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@dillcrack with a new vid

As our company grows we get to meet new customers each and every week and the relationships we establish with these customers yield some exciting conversations, emails, photos, and sometimes videos. This week we have been chatting with one of our favorite instagrammers Josh Diller (aka @dillcrack). Josh resides in Copper Mountain, Colorado and has multiple talents. He is an angler, BMX rider, snowboarder and just so happens to rock the Hoo-rag on the daily. Continue reading @dillcrack with a new vid

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New Ambassador: Sierra Sekula

Please join us in welcome Sierra Sekula to the family!  An avid fan of the outdoors, we knew we wanted to get to know Sierra and find out what drove her.  She was gracious and took some time to answer our questions and even allowed us to post her answers here!  We hope you enjoy learning about Sierra.  If you see her out and about in San Antonio, make sure to say HI! Continue reading New Ambassador: Sierra Sekula

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New Ambassador Willy Le

Please join us in welcoming Willy Le to the family!  Willy is one of our newest Ambassadors and we are thrilled to have him.  In an effort to get to know him better, we had a sit down with Willy to ask him a few questions.  He was such a good sport and stayed up late with us even though he had an early client the following day.  You can read the interview in its entirety below.  If you are out and about and happen to see Willy, make sure to say ‘Hello!’. For information about booking a charter with Willy, call him at 321-303-7905.  You can visit his site at Continue reading New Ambassador Willy Le

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Red Bull Landrush and Hoo-rag


Red Bull Land Rush took place in April two days before the original Oklahoma Land Run was started with a cannon blast 124 years ago. Teams of three people took up the challenge to win a suite in Chicago for Lollapalooza 2013. Hoo-rag was there in spirit, and on top of sweaty hands or wrapped around busy wrists. We partnered with Red Bull, printing their custom designs on bandanas and neck gaiters.

This Red Bull event was based on the OG Land Run which saw 50,000 Americans race to claim free land. 2 million acres were up for grabs and all you had to do was get there first. And avoid getting backstabbed by Wild West bandits with no money, no morals, and just a few scruples. Pretty dangerous race and had Red Bull been in charge back then, there would have been less chaos.

But believe it or not, there were some people in 1889 who did enter the event for fun. If they staked a claim to a lot up to 160 acres, that would be a bonus! I guess they didn’t dread working the land with nothing but a mule, a rusty plow, and some kids not distracted by TikTok back then.


Continue reading Red Bull Landrush and Hoo-rag

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Oyster – The Race

Hoo-rag is pleased to partner with Oyster – The Race in creating a Custom Hoo-rag! An urban adventure, Oyster – The Race dares you to combine intelligence and athleticism in a challenging race. They have some upcoming races in August and September. You can put together a team and register today. 

If that’s not enough, they even offer you a chance to play fearlessly for FREE! You can enter to win free race entries, gear, or sign up for their newsletter. We encourage you to check them out. We are super pleased with the way this Hoo-rag turned out and look forward to seeing these Hoo-rags in action! BTW – have you tried an urban adventure yet? Continue reading Oyster – The Race

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Salty Shores Hoo-rag

We just finished up a really cool run of Hoo-rags for Salty Shores. ( Salty Shores is a truly informative fishing blog that features fishing reports, reviews, photography tip and gear reviews, and general outdoor living/lifestyle eye candy. Salty Shores is based on the west coast of Florida and is operated by Sam Root. Continue reading Salty Shores Hoo-rag

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Hoo-rag was the sponsor of the USA Bassin Hoo-rag Division on Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana this past summer. Johnny Morris and Jeremy Hagen unloaded the final punch with a 5 fish limit weighing in at 13.75 lbs. to seal the deal and take the win for tournament #5 of the division.

We supplied USA BASSIN with a red, white, and blue fishing bandana we call Old Glory. We hope everyone is still enjoying them! Congrats to USA BASSIN on another successful season. Tournaments like these inspire kids of all ages to get out on the water. Some folks end up getting hooked on the sport. That’s reel trouble for honey-do lists as you’ll see below.

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Mud Run Bandana (Devil Dash)

Are you ready to run like hell? Devil Dash is an extremely popular mud run that features lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. At least that is what the web site says. Sound fun? Well, apparently it is! Devil Dash had an aggressive 2012 schedule and 2013 is rumored to be even crazier! We look forward to continuing to print these custom mud run bandanas for this event and look forward to seeing all the great people that run in this event wear our bandanas. Keep rocking the rad Devil Dash!  Continue reading Mud Run Bandana (Devil Dash)

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Fishing Bandana Partnership

We started working for Mike Genoun this past summer. If you don’t know who Mike is, he is the Editor at a little magazine called “Florida Sport Fishing Magazine”. Mike wanted some custom Hoo-rag fishing bandanas to give to loyal subscribers, fans at boat shows, events, and for social media give-aways. He printed an initial run just before ICAST this last summer and we had a super tight deadline. Continue reading Fishing Bandana Partnership

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Well Groomed Mud Stash

Time for another cool update from our shipping department. We have completed the production phase of an epic event that now has a custom bandana we are calling the HOOsier Rag. 

This custom order of Hoo-rag bandanas went out this past week for a serious event with a powerful name. “Mud Stash 2012.” These Hoo-rags are showing up to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana just in time for this year’s event. Yes, even those lacking a profound mustache will be permitted to enter the race.

This mud run is next-level because it is being held at a snow ski resort and is being run in the dark. That’s right – a nighttime mud run! Watch out Indiana! Hoo-rags are coming to Whiskeytown USA with plenty of experience keeping folks warm on ski slopes.

Continue reading Well Groomed Mud Stash