Poor Ric doesn’t have a sticker

You know email is a funny thing. You can almost instantly communicate with someone you don't
even know and start business relationships, get answers to important questions, or simply
beg for a Hoo-Rag Sticker. Today this kid named "Ric" sent us an email via our dealer form
and this what was transmitted.

First Name: Ric
Last Name: Foss
Company: stciker collecter
Phone: Ric

Message: "Hi I really like stickers and also enjoy showing them off on my
longboard,snowboard, surfboard and airplane and was wondering if you
could send me some free hoo-rag stickers I think they are really funny
and might buy one, if you could email me back that would be great thanks."

So after reading that email we replied with this.

"Ric, send us some pics of your gear and we may just have to send you some.


Ric almost immediately replied with another email that had us laughing
pretty hard. Here is what this Stickerless Ric wrote back and the
images he attached. He references all three images in the
email found below. Here is the email first.

"Hey it's Ric, so you asked for some pics of my gear and heres some
stuff, its not great though if you need more ill show you some.
Anyways the first one is me looking pretty dull without a hoorag while
out on the slopes, the second is just a sweet picture of my longboard,
and the third is me upset cuz i dont have any hoorag stickers. Hope
these work."



"Anyways the first one is me looking pretty dull without a hoorag while
out on the slopes"

"the second is just a sweet picture of my longboard"

"and the third is me upset cuz i dont have any hoorag stickers. Hope
these work."

We have no idea who this kid is and why he wants a Hoo-Rag sticker so badly, but all we really want is to see pictures of his airplane, and maybe some more pics of him sad without a sticker. If he comes through we will just have to send him and his friends some Hoo-Rag stickers and maybe even some Hoo-Rags.

We will keep you posted. We are intersted in hearing what you facebookers think of this kids and this email. Do you know him? Look familiar? Let us know on the Hoo-Rag Facebook page.






Blue Water Open Winners

This past weekend was a lucrative one for anglers Chase Cornell, John Snipes, Tyler Richey, and Andrew Bossetti. This group of Hooligans decided to take on the large turn out of other anglers this weekend in Fort Pierce for the Blue Water Open Dolphin Tournament. They left the Fort Pierce inlet in search of the yellow ones in a 22' Pathfinder. They were surrounded by other big boats but ended up 16 miles offshore dirfting baits.

The bite was slow for most of the day until around 3:30 p.m. when this group of 4 were energized by 3 good fish that showed up in the chum slick. They ended up catching all three of the visitors and it was enough to take 1st place in the tournament.

They won $4,800.00 and bragging right with 3 fish.

Dolphin one-25.9
Dolphin Two-17.4
Dolphin Three-14.0

The group also released two sailfish, and all accounts say it was a great day on the water for them. Congrats to this team, and hopefully we get out on the water with them soon!

Sleek Poon Voting is on.

Tarpon season is here, and Hoo-Rag is getting ready ready to put our newest and first fishing Hoo-Rag seamless custom bandana design into production. We are calling it "Sleek Tarpon" This design features clean classy lines with a vector Tarpon that will surely turn some heads while you are ballting fish during this year's migration.

While going through the design process we decided we couldn't decide which color to put into production first. So, we turned to our growing Facebook community to let them decide. The votes are coming in and it is going to be a close battle! We are going to run the contest over the weekend and into the early part of next week before we put this custom Tarpon bandana into production on Wednesday of next week.

If you would like to vote, go to http://www.facebook.com/hoorag and let us know which one you think we should print. We are going to be randomly slecting 5 voters and each of them will be sent a FREE "Sleek Tarpon" Hoo-Rag fishing bandana.

Thanks and good luck this year Tarpon fishing this year!

Thanks to our customers!

We are excited! Excited to see orders coming in from all over the United States. From California, to Florida we have had customers ordering Hoo-Rags and we are excited about earning your business! Keep them coming and make sure to take photos of you Rocking the Rag!

We have been talking to customers all over the United States and are excited to see all the different ways out customers are using Hoo-Rags. We have motorcycle enthusiasts wearing them to protect their face, and to provide a little extra comfort under their helment. We also have fitness junkies and women wearing them to keep their hair out of their face while training and working out. And, let's not mention all the anglers sending us photos of them wearing their Hoo-Rags while fishing to protect their face and neck from the sun.

We are having a blast and are excited to see all these Rags heading out the door here in Jupiter, Florida! Have a great week and thanks for Rocking the Rag!

Jose Wejebe Tribute Video

Dave and I were never lucky enough to meet Jose, but know a few people that have been lucky enough to fish with him. All accounts of Jose Wejebe and his desire to share, teach, and represent our interests below the waterline are evidence that the fishing community lost a true legend. Jose will be sorely missed. Please take 30 mins to watch this video. It is spectacular, sums Jose up, and will have you happy and sad no doubt. If you don't have time in your schedule to watch this, do yourself a favor. Bookmark this page and watch it later. It is really a video that celebrates the life of Jose.

Inshore HOOLIGANS photo contest

We decided to start this party with a little friendly fishing photo contest that is centered around our growing facebook community. An overview of the contest in below.
To visit and like our facebook page, CLICK HERE


Hoo Rag will be giving away $75.00 worth of Hoo-Rags to 4 winners. ( 4 rags from our online store, and one Gun Metal Gray Hoo Rag.)

All you have to do is submit the coolest photo you have on your hard drive of you with a Tarpon, Redfish, Snook, or Trout. You can submit to all four categories but can only win once!

DIRECTIONS: Like our page, post your photo on the Hoo Rag FAN PAGE, and then start sharing it so you can build your likes!

Good luck and let's see some photos!

NOTE: Contest ends MAY 18th 12:00 a.m. EST


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Seek and Destroy Charters

Name: Rob Bunker
Home Turf: Vero Beach, Florida
Cell: 772.559.5224
Web Site: www.verobeachcharterfishing.com
Favorite Hoo Rag: Socal Skulls

He is 6'4", weighs 190 pounds and is covered from head to toe in very cool tatoos. He is Rob Bunker and he is the owner of Seek and Destroy Charters in Vero Beach, Florida. Rob is a United States veteran with multiple tours to Afghanistan, and has been fishing for 16 years. This guy is on the water targeting schools of Redfish, monster Snook, Permit, and Cobia 6 days a week. He fishes inshore, nearshore and when he is not guiding he likes to target Sails, and Dolphin offshore with close fishing buddies. Rob was at our office today and we are getting ready to ship almost all of our Hoo-Rag camo patterns to him for some serious use. Rob will be sending us some Hoo-Rag fish photos in the near future so make sure you check back here for some monsters.

Palm Beach Boat Show

We would like to say thanks to all the people that showed interest in Hoo-Rags at the Boat show this weekend. We had a great time and look forward to sending pricing to all of the wholesale vendors and individuals we spoke with. Thanks again, and it was a great show!

WOWZERS! What a mess.

The Hoo-Rag Team just got back from our local big box store with a case of RED BULL for our web development team. Our developers are in the process of cutting up and implementing our new web design. Our official launch date is next week, but we are cranking away at this and it is coming along. Hang in there, you will be able to buy Hoo-Rags before you know it!