The Ninth Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me nine radical randoms!

Are you a Christmas shopping slacker? Perhaps you have a TON of parties to go to and need that unique gift for a grab bag.  Maybe you totally missed your Secret Santa deadline. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Hoo-rag will pick 9 random designs and ship them priority at no charge.  Each rag will be $9.99 and total $89.91 (normally $143.55, $150.55 with priority shipping).

Note: Offer valid in the US and Canada only.  International orders will need to pay for priority shipping.  This offer is valid only to those who purchase the 9 Radical Randoms package and will not be applied on every order.

The Eighth Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me eight fetchin’ fidos!

We know you can’t forget mans best friend. We’ve made TWO Package Specials for today.  Each package will give you 5 Hoo-Rags for $50.00 (normally $79.75).

For your boy buddies, you can get the Yellow and Teal Canine Candy, Blue Proper Paisley, White and Black Pawfection, a Bouncin Bulldog and a Bone’dana.

For your pretty puppy, you can get the Pink and Chocolate Canine Candy, Red Proper Paisley, Yellow and Orange Pawfection, a Poppin’ Poodle and a Bone’dana.

The Seventh Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me seven Proper Paisleys!

Buy any of our 7 Proper Paisley designs at $12.00 and get a Winter Willow free!

Note: Orders that exceed more than one proper paisley will only recieve on Winter Willow. This complimentry rag will not show up in your cart, we will automatically add it to your shipment.

The Sixth Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me six Solid Safeties!

Perfect for runners, construction workers and children riding their bikes.  You just can’t beat staying safe over the holiday season.

Today, get the Solidz Black, Solidz White, High Viz Orange, High Viz Yellow, Orange Hoo-Flector and Yellow Hoo-flector for $75.00 (normally runs $95.70).

The Fifth Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me five moto grunts!

For those in your life just full of “Ooh-rah”!  Buy the original 5 marine designs and get our newest Perfection P.T. free! That’s not all.  You’ll get 6 Hoo-rags for $60.00 (normally runs $95.70).

Wait – you don’t need all 5?  That’s ok!  We’ve made each rag only $12.00, so whether you buy one, or buy the package, you’re still saving money!

The Third Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me three rad rags!

Get the Ragaconda, the Old Glory and the Hippy Hoo in a package for only $40.00 (normally $47.85).

Knock out three stocking stuffers at once, or pass these out to your mailman, your babysitter and anyone else you can think of!

The Second Day of Specials

…Hoo-rag gave to me Two Lovely Ladies!

When you purchase this package today, you get the Groovy-Hoo and the Sunflower Power.  This package is $25.00 (normally $31.90).

Pick up a stylin’ gift for the stylin’ lady in your life (even if that means you buy for yourself)!