The Seventh Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me seven Proper Paisleys!

Buy any of our 7 Proper Paisley designs at $12.00 and get a Winter Willow free!

Note: Orders that exceed more than one proper paisley will only recieve on Winter Willow. This complimentry rag will not show up in your cart, we will automatically add it to your shipment.

The Sixth Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me six Solid Safeties!

Perfect for runners, construction workers and children riding their bikes.  You just can’t beat staying safe over the holiday season.

Today, get the Solidz Black, Solidz White, High Viz Orange, High Viz Yellow, Orange Hoo-Flector and Yellow Hoo-flector for $75.00 (normally runs $95.70).

The Fifth Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me five moto grunts!

For those in your life just full of “Ooh-rah”!  Buy the original 5 marine designs and get our newest Perfection P.T. free! That’s not all.  You’ll get 6 Hoo-rags for $60.00 (normally runs $95.70).

Wait – you don’t need all 5?  That’s ok!  We’ve made each rag only $12.00, so whether you buy one, or buy the package, you’re still saving money!

The Third Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me three rad rags!

Get the Ragaconda, the Old Glory and the Hippy Hoo in a package for only $40.00 (normally $47.85).

Knock out three stocking stuffers at once, or pass these out to your mailman, your babysitter and anyone else you can think of!

The Second Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me Two Lovely Ladies!

When you purchase this package today, you get the Groovy-Hoo and the Sunflower Power.  This package is $25.00 (normally $31.90).

Pick up a stylin’ gift for the stylin’ lady in your life (even if that means you buy for yourself)!

The 1st Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me, “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”.

When you purchase at least 1 Hoo-Rag we will ship you a branded Red and White Hoo-rag. After that, you have two choices. You can be a grinch and keep it for yourself, or you can be a good little elf and hook up a friend or family member.

Note: Orders that exceed more than one rag will only receive one Red and White branded rag. This complimentary rag will not show up in your cart, we will automatically add it to your shipment.

12 Days of Specials:

You heard us right.  Starting tomorrow, you can sing along with us as we bust out 12 Days of Specials!  Each day we will bring you a new package or a new discount and each one will be sure to please.  Whether you’re shopping for yourself, family, friends, mailmen, teachers or Secret Santa’s, we have what you need!

Check out our Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for daily updates through December 12th.

12 Days of Savings Boring stuff:

Each offer is valid starting at 10:00am through 10:00am the next day.  For example: The 1st Day of Specials starts tomorrow at 10am,  It will end the following day at 10am when the 2nd Day of Specials begins. For any questions or comments, contacIT”St us at  Some offers valid in US and Canada only. Those notations will be listed in our blog or on our social media. Follow our blog for a new special from December 1st to December 12th.

Let the Madness begin. Cyber Monday!

Have you been waiting to see what kind of crazy sales Hoo-rag will be having for the holidays?  Well, wait no more! Hoo-rag is hosting a Cyber Monday Raffle and a 12 Days of Specials Spectacular.

Starting today – Sign up for our newsletter and be included in a Hoo-rag raffle! 25 winners will be selected on Cyber Monday (12/2). The winners will be allowed to select any of the Hoo-rags featured at Let all your friends know by liking and sharing this post, so they can get a chance to win as well!

To enter the contest and more information about our 12 Days of Specials sign up here:

Boring Stuff: Winners will be chosen at random and e-mailed 12/2. Once they have selected their winnings and provided their address, the Hoo-rag will be mailed within 48 hours.  A final announcement will be made when all 25 winners have replied, and their name will be featured on our Facebook page.

Veterans Day 2013

Good morning to all those that are reading this and THANK YOU to all those that have served or are serving in the United States military. Hoo-rag wanted to do something special for our customers today and more importantly wanted to ensure that every service member gets a sincere “Thank You” for sacrificing their time and dedicating their skills to the United States of America.

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I know what it’s like to travel and live in places outside of your control, leave family members behind, and stay focused on a mission that is critical to the well being and safety of the United States.

Today we marked every Hoo-rag in inventory down for all of our customers and hope that you enjoy a significant discount on your order. All we ask is that you take the time to pick up the phone, email, or hit up your friends and family members that have served or are serving in the United States military. Thank them and let them know you appreciate the sacrifices they have made to ensure you live your life safely and how you want.

From the entire Hoo-rag team we say “Thanks”. Thank you for taking an oath, performing in rough conditions, and making a decision to serve the Unites States of America.

Doug Sapusek
Vice President
U.S.M.C 1997-2001