Freedom Rider Face Mask Bandana

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Brand new for 2017, the Freedom Rider features a photo-realistic skull overlayed on some sick American themed stars and stripes. This is one BA Hoo-rag that is sure to turn heads on your next ride, shred or outdoor adventure.

You can wear Hoo-rags as face masks, neck gaiters, headwraps, scarves, beanies, hat liners, helmet liners and more.

The Hoo-rag has a UPF30 sun protection rating made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.

Approx. 19” x 8.5”.
One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

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22 reviews for Freedom Rider Face Mask Bandana

  1. Mr. Chuck Verified owner

    I think the Hoo-rag offers very good protection from UV rays. I chose the Freedom Rider image because it frightens the fish I catch into a coma! I am a fan of all you have to offer.

  2. Fab freedom rider Hoo-rag Verified owner

    Looks exactly the same as advertised & very good quality grafics & material . Purchased from UK & delivery was quick & smooth . This is a fab buy & purchased 2 as so happy with it.

  3. Julie Slarich Verified owner

    Excellent quality and great design!!! My son uses these all the time and loves them!

  4. Al Hoo-TF-R-U Verified owner

    One of the more popular ones, so had to treat myself…. dig hiding behind the vibe of this bad-ass Hoo!

  5. Eric Damjanovic Verified owner

    Love It!!!! It is one of the best on the market and can’t beat the price!!!!

  6. R.J. Godlewski Verified owner

    How does one ride a “Dark Custom®” Harley with style? By wearing the Freedom Rider Hoo-rag facemask! With the right mix of ‘Spooky Patriotism’, the Freedom Rider offers its own version of dark customization – for the rider – and certainly draws attention from passing motorists and salutes from other riders. Looking fabulous with my dull black skull cap and rainbow inner lens, it definitely sets the standard for American riding while remaining light and breathable, bright in color, and strong enough to protect against all but the largest “insects” that western Iowa can throw at my face. The only drawback, naturally, is the fogging of my eyeglasses that wearing all facemasks entails. The solution is to dip the Hoo-rag beneath the nostrils a bit when riding in cooler weather. I will definitely add to my collection soon!

  7. William Verified owner

    Fits awesome and looks great.

  8. Doooman Verified owner

    Put it on looks cool scared the hell out of my dog wife says I’m sick I love sick good stuff ride on my friends ride on ?

  9. David P. Arias Verified owner

    I’ m hooked, starting a collection.

  10. David P. Arias Verified owner

    Versatile! Many ways to use biking or chillin’. I will add to my collection.

  11. David P. Arias Verified owner

    Versatile! Many ways to use. A must have item from biking to chillin’

  12. HD Iron

    Love it! Also, pretty cool with all the versatile ways to wear it

  13. Harley Verified owner

    Good Stuff !

  14. Matt Verified owner

    Great design. Awesome lightweight material. Great purchase. Glad I bought 3′

  15. Gabriel madrid Verified owner

    Fits great perfect for California riding

  16. David Verified owner

    LOVED IT! I just keep adding to my HOO-RAG line! The Freedom Rider is a great addition!

  17. David Kingston Verified owner

    Very nice design with maximum comfort and not only will you be pleased with this design, but you will be a badass doing anything

  18. Odir gutierrez Verified owner

    It’s sick, i love it

  19. Steven Verified owner

    Super awesome. Fits great looks great. Can’t wait to order more.

  20. Jose B Rodriguez jr

    Love it

  21. Deissy Flores Verified owner

    Awesome Hoo. My hubby loved it. Got my free one with the promo they had. Purchase was very easy and shipped in less than a week.

  22. Andrew pooley Verified owner

    Nice material, really thin and sick design. Very satisfied!

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