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The Blue Persuasion is a floral dream! Swirls of aquamarine and blue will have you feelin’ good and groovin’ to the beat. Our unisex design is perfect for any Hooligan who likes to rock the rag primarily as a headband, alice rag, neck gaiter, and/or ponytail holder.

  • Perfect for sports, running, hiking, yoga and more!
  • Keeps hair away from your face. No slip and headache free!
  • Breathable, soft, and cool against the skin. Dries quickly.
  • This product is half the size of a full Hoo-rag. Approximately 9.5” x 9.5”.
  • Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating.
  • 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
  • One size fits most.
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry.
  • Also available as a Hoo-rag or an ear loop face mask.

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8 reviews for Half-Hoo | Blue Persuasion

  1. Dina Verified owner

    Love the comfortable and lightweight fabric as well as the gorgeous pattern!

  2. Aleta K Verified owner

    Awesome fabric and gorgeous, vibrant colors! I use mine daily— well, I mean do switch it up a bit between the several I have 🙂 I just love the versatility, comfort and quality! These are suitable for FAR more than just athletics and fitness endeavors. They can be worn in casual as well as for “dressier” occasions with jewelry, make-up, etc. I have received many compliments either way. Also, on a more practical note, many similar products have a visible, annoying and uncomfortable seam and tags — NOT the Hoo-rag! Also, these are gentle on your hair and edges. Basically all around great product! I highly recommend!

  3. Laura Verified owner

    A Hoo’d head is a happy head!

  4. Morgan Verified owner

    Great headband. It fits well and is great for working out!

  5. Kate Verified owner

    This was my first hoo! I love the color and pattern. It”s perfect as a headband or hair tie, and it’s great for keeping the sun off your neck.

  6. Marla J Verified owner

    This is one of the several Half Hoos I have purchased for yoga. I loaned this design to my friend to try during her sweaty yoga classes. She loved it too. They are lightweight and comfortable. Definitely my favorite headband for keeping my hair out of my face and sweat out of my eyes.

  7. Christine Bennett Verified owner

    Practical & pretty! I’ve owned several hoo-rags and I haven’t met a hoo I didn’t like! The half hoo is a perfect size to keep the hair & sweat off your face during your workouts. Lightweight, washes well, maintains its shape & color. I highly recommend it for runners & fitness junkees!

  8. Darla Cherney Verified owner


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