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Ka-Bloom! This floral headband features a floral explosion of turquoise, yellow, pink, and orange.  Our unisex design is perfect for any Hooligan who likes to rock the rag primarily as a headband, alice rag, neck gaiter, and/or ponytail holder.

  • Perfect for sports, running, hiking, yoga, and more!
  • Keeps hair away from your face. No slip and headache free!
  • Breathable, soft, and cool against the skin. Dries quickly.
  • This product is half the size of a full Hoo-rag. Approximately 9.5” x 9.5”.
  • Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating.
  • 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
  • One size fits most.
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry.
  • Also available in our full-size Original Hoo-rag, Turbana Twist Knot, and Face Mask.

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28 reviews for Half-Hoo | Ka-Bloom

  1. Karen Verified owner

    Nice color. It seems like a good product, but it’s too small. It slides off the back of my head.

  2. Michele Verified owner

    I received my first order of HooRag, I bought several different one’s. I have tons of headbands from all different makers. I wear them often, but it’s always a plus when I can put my helmet on and off and the headband not come off. I do fold mine in half and don’t scrunch it up. I’ve only worn 2 of the 5 I ordered… but I have no doubt they will be great too. Another bonus, I’m sure a lot of people can relate to is they look just as the picture depicts. I’ll be ordering more!

  3. Gerri Verified owner

    I love my hoorag. It’s wider than a headband and it adds a fun look with my natural curls and twist hang out the back!

  4. Kathlyn Gonzalez Verified owner

    Beautiful, versatile, easy to wear, reasonably priced and super fast shipping!!

  5. Jennifer West Verified owner

    Just got my first one and LOVE it. I’m generally not a fan of headbands, but in the summer they are a must whether I’m making stuff in my studio on riding my neighbor’s horse. Perfect for working in the garden, too, and especially in this floral pattern. I somehow knew I would love these and ordered 3 more before I had even gotten this one in the mail. Doubles as a light face mask for trips to town or in conjunction with social distancing.

  6. Laura Dennis Verified owner

    I love this sooooo much!! The pattern is gorgeous and looks great with my work uniform. Adds some style to my wardrobe!!

  7. Jamie

    I was skeptical since I’ve tried a lot of different options to keep my hair in check while riding on a motorcyle. When this arrived, I thought I had just wasted $ and no way this thing would step up to the plate. Well – let me tell you – this hoo-rag stayed in place even at 80mph. I am completely in love and so happy to have found them. I love the feminine fabric and that they are completely washable and dry quickly. Thank you!

  8. MissPam

    I’ve been using my Hoo Rag as a mask while working an 8-hour shift. It’s the only thing I can wear where I feel like I can still breathe. I’m waiting for half rags in solid colors to be available!!

  9. Victoria Verified owner

    I love my Half hoo! When the heat gets turned up, my hoo keeps me cool… Great patterns, great price.

  10. melissa nelson Verified owner

    Love my Hoo Rag!! Fits great and easy!!! I have very curly hair. When it’s hot and humid, this is the way to go! Cute and efficient! I’ll be ordering more!!

  11. Shannon Spofford Verified owner

    Love the design, love the fit! I always get compliments when wearing my headbands, whether just out and about, or at the gym. I have a smaller head size, so a nice fit that doesn’t have to keep being adjusted is important.

  12. Kristina Garman Verified owner

    Sooo in love with all my Hoo-Rags I ordered! Prints are vibrant and my favorite part is they stay put. I don’t have to touch mine to adjust at all. I will def be ordering more!

  13. Christine lakkas Verified owner

    I used to buy a different brand and now I am hooked on hoorag! This print is beautiful and not too tight when working out.

  14. Jen Verified owner

    I love this pattern, it goes with almost any running outfit. It’s cute as a headband or I wear mine around my neck when I’m trail running or hiking. It keeps the sun off my neck and I can get it wet, to cool me down if it’s really hot outside. I ordered three half hoos and received 6!!! My daughter immediately snagged two of the ones I was gifted. She wears them as headbands, she is a dancer and when she wore one to dance it stayed on the whole time.

  15. Kathy Verified owner

    It’s so pretty! I got a lot of compliments on it.

  16. Shannon Verified owner

    The cutest design! I love it!!

  17. Jean Verified owner

    Love this!! Beautiful pattern, stays put, very stylish. This is the second half-hoo I’ve purchased I am enjoying both.

  18. Rachel r Verified owner

    Absolutely love my hoo-rag–my husband and I wear them when kayaking.

  19. Sherri Verified owner

    Love the pattern and stays in well. Hoping they add more patterns comparable to this one.

  20. Candy Verified owner

    This design goes with a lot of my clothes. My favorite way to wear the half hoo, other than as a head band (which works great) is as an anklet or a bracelet.

  21. Heather L Verified owner

    The ka-bloom hop is awesome! My husband just introduced me to HooRag a few weeks ago and I’m so glad he did. Running after two toddlers, boating, and getting a house ready to sell and move into=a beautiful messy hair life saver!!!

  22. Tracy Cherf Verified owner

    Major fan of Hoo Rags and the half Hoo’s are a great addition to the line..less bulk but same great quality as the reg Hoo’s. as an outdoor woman it makes me feel a bit girly without overdoing it..

  23. Stevie Verified owner

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Half Hoos! My fiance likes to ride, and I enjoy coming along. I’m definitely a girly girl, so I got tired of wearing his bandanas all the time. They are too manly for me! Hah! I came across Hoo-rags about a year ago, and have been a repeat customer. I use my Half Hoo’s on the bike to cover my hair and even my ears when it’s cold, at the gym, doing housework, or even when I just don’t feel like washing my hair and doing anything with it. I love this company and everything they stand for! You should definitely buy Hoos ALL THE TIME!

  24. Jennifer Baxter Verified owner

    I love, love, love this hoo! It has a fun print and seems like it goes with every outfit!

  25. kelly Verified owner

    Love my hoo rags! I have camo for hunting and some half hoos to add some fun when I dress down. They hold my hair back really well, especially when i take my dog hiking. My dog’s even got his own hoo too! They’re perfect!

  26. Marla J Verified owner

    My new favorite headbands! I do yoga and I sweat. A lot. This Half Hoo is the perfect size to keep my hair and sweat out of my eyes. Plus, it is comfortable, lightweight fabric. And I love the designs. I have tried other headbands and these are by far my favorite.

  27. Megan Rutt

    I absolutely LOVE these 1/2 hoos! I pretty much wear mine everyday! They fit perfect! They don’t slide off! The patterns are super cool! They are the only bandana I will ever buy!

  28. YogaMom Verified owner

    Is this for real? Am I being punk’d? Could this really be this great and so inexpensive? This is the best thing I have ever spent $9.99 on! I love this half a Hoo Rag! I run, rollerblade (yes, we still do that), go to an endless number of baseball games and go to hot yoga and this is the only thing that holds my insanely wild, naturally curly, long hair in place. And not only does it do what I need it to, it’s so stylish and cute. I am constantly being asked where I got my headband and always saying “yes, it was only $9.99 and free shipping!!!!!” I LOVE Hoo Rag and I have my son to thank for it. What started out as a must have for his fishing, turned into a mom must have. Hoo Rag, where ya been all my life….Seriously I will say it again, I love you!”

    Please have half rags in all designs

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