute design. I wear as a face covering as it is easier to wear around my neck and then slide up when i need to enter a store or while at work. good quality and fit as a face covering.

  6. Shannon Spofford Verified owner

    Love the design, love the fit! I always get compliments when wearing my headbands, whether just out and about, or at the kickboxing gym. I have a smaller head size, so a nice fit that doesn’t have to keep being adjusted is important.

  7. Laurie Wilson Verified owner

    Awesome, great fit.

  8. Gina Armenini Verified owner

    Love it. It stayed put!!

  9. Bobbe Verified owner

    LOVE this headband! Not only is it a gorgeous print! It fits and stays put! I discovered Hoorag by doing a search on a headband that stays put! Lol! Soooooo happy I discovered this awesome company!

  10. Petrina Verified owner

    Looooove my Hoorag! This print is gorgeous. I’ve received many compliments while wearing it. After cancer treatment, including chemo, my formerly straight hair has been growing in curly and wild! I’ve tried cloth headbands to pull it back, but none stayed in place like my Half Hoo!

  11. Deb Verified owner

    Love it!! Print and colors are perfect and I always loved the bandana look but am not good at accessorizing. This was easy and stylish and I will be ordering more designs

  12. Rhonda Harasewicz Verified owner

    Love it! Not only are they gorgeous they work amazing on my runs! I will be ordering more.

  13. Robbin Thomas Verified owner

    I wear these as headbands to do CrossFit, love them! And such fun colors and great designs.

  14. deb evans Verified owner

    Love this hoo-rag…wearing it daily.Everyone around here looks at me when I have it on. I think they like it too.

  15. angelojones Verified owner

    one of my favourite designs….

    a little gift for myself.
    i’m somewhat short, so i like the half-hoo

    quick shipment! great service!
    “hoo-rag” highly recommended….

  16. Deena Mack Verified owner

    Amazing! Love this pattern and also love that they don’t slide off!!!! Half hoo’s are my favorite over the fulls!!! Only bandana that doesn’t slide!

  17. Laura Verified owner

    Gave this beauty to a friend that specializes in sugar scull tats. It’s a huge hit and strongly suspect the tattoo shop are now big Hoo fans. Ya know the whole theory of you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and so on…. 😉

  18. Amy Verified owner

    Absolutely love this half Hoo. Have quite a few full size ones and wanted to try a half for awhile now. Such an awesome design idea! Beautiful patten and just the right size!

  19. Stevie Verified owner

    I’m veeeeeery much a girly girl. I’m not a huge skull fan, but this pattern was just so cute! And it’s even cuter ON! I highly recommend this company and will continue to be a repeat customer. Definitely give them a try!

  20. Tami Verified owner

    So excited for the 1/2 hoo’s, they make such a great headband!

  21. Peg Verified owner

    Love this print and the colors! Sometimes half is just right! I’ve been wearing it on my wrist to cover a brace after a little surgery. Works great!

  22. Ryan Finck Verified owner

    Got this for my wife and she loves it

  23. melissa Verified owner

    Love love love these half hoo ‘s..perfect for a regular looking headband people are always asking me where I got my head band and I say oh its not a head band its a HOORAG..you should get one there awesome

  24. Tina Coleman Verified owner

    I absolutely love the half hoo. When you wear it on your head it isn’t as tight and I like that. I like it better for warmer months because it isn’t doubled up like the original hoo which I love for the cooler months.

  25. Megan Rutt Verified owner

    I absolutely LOVE these 1/2 hoos! I pretty much wear mine everyday! They fit perfect! They don’t slide off! The patterns are super cool! They are the only bandana I will ever buy!

  26. Josh Verified owner

    Got it for my girlfriend an she loves it the pattern is pretty cool she wears it all the time

  27. Jes Verified owner

    I primarily use my Hoo’s for running in the great state of Wyoming. I’ve used these in the summer months so I’ve washed mine several times. They have yet to lost their color or elasticity! They’ve traveled several miles and work wonders during the winter months when a full beanie is just too much, perfect for face wear while on the slopes. Would highly recommend these for the ladies.

  28. Darla Cherney Verified owner

    My daughter loved this one! Had to order her one so she wouldn’t steal mine!

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