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Why You Need Hoo-Rags Face Masks If You Work in Food Service

As it became apparent that cases of COVID-19 were continuing to spread, states began taking drastic measures.  Quarantines were put in place throughout the country. Shops and restaurants were forced to close their doors or only offer pick up and take out services.  Now that restrictions are being lifted, businesses are trying to recover. Face masks are an important part of getting past the pandemic.

Face Masks are Key

People are eager to get back to some sort of normalcy in their daily lives. For many, that means a chance to finally go back to their favorite restaurants. While some restaurants were able to offer take-out, a meal always seems to taste better when you can dine in. Foodservice professionals are eager to get back to work, especially those whose income comes mostly from tips. The question on everyone’s mind, however, is what safety precautions do we need to take? The keys to preventing the spread of COVID-19 are thought to be sanitation, social distancing, and wearing face masks.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a press release urging Americans to wear masks for the prevention of COVID-19. The article refers to scientific studies that have proven that wearing a cloth mask can reduce the transmission of the virus. The research also shows that American adults are becoming more receptive to wearing masks in public.

FDA Guidelines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published guidelines for people in food-related industries.

  • Cloth face masks slow the spread of the virus and provide protection from unknowingly spreading the disease for people who are asymptomatic
  • Launder face masks after each use
  • Masks must cover the nose and below the chin and should fit snuggly but comfortably around the face
  • Masks should allow for breathing without restriction

Hoo-rag Bandanas as Face Masks

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable alternative to the face masks that loop behind the ears, Hoo-rags has a variety of seamless bandanas. Our bandanas can be worn as face masks for those in the foodservice industry.  We have a number of bulk options, mystery packs, and build-your-own packs. 

One of the advantages of choosing Hoo-rag bandanas are their versatility.  When you aren’t in close contact with customers, you can easily slip your mask down to your neck.  With your mask around your neck, it’s out of the way, yet it’s easy and quick to pull it back up for proper coverage instead of having to keep a mask in your pocket or apron.  The bandana style mask also avoids the issue of irritation around the ears that can be caused by other styles of masks.  

Pick a Mask You Like

While there are some people who still disagree that wearing masks is a necessity, many of those employed in restaurants and bars may not have a choice.  Restaurant owners and managers need to recover from the lost sales of the past few months. To do that, they have to ensure the public that precautionary measures are being taken. It’s not easily apparent if a restaurant has been properly sanitized.  However, one of the first things customers do notice is if the employees are wearing masks.  

Whether you are wearing a mask because you choose to or because you have to, it’s important to pick a mask that you will enjoy wearing.  Hoo-rags are so comfortable, you’ll want to continue wearing yours as a face and hair covering even after we no longer have to worry about COVID-19 and wearing masks in public.  Our bandanas are extremely versatile can also be worn as a stylish headband, beanie, or ponytail holder.

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How to Get Your Kids to Wear Masks in School to Prevent COVID-19

School Closings

Earlier this year, as it became apparent that COVID-19 was not going away, schools around the country began closing as states implemented quarantine restrictions. At first, many thought they’d be able to re-open their doors within weeks. However, the virus continued to spread, and children finished out the school year at home. While it may have been fun to have the extra family time, many parents are eager to get their kids back to school this fall. Children need the social interaction that schools provide, and they need the structure of a classroom setting. But getting back to normal shouldn’t come at the risk of your child’s health, which is why face masks are so important.

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Covid-19 Response (Updated 5/22/20)

Thank you for taking some time to read our updates here.

We have moved several staff around to new departments in an effort to handle all of the incoming orders as fast as we can. We are back to normal business hours for processing orders (Monday – Friday from 9am-4pm). We are trying to ship same day, but please give us up to 48 business hours for your item to leave our warehouse. We’d rather surprise you and get it out earlier, than promise and not deliver.

Please see our frequently asked questions below so you know what’s going on before your order, or check here to learn more about where we are regarding unfulfilled orders.

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13 Things Kids Learn On A Camping Trip

Bringing your kids on a camping trip can seem daunting, and it clearly isn’t for everyone. But kids that do go on camping trips can learn valuable life lessons that are applicable far from the bonfires and trail mix. 

Here, we present 13 lessons that kids can learn on a camping trip.

1. Be Prepared

Anyone who’s been camping knows that a trip can turn miserable quickly if you aren’t prepared. Allowing kids to help prepare and pack food, sleeping bags, tents, sun protection, and other necessities ⁠— or suffer the consequences if something is forgotten ⁠⁠— can be a great crash course in thinking ahead.

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3 Easy Ways To Stand Out On The Slopes

Winter is here! We’re sure we aren’t the only ones looking forward to hitting the slopes during time off. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports take skill, passion, and time. But with so many people looking forward to those same snowy slopes, how can we stand out?

Here, we describe three ways to stand out from the crowd when you’re caught in the winter holiday crowd: ability, attire, and attitude.

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Great Dermatology Promotional Items

7 Great Dermatology Promotional Items That Increase New Patient Registrations

The quest for new patients seems like a never-ending battle. For some dermatology clinics, they might have more patients than they can handle because they don’t have too much competition.

For other clinics, it might be a constant struggle to find and persuade someone to become a patient.

Often, clinics will use promotions.

Give discounts on services.

Offer a free session.

All good strategies. However, the challenge is often in the follow-up. How do you stay top of mind when most people are being bombarded by advertising 24 (sometimes 25… ) hours of the day? How do you break through their highly-developed mental barrier for ignoring most advertising?

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Top 5 Ways To Protect Yourself From The Sun Without Sunscreen

Being out in the sun can be a lot of fun. Your days can be filled with:

  • Warm rays that make you tingle on the inside
  • Playing sports or lounging around by the pool
  • Fishing, hunting, racing dirt bikes
  • Enjoying magnificent hiking views from the top of a mountain

Or, your days can be filled with lobster red skin that’s hot to the touch and itchy.  On a bad day, sunburns can cause excruciating pain.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like fun to us either.  Being out in the sun for too long can ruin anyone’s day.  How can you get more of the fun stuff?

In this article, we’re going to explore 5 alternative (and cool) ways you can stay out in the sun for hours without lathering yourself moist with sunscreen.

(And no… we’re not going to recommend umbrella hats…)

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Custom Printed Pet Promotional Giveaways Your Potential Customers Will Remember

WOW! Dog Owners With Custom Printed Dog Bandana Gifts They’ll Love Using!

It’s no secret that dog owners can go a little overboard when it comes to their little furballs.
Rightly so! They are, after all, their little furbabies. However, because of their hyper buying behavior, the competition for attracting the attention of dog owners is fierce, to say the least. Every business owner (and their dog) is trying to get a slice of that sweet, growing $75 billion dollar US market.

The question is, how do you come up with great dog giveaway ideas that set you apart from the pack?

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Check out the Salt Wave crew fishing aboard the Hellraiser2 with Cairns Black Marlin Charters. We saw photos and stills taken from this drone footage a few months ago and were beginning to wonder if we would ever get to see the actual footage. Hell, we even wondered if the video was even any good. It turns out, someone woke up and was feeling froggy and put their drone skills to work!